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After the Warning

Messages to Carol Ameche

July 22nd, 2013

Rest in Peace Carol Ameche

I wanted to let you all know that in the early hours of July 22nd around 1:30am Carol Ameche passed away. Please keep her and her family in your prayers.


August 14th, 2011

Message from Our Blessed Mother
and God the Father

Our Blessed Mother: My dear ones, I am your Mother, children. I am here with you, children. I love you so much. You are so faithful. Your very person is a healing balm for the sorrow in My heart. You are instruments of peace and mercy, of healing for the world. I bring the thanks of all in Heaven for each of you, and My own gratitude for your devotion and your fidelity.

Oh My dear ones, destruction is close. Do not panic. Do not become nervous. Do not become worried. You are prepared. You are ready. Because I speak of these things does not mean tomorrow or even the next day or the next day; but I ask for a new state of alertness, a new awareness of the importance of fidelity, of your prayers, of kindness to each other. Think of yourselves as becoming innkeepers, because many will come to each of you and stay. The exchange will not be gold, or silver, or coins of any kind, but graciousness, patience, trust, openness to the Holy Spirit, to Us who speak words to your heart to use for these poor, poor wounded ones.

My children, you are weary, of course. You have worked so hard; and as I have said, you are our faithful ones. Never has there been a group of people like this in the world, or a greater need for you and your prayers. Your way of life has changed more than you know. Your goodness is firmly in place, your commitment, yes the consecration of your very souls. I hold your hearts and souls in My Mantle keeping them clean, safe, sound. How I love you, My dear ones. I bring all of your prayers to Heaven at this time of focus on the feast of My Assumption. I invite you to listen these next hours as you pray. Listen to the feasting in Heaven for the day that I returned in My body, glorified. You are all My precious ones. Be very aware of My presence, children, and the help I am giving you and always will; and I will always be with you forever, and ever and ever into the New Era and beyond, right into Heaven. I love you, My dear ones. I count on you. I pray for you. Amen. Amen. Amen."

"Love each other and your God. This alone will be a huge vehicle of hope and mercy for all. You have no idea how much hearts will be emptied of trust and perseverance. Pray constantly: "Hope and Trust for your people, Lord." You are each loved and renewed in a forever and ever Way!

God the Father: "Spread hope, like oil poured upon the wounds of the world. Hope in My power to save, in My mercy, in My love for My people who will accept Me, their Creator God."

Please pray for my very, very weary brain and will. We are all in need of renewal and strength and all those things we pray for, who feel a new need for leaning on the might of our Father's Arm."

Love and courage to everyone who still reads and struggles to stay faithful, accepting all the supernatural hope Heaven desires to pour out upon each one. But then, it's mercy we hope for, we wait for, we count on, we need the most. Carol Ameche

June 18th, 2011

Messages from Jesus and the Eternal Father.

Jesus: "Again daughter I say: 'Expect miracles.' You are obedient and humble and filled with sincere gratitude and love for Our people who thrive in the light of Our love for them. Always, just love each other! Believe Me, hearts will be renewed; hope will blossom, gratitude will flourish in the minds of the world. Pray in praise and gratitude and new appreciation for each day with a new surrender to Love. Be tender and thoughtful forever. Heaven joins Me in leading you into rest today and a more perfect readiness for the unfolding of My Will for you. Let us go forward now with you protected by your amazing patience and trust. Child, be healed in the Name of your Triune God by the merits of My Son, Jesus. Let Our people know you are encouraged to travel again and pray and reflect the thoughtfulness and mercy and trust you all need.

Rest now, daughter. Please believe the wait is so beneficial for you and all who listen to Our words. Know that your own strength has improved ten-fold. Those who await your visit (Indiana and Kentucky) will benefit more than ever, and be given new understanding and strength.

These days of waiting will be filled with the sure destruction of earthquakes and sounds of weeping and sadness at the great loss of lives that include many faithful ones. Tell them now not to live in fear, but pray "Jesus, I trust in you" with all their hearts and sincere faith in those words. The time is so near to events that leave many homeless. Pray for them now, My people. Trust in Our protection."

The Eternal Father: "My dear ones, rejoice that you will suffer more at this time. I love you and your love for Me, your Savior and King, your Lord and your God. Please pray as long as you can each day. Please be with Me, your Savior and Redeemer and Lover of your soul. The shaking of this country will occur after Divine Mercy Sunday. Please tell all Our loved ones they are better prepared for this huge spiritual and physical experience than ever in their lives. Be one with Me now as We are faithful to the Father's Will and Plan.

Now is the time to come to the aid of yourself!! Your health, your own good. It is not selfishness I invite you to undertake. It is not the absence of thoughtfulness for others; but I call everyone to a quiet time of return to a focus on your own health and peace of mind; a harmony within, united to Me, your Creator God and the peace which only My Jesus can give you. Leave others to their own devices and build your inner strength, based on Mine. Let our people know you are encouraged to travel again, and pray and reflect their thoughtfulness and the mercy and trust you all need.

To be vulnerable before others is to invite trust and companionship. I bid you to get more exercise and walking in the fresh air. I am your God. I am the One Who will sustain you in My Word and My Will, My Peace and Mercy. Be filled with new hope that I will see to the renewal of your body and mind, soul and spiritual strength... (help. Please God!) All is still in place, as We have told you. This waiting will be the most difficult you have ever known. You will be more cemented in My Will, as it is fulfilled for you, and your heart is healed by greater signs of love from Love. I Am your Father God, Who sustains you in My Will.

April 27th, 2011

Message from Our Savior, Jesus, on Devine Mercy

"My dearest one, rejoice, for this is not only the week of the Solemnity of Easter, but the preparation for the feast of Divine Mercy. Please spend each minute in the Presence of Myself, your Jesus of Mercy, and beloved Faustina who is the first Apostle and Image of Divine Mercy in this Age of D. M. in union with Myself, your Jesus. You and dear Harriet (Hammons) have aided an understanding and fostered a devotion to Our Mercy. When you understand and count on Our mercy, and believe in Our mercy as Our first and foremost response to your needy pleading and total trust in the promise of mercy and forgiveness in spite of the obvious sinful lives Our people lead, you are also Apostles of mercy in union with your prayers with our dear (now) Saint Faustina for mercy and forgiveness for your loved ones, your families and friends, and for the whole world. It is a great mission of mercy when you plead for the world in this way.

Each of you, who is faithful to the Chaplet and Novena of chaplets requested through St. Faustina for this very week, Good Friday to Easter Sunday, preparing for the feast of Divine Mercy and accepted by Our beloved Pope John Paul II, many priests and Bishops and faithful throughout the entire world, are living and surrendering to Our Father's Perfect Will for the world, and enabling Him to pour even more mercy upon all of you, as He waits to respond so generously to your humble posture of begging for this mercy and much needed forgiveness.

Each year more people come to new appreciation for the importance of the gifts of mercy, and realize they are not earned by your own goodness and purity, but by your Triune God and those who embrace the opportunity to receive all it means to be completely forgiven and cleansed of all the punishment attached to your sinfulness in lack of charity and virtues (as promised by Jesus to St. Faustina for those who say Novena of Chaplets during the week you just ended on Divine Mercy Sunday and began on Good Friday;) and the instant forgiveness you are learning to use as your response to the selfish and merciless behavior of others. This carries you on the wings of Mercy to forgive as often and instantly and deeply as you are always treated by the Father and Creator, Redeemer and Sanctifier of all who will accept this liberally offered gift of unfathomable mercy. Amen."

April 10th, 2011

My dearest children, I am your Mother of Sorrows. Again I remind you it is a time of sorrow we go into, and you are with Me. Spend your every spare moment, My children, with Me as we walk with My Son. Spend all of your energy, your extra time, all of your prayers uniting yourself to the Passion of My Son. Do this, children. Do this for the world. Do this for those who suffer now, who will suffer tremendous loss, tremendous fear, tremendous confusion and lack of understanding. Think of them every time you pray. They are your sisters and brothers; and, again, I say they need you. It is such a serious time in history. I repeat that, also, that you might remember. This will not be an ordinary time. My Son reminded you that this might not be a Holy Week as you have spent it in the past, and I add to that. It will be unlike anything you can imagine; and you must pray with all of the boldness begging for the Father's mercy for the world, all the confidence in His mercy, all the confidence in your own prayers to be heard and to be answered by Him with His mercy. This can be a time of meditation, and these words and these thoughts be your meditation; but more than anything to heal the fear and chaos in the minds of so many will develop.

I repeat words that you might remember them. I repeat words to emphasize their importance and your importance. Believe that the world needs you. Believe that the Father needs you. Believe that you are the Father's weapon against the evil one and against fear and doubt in the hearts of too many. Pray that they might be reignited with the Spirit, with the fire of His love for all of His people. You are so precious. I must remind you to continue your prayer, your day, your devotions in this environment of being God's chosen people and how real that is. You read about it in books, in Scripture. You are the same as they. You are everywhere in the world, the faithful ones, God's chosen people, of course, for these times, for this era, for this age, and counter any fear with the fact you are living in the age of Divine Mercy. There are always strength and, oh yes, reminders that all is well and all will be well, no matter what happens. All is well. If you suddenly find yourself in Heaven, all is certainly well, My children. If you find yourselves healing people miraculously, all is certainly well, My children. These things are a goal of this long period of time you have lived and undergone change, undergone a difference in understanding. Your relationship with each other, how you belong to each other, how important you are to each other's souls, each others patience and perseverance. Always I will welcome prayers of perseverance for patience. Always I welcome you, My children, when you are able to stop and pray or whether you offer and consecrate your actions as you go on with your day; and remember with delight that I am there with you. As times become more difficult it will become more necessary to realize that you are not alone, that you have all of the strength and help that you will need. Not new words, but in the case of panic and fear of your own, you might forget that. Write it on a piece of paper, My children. You are not alone. My Mother is with me, My heavenly Mother. Many, many angels surround me, protect me and pray for me and pray with me. Jesus is in my heart. Jesus and Mary are standing with me now wherever I am. Write these reminders. Carry them with you. There will be nothing I cannot do for God's people. Make yourself reminders and carry them with you, My children.

I love you, My dear ones. How far we have traveled. It has been distance as well as time as you come closer, more deeply into the Father's will. Rejoice. Always say to yourself, rejoice, especially when times are difficult or frightening, or cold, or hot, or uncomfortable. All is well, My children. You are so blessed. You are so strong. You are so precious. Remind each other and people you talk to, people you write to or call or they call you and by the way you are so precious to your God. Amen, little ones, continue, persevere. Be patient. We are so very close to enormous change, but you know there are important things that will never change, the important things God's love for you, My love for you, Our power in your lives, the words that you will need that the Holy Spirit will give you, nothing to fear, nothing, nothing to worry about. Praise the Father. Thank Him. Amen, little ones, smile! God loves you and so do I. You are Mine. Amen, little ones.


This might help those who do not have the time to filter thru the msg and write the words that our mama asked us to write down and keep in our billfolds and purses.. and read often. (Everytime I read it I feel strengthened.)

I am not alone My mother is with me, My heavenly Mother. Many, many Angels surround me, protect me and pray for me and pray with me. Jesus is in my heart. Jesus and Mary are standing with me now wherever I am. There will be nothing I cannot do for God's people.


March 17th, 2011

"I continue to fill you with strength and a new respect for each other. The universe holds it's breath before the first signs of the cracking of the earth and the destruction of mountains and spilling out of huge amounts of waters from within their boundaries. The upheavals and chaos will be beyond anything yet seen upon the planet: anarchy and looting; savage fights over food and property; wild behavior and uncivilized attacks to obtain the necessities of life. Be in prayer the entire weekend to prevent a huge loss of life. Check water supplies tomorrow, and store more of them. Reconsecrate yourselves and your children. Be not afraid. Mighty oaks will grow from tiny acorns!"

March 17th, 2011

"The people who suffer and lose so much in the earthquakes will become My mighty prayer warriors now, realizing the gift given to those who are taken into eternity to pray for the rest who remain.. This is a time of fulfillment of the Father's Will for this country. It will be changed and reformed and given new borders in these events. Please tell Our people that these events will profoundly affect those who are NOT prepared for them. Hysteria will not last long, nor spread to others. It is a country of strong and gracious people who will see to other's needs. Explain the need of your God and Creator to allow time for preparation in the hearts of the young, who will be such a help to the elderly and the little ones. Tell all to pray for those who go into eternity, that they might realize the value of accepting graces and the need for repentance."

(Again!) "Do not be discouraged with all the waiting there is to suffer. Of course, all will unfold very soon, and at the perfect time."

February 22, 2011

Rejoice, daughter, for the earthquakes are DELAYED, THAT ALL MIGHT RETURN TO SAFETY IN THIS VULNERABLE STATE!  I give you words for them (in CA.) now:
 "My beloved people, rejoice in your place in My plan for the good of your country. Your prayers have obtained a gift of delay for the advent of earthquakes; that you might once again reconsecrate yourselves to My Perfect Will for this country.
 I Am your God and Father, Who pours out My power and protection and great delight at your fidelity to Me. So much progress has been made within your hearts and the sincerity of your devotion, and presence at this holy and blessed gathering (IN CA.)
 I HAVE DELAYED EVENTS (that is, the earthquakes He just mentioned above!!) THAT ARE STILL PENDING, THAT MUST HAPPEN TO HELP PURIFY THE EARTH,  and that will move borders and people and hearts into greater alignment with My Will!  Thank you for coming together to beg mercy, and surrender your lives more to all that will occur shortly. You are My chosen people, My faithful warriors, My precious ones, and I love you into the perfection I have created you to be.  Rejoice, dearest ones. All is well!. Amen".

February 9, 2011

"Daughter, rejoice, the Kingdom of Heaven grows and blossoms from your prayers.  I tell you, get rest and be in quiet this week. Already the plans to detonate earthquakes are complete, and all is in place. Pray that My Father will foil these plans, and very little destruction occurs. On the other hand, even a small quake will set up a very large one that will follow almost immediately! The entire state will shake, daughter, You will feel the earth tremble in your home. The destruction will be massive and many of your friends will be taken to Heaven where they will follow the many quakes that will cause so much damage.

February 3, 2011

"My dearest one, please write: (to Carol Ameche from the Father)  It is time to warn My people once again of coming destruction to this country. Begin to pray an extra Rosary for the protection of the land and all who live here.  The beauty of the country will be rocked, I say again, by devastation and heretofore unseen destruction. Get your houses and supplies in order, My beloved ones. Get your souls in order. Reconsecrate yourselves and your total commitment to My commandments and Beatitudes. Spend the rest of this month in quiet reflection, again with Our Holy Spirit, that you may see yourself all the way back to childhood and the foolish behavior, tantrums and headstrong anger and resistance to obedience to the needs of others and your parents' instructions. Know that there is still anger within each of you, and rebellion from those days of not honoring your father and mother as you were required to do, as obedient children.
 You still are not used to living in perfect obedience to your God and the Church. In this age of carelessness and a casual attitude towards laws, see God's laws as the greatest constant in living out your spirituality and fidelity. You WILL see ruin in the land before long, and will be so happy you are prepared. Take these words seriously, My people, and be grateful for all the warnings coming your way.

January 30, 2011

External locution through Carol at Ameche Prayer Group 
My dearest children, I am your Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit of God, the Spirit of holiness, new holiness, I bring to each one of you this day.  Be comfortable with this idea, My dear children.  It does not mean you will stick out like a sore thumb as the saying goes, or be obnoxious in your new understanding and blessedness; but that you will be quieter, more humble, more helpful, more alert and aware of people’s needs.  That time is coming, My children, quickly when you will be ministering to, comforting, feeding, clothing, sheltering many, many, many people. 
A special daughter of mine called here last night and shared the fact that Jesus has told her she would be feeding 2,000 people.  That is something for you to ponder, not that you will each receive 2000 people but think in large numbers.  Think also of the promise of My Jesus, and our Jesus, to multiply your supplies, your needs, your graces, your patience, your generosity, and your joyfulness, your sincere gratitude at being chosen to minister, to comfort, to listen.  I bring you all new listening hearts this day.   
It is a special time of preparation that will culminate with Lent, that Holy, Holiest of seasons and the time that Our Jesus died for all of you, winning for you salvation, winning for you the opportunity to be graced in these special ways, to have been chosen by the Father to serve, to be the prayer warriors you have become.  Rejoice, My children!  Be not afraid, for you will find great joy in serving the poor, the sorrowing, and the terrified people who will come.  It is not far away, My dear ones, even in your human terms.  Continue to ask for courage.  Continue to encourage each other.  Continue to pray for each other.  You are family, even the family that does not listen at this point will feel a new belonging, a new being chosen by the Father to serve and be happy about it.  Worry about no one.  The Father’s hand and plans covers everybody, all of your families.  Worry not, My dear ones.  You are needed.  You are chosen in a special way as never before in history and graced to go with this choice of our Heavenly Father.   
My dear ones, you are loved.  You are appreciated.  You bring joy to all of Heaven.  This includes everyone who reads, and listens, and works, and prays with new commitment, new joy to be chosen, a new offering of self and soul to the needs of others and the perfect, precious will of your Heavenly Father and Creator.  All is very well, My people.  We are with you.  You are blessed.  You are chosen.  You are strong.  You are faithful.  Amen, My dear ones.  Rejoice!  Amen.

January 28, 2011

To Carol Ameche  At Adoration:
"I am your Jesus of Mercy. I love your perseverance. I love the love in your heart and patience with your beloved.  Be sure to remind all to continue being a source of forgiveness and whatever help My people need. It is a long wait!!!  As one who announces earthquakes, you must be brave and prayerful for all who read and hear you. It is up to you to encourage My faithful to be at peace, especially as they pray for peace in the hearts of all. Prayers like this are in My Perfect Will, and help Our people enormously. You know I warn and prepare Our people way ahead of a prophesied event. It is Mercy that prepares you thus!
The prayers said by all of you at the upcoming Conference in California (North Hills) are given power beyond any thus far. Remind all to live in trust during these special days, and to RETURN QUICKLY TO THEIR HOMES IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE CONFERENCE ENDS.  
All are blessed and protected by Heaven during these prayerful times. I tell you and others, My daughter, not to fear, but pray for each other, and again trust Our promises. Safety is poured over this conference site, and all who attend. Thank you for taking My words and trusting in Me. I heal you now and strengthen you. Make your plans, and rest. Amen to all. You are all My faithful ones.
You must get much more rest; catch up on typing and sharing messages with the world and living in peace and harmony." 
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