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After the Warning

Messages to Pastor Enoc



April 3rd, 2014

Little children, may the peace of God and this mother’s love always be with you all!

The evil emissaries, here on earth, very soon will unleash the Armageddon. With the war will begin the great spiritual battle and god’s people will be purified; My Father will send you ‘the warning’ amidst purification, so that you can withstand the three and a half years of the antichrist reign. Fear not, my little children, I, your Mother, will take care of my Son’s flock so that no sheep be lost from me; do not grieve, my little children, the days will be of test but if you welcome my motherly protection, nothing will happen you, because I will protect you and I will intercede before My Father for that these days will be more bearable.

Wear the spiritual armor and cover yourselves with the power of the Blood of my Son, so that you can withstand the purification days and may be able to face the evil forces, which are looking for make you lose. Little children, my adversary is dividing and confusing you with lies, creating doubts in my children’s minds so that he leads my children away from salvation path. My children, he is attacking the Precious Blood Devotion of my Son and the Spiritual Armour into making think that these devotions are not coming from God. Beware, my little children, do not let you be deceived! Remember what the God’s Word Says: “For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and produce great signs and wonders, insomuch as to deceive, if possible, even the elect.” (Matthew 24, 24)

Pay no attention to these lies, do not let you be confused, because all this is part of the destruction plan of my adversary and his earthly agents to divide the people of God and make lose those sheep whose faith is not firm. My adversary detest the Spiritual Armour for he knows that it is a protective cuirass of God’s people and he attacks my Son’s Precious Blood Devotion for the Blood of my Son will defeat him again in these last times, and my Son’s Blood gives you freedom.

Keep all this in mind, and for no reason has doubts about the Power of God through the Armour and the Precious Blood of my Son. Read Matthew 24, where my Son is speaking to His disciples about these last times; read the Word of God to stay firm in faith, in this way, my adversary cannot inject the poison darts of doubt that it is doing great damage and creating confusion in my Son’s flock. Do not judge and do not condemn your brethren, for you well know that there are my adversary attacking and fighting against all God instruments to which the Lord has entrusted missions. Be humble and do not attack one another for that it is what my adversary wants; behave as true children of God, and extend your hand to your brethren, who are being attacked in their faith so they can stand up again and continue with their entrusted missions.

Courage, my children! For you know well that my adversary is cunning and knows your weaknesses; so you must be alert and vigilant, praying at every moment, for the incendiaries darts of the malignant one cannot harm you, remember that the Holy Word says: “But many who are first will be last, and the last will be first.” (Matthew 19, 30). Remain in the Love of God and welcome the instructions that we are sending you through our messengers, compare messages with the Word of God, and thus you will know if these messages are coming from heaven or from my adversary.

Little children, very careful, because new age is the sheepskin of my adversary, which is covered himself to deceive you. All those messages who speak about energies or cosmic forces are not coming from heaven! Be careful with angelology, because many are being lost by opening door to angels which are not from heaven!!! There are myriads of archangels and angels in heaven, but keep in mind, that we have given you to know only three archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael; therefore do not invoke others archangels and angels of light for they are from new age serving my adversary. Wake up, my children, that the children of darkness be not smartest that children of the light.

Thy Mother, who loves you: Sanctifying Mary. Alto de Guarne (Ant.)

Make known my messages to all mankind


March 30th, 2014

Peace be with you, my children

O, what pain I feel for such ingratitude that I daily receive! My house is deserted and empty, and I am expecting my children, but there are very few, who comes to visit me and to console me. The vast majority enters, crossing themselves wrong, and they come out quickly; they do not reach to arrive to greet me when they are already out; my children, what have I done to my children to deserve such indiferece on your part? O what loneliness overwhelms my tabernacles, tears sprout out from my eyes seeing such despise and ingratitude from all those, who say they are my children!

Many are those, who follow me just from lips and ears, proclaiming that they are my children, but the reality is other, they are far away from me. They just look for me when illness, bad economy or serious problems afflict them, so yes; they come in tears demanding health or solution for their problems as soon as possible. They just look for me to shut off their fires; what sadness and pain feels my heart knowing that I am God just for the difficult times of my children!

When everything goes well there are very few who come to thank me, human of these last times is cold, heartless and calculating; they measure happiness based on material things that possess, and thinking that happiness is only given by economical stability. O what foolish and materialist thoughts which many manage! I tell you, unwise, that your god, money, will fall very soon, and this consumer society will disappear forever.

Happiness, plenitude and stability only come from me, who, I am the way, the truth and the life, and this joy is spiritual, which buys not with money. I have seen many wealthy, poor and many poor, wealthy, because happiness is not purchased or sold. O vanity of vanities, all in this world is vanity and foolishness of men. Seek God first and the rest will be added unto you. I am the happiness, come to me and I will give it to you in abundance.

Who can buy happiness? who life? or who joy? Who with all money of this world can buy these graces? Your money is not your happiness; your money only serves to buy dead things and fills the human heart with ego. Your idol just serves to give you a transitory joy that it lasts while you reached what was being sought. Later, man falls again into the monotony of his life, because man has not God. Today’s man has been creating necessities and, in this way spends their lives until death surprise them searching be happy.

I am your joy and I am in the silence of each tabernacle, come to visit me, and I will give it to you in abundance! Come closer to me; do not be afraid, I am a Father, who is always watching over you, expecting that you come closer and talk to me, so I will give you wellspring of blessings, and I will fill you up with my peace and my life.

I expect for you ungrateful children in my tabernacles, come to visit me and to console me, because I am about to depart.

Your Master: Jesus, Blessed Sacrament.

Make known this message to all mankind.


"The Horse Riders of my Justice Already Ride"
March 25th, 2014

Peace to you, my flock

The boat of my mercy is ready to leave and many will not reach it, because like the foolish virgins which let everything for last moment, and they are running out of tickets. The last call will be ‘the warning’ so be prepared that you may not to lament when the hour to leave this harbor arrives, because there will not turning back.

Darkness and storm are approaching and justice’s rays will fall upon the creation and its creatures; many foolish will perish for not having welcomed my calls. The storm is upcoming, hurry and buys the ticket of mercy, for you can enter into the boat and present yourselves before the captain, who is ready to depart. Longer not delay, there is no time, it is your salvation which is at stake; at any time the storm will unleash, everything will convulse, and those who will be not into the boat will perish.

The horse rider of my justice already rides for earth, and all those who have not the safe-conduct of my mercy will be withdrawn from me and they will be lost forever! Repent! Repent! The cup, which my righteous horse rider is going to download, is pain, weeping, pestilence, war, famine, and death and not mortal could resist it if they are away from me.

My flock, abide in faith, may your house be built over firm rock, because great storms will come and everything will move; only the foundations of the houses, which are built on the rock that I am and its reinforced locks with prayers, will remain intact. The day of the great pruning is close, and my reapers are ready to reap the harvest, tares will be separated from wheat, weeds will be stored, left to dry and then throw it on fire that it will burn eternally.

I am calling on you, who plants tares and nourishes yourself of sin; clean your entire planting up of every tares and dirtiness before the pruning begins, so you can give a good harvest, and it will delight the Lord of planting, and He will not reject it and throw it on fire. O ungrateful workers which harvest weeds and reap the fruit of bad crop, you, who sows rain, will reap storms! Come to me! Take a bath in the pool of love and mercy, which will clean you up of every stain, and you will able to wear the appropriate clothing, because the banquet is ready and the King of kings is expecting you in your passing through eternity.

My peace I leave you, my peace I give you. Repent and be converted, because the kingdom of God is close. Your Savior: Jesus of Mercy

Make known my messages to all mankind.

Jesus’s, the Good Sheppard, call to His flock

March 19th, 2014

Peace to you, sheep of my flock.

The night of my righteousness is drawing close, and there will be no turning back; the shortening of days is becoming most notorious; the time’s duration is reaching its limit, and the vast majority of mankind seems as they do not see these signs. Time is growing short as written and humanity continues its everydayness; many remain dormant and they will not be able to wake up.

The great warlike conflict between nations is knocking at the door at any moment it will unleash. The horserider of death and famine is approaching, and it is coming to empty his cup of sorrow over the inhabitants of earth. Dark days for mankind are about to begin, and have no reverse; the humankind will know My Father’s Justice and will know that God is merciful and Just, and He gives each one according to his works. Peace of men is about to break and bring dire consequences for creation and humanity; arrogance, lust of power and expansionism of the kings of this world will be the cause of this tragedy which will mourn the earth and its inhabitants; leaving ineffaceable footprints of sorrow, famine, pestilence and death for all creation.

It will be man with technology of death who will unleash Divine Justice! His technology of destruction will spread throughout all creation and no one will be safe in anywhere. The great warlike conflict will be leveraged to reduce global population; the sky of many nations will be fumigated with the silent death, and it will be pain and tears everywhere. Poor humanity, does not know what expect them! War will destabilize all, and chaos and anarchy will take over nations; the communist’s red dragon will spread out its doctrine of domain, persecution and death upon inhabitants of earth and together with my adversary will subject my people.

My flock, pray in globally chain, only prayer, fasting and penance which you do will mitigate the curse of events about to happen. Dedicate more time to prayer, because the days of great purification are beginning and only the power of prayer can save you from desolation and death which are approaching. My peace I leave you, my peace I give you. Repent and be converted because the kingdom of God is at hand.

Your Master and Pastor: Jesus, the Good shepherd of all times.

Make known my messages to all mankind!



March 11th, 2014

Little children, may peace of God be with you all

O, how sad feels my heart seeing the moral, social and spiritual degradation in this sinful and ungrateful generation! Parent of family, you are the shepherds homes; your children are getting lost for your complaisance and lack of character! How much have changed households, children are now who command in it, because parents have forgotten to exercise authority with their own families.

Parents, remember that home is the first society, it is at home where should lay the foundation of love, respect, obedience, discipline, honesty and above all fulfillment of divine precepts, which are the foundation for healthy human coexistence. O, parents give love, but not a materialized or condescending love which turns in loss of values! Remember that love is essentially a set of little details where prevails foremost respect and obedience to parent’s authority.

Parents do not condition your love or confuse it with material things! Love is also corrections, and you should inculcate moral and spiritual values in your children. I tell you, parents of families, if your households are away from God as spiritual bulwark, and they are just places to rest; if you, parents, do not teach your children to fulfill the divine precepts, neither inculcates in them a healthy, moral and spiritual doctrine, and in addition, you do not give them a good example, then I ask you: why you complain about? And why are you now scandalized of their behavior, when you already have your hands out of their education? The lack of dialogue, love and understanding in your homes are the result of these decadent societies.

Home is the first foundation, where others societies will be built it; if moral and spiritual bases of your homes are weak, the new society of families, that your children will form tomorrow, will be also weak. The failure of your children, it is your failure. Parents, I exhort you to take control in your homes as soon as possible; I beg you from the bottom of my heart that bring God to your homes and retake the devotion to my holy rosary, give good example to your children and do not pander more. For your pandering and lack of love this mankind is as it is in decadent.

Lack of love and dialogue in your households, parents, is affecting healthy human coexistence. This humanity of these last times is the most sinful and decadent of all generations that have existed, and it is also in which more souls had been condemned, especially young! Wake up, parent of family, from your moral and spiritual lethargy! Come back to God, teach moral and spiritual values in your homes, love your children, and regain control of your families. ‘The awakening of consciences’ is coming and you must give account to my Father for your herds. Reconsider parents, because you are God’s representatives before your children. Do not forget that love is foundation of forgiveness and healthy coexistence, without love there is not life.

Thy mother, who loves you: Mary, Mystical Rose.

Make known my messages to all mankind.


March 7th, 2014

Peace be with you men of good will

Fire in chain from the earth’s entrails very soon will sprout out and it will move Earth’s axis, causing that the rotation of earth be more accelerated and shortened the days, months and years remaining until the triumphant return of my Son. The great dragon of the North’s Country is about to awaken, and the Babylon of the last times will suffer. Its arrogance and rebellion will beat down; all its prepotency and its science of nothing will serve. Fire, sulfur, ashes, weeping and pain will bring mourning to many of its cities. Much part of the territory, which is in the pacific fringe until the southern end of the continent, will disappear.

My creation will wobble and moan out as woman in labor, and its woe will be feeling on all ends of earth. Continents will move and tectonic plates will displace to give beginning to my New Creation. Woe! Woe of the inhabitants of earth, because they will not find safe place when my creation starts to move! My children, my heirs, do not lose your head, do not let panic seizes you; the best thing to do at that purification time is to pray, do penance, beg to your Heavenly Father so that these days be more bearable, and that everything be according with my Holy Will.

Again I say: the science of men of these last times cannot stop the passing of my Righteousness. The whole universe will shake up shortly, and fire from heaven will fall down on earth in direction of impious nations! They are all those nations away from me, where the blood of my innocents is shed, where the unfair laws of its rulers and legislators oppress my people. All those nations that have approved abortion, and have enacted laws in favor of sodomy and other sins of nature; where my people is persecuted, tortured and murdered. All these nations will be pulverized by the fire of my justice, as Sodom and Gomorrah, they will disappear forever, and they will no longer be remembered.

Time of my great justice is drawing close, and the foolish continue without believe, they follow everyday life as in time of Noah and Lot; history is repeating and 2/3 parts of humanity of these last times will disappear by the passing of my Divine Justice. O foolish! The hour is arriving! What are you waiting to return to me? Look that heaven is showing you signals that all is about to begin; see the decadence of this world, and hear the rumors of war here or there. Hear the celestial trumpets sounding and announcing that the night is arriving, and with it the time of my justice. And you foolish still sleeping without realize that at any moment all will change and there will be no turning back.

Woe to those who worship the money god, because very soon it will fall! What sadness I feel to see so many who have given me back, and they have put their trust and security in this god, which is work of human hands! Poor of you idolaters, because your worldly gods are about to fall and you will be eternally lost! Turn your eyes to your creator, rebellious mankind; understands at once that I do not delight in your suffering neither in your death. Accept my offer of life and do not delay more your salvation, so that tomorrow you will not cry and lament in the depths of abyss, because I assure you that no one will listen.

Your Father, Yahweh, Lord of nations.

Make known my messages to all mankind.


February 23rd, 2014

Little children, may peace of God be with you.

Little children, it pains me and saddens me to see how some of our shrines and sacred places are profane by evil emissaries and by many of you; the saddest is to see that God’s children do nothing, there is not a voice that rises up in defense of Our Sacred Places, my children seem spiritually lethargic, and they remain undaunted in the face of this vile abuse. Satan’s smoke is entering in holy places, the wickedness and the lower instincts, of the children of darkness and of the many, who say that they belong to God, are thorns which pierce Our Hearts.

How sad I feel, my little children, to see many who only come to sanctuaries in search of miracles, but they have not a desire for sincere conversion. What makes me sad to see those who are hurry, do not reach when they are already out. Others come to converse as if the sanctuaries and Holy places were places to make visits: they talk and talk, laugh and distract to those few, who come to pray. And what to say of my young, who are so deceived by my adversary; how pains me and sadness me to see my young approaching to holy places immodestly dressed, they come wearing clothes, which are not best suited to visit this places of meditation and prayer. Many chew gum, smoke, talk on cellular and utter obscene words.

Many adults come to take a walk; taking the shrines as places to give a walk and let full of garbage and food waste. Tears run down from my eyes, and the angels weep with me, to see the little faith and the lack of commitment of many who cannot understand that the sanctuaries and My Father’s Houses are holy places, which you come to pray, to praise, to do penance and to intercede for one another and for the sinners of the whole world. The shrines, churches and holy places are heaven’s spaces where you should keep silence, meditate and contemplate. All those, who, in one way or another, profane the sacred places, commit sacrilege and they should confess and atone for it!

Many indulgences, you lose by your bad behavior in holy places! Poor, when my little children will take conscience? There are so many blessings that heaven gives you for your salvation, but many of you are wasting it by your misbehavior and lack of faith! Every visit that you do with faith to sanctuaries, Tabernacles, or Holy Places there are indulgences that you receive, and it will serve to erase many of your sins; these indulgences are spiritual gifts of God for your salvation. Look, how many of you let lose it for your bad behavior and lack of charity towards God and thy mother.

Reconsider, little children, and take conscience now; stop desecrating our sanctuaries and holy places; because my Father will ask account of all this when you arrive to eternity! Turn your eyes to Creator and conduct yourselves as true God’s children, for you will have not to lament tomorrow, when you will be present before the Supreme Tribunal. May the peace of God and the love of this mother remain with you all always!

Thy mother: Mary, Mystical Rose.

Make known my messages to all mankind.


February 18th, 2014

Peace to you, sheep of my flock.

The Masonic secret organizations, which rule and direct the kings of this world, want to interfere in internal matters of many nations to create confusion and bring down governments. The intelligence agencies and other organizations, serving The Great Powers, want to destabilize the governments of some nations to establish in them rulers who will be loyal and faithful in time of new world order.

They search to create chaos and start internal conflicts in those nations unleashing civil wars in order to destabilize government and economy of these nations, who disagree with the policies and doctrines of the new world order. The nations who resist will be subjected and foreclosed their economics. The globalization of economies and the microchip implantation in the inhabitants of nations is the first phase of this new world order. At present, the entire mounting is ready; just missing the war to begin the authoritarian regime, which will rule the earth during the reign of my adversary.

My faithful people, will walk through the desert of purification, will be refined; but before all this happened, I will send my ‘warning’ which will prepare you for those days of purification needed for your transformation. The kings of this world, serving my adversary, have already all planned to begin the new world order. Prepare, my people, because it is approaching the time when you will glorify My Father, and you will give testimony of me before nations. Fear not; know that I will be with you until the consummation of times. Many governments will fall down, anarchy and chaos will take many nations, the kings of The Great Powers will usurp the riches of other nations taking possession of its lands, and extend their kingdoms. O, my people, foreign nations will invade your nation, and you will walk to the banishing, and you will be treated as slaves in your own land by the authoritarian regime of my adversary!

My children, persecution and extermination of Christians have begun; be my disciple, in many nations, is synonymous of torture, persecution, imprisonment and death. I say, my disciples, that in the time of the reign of my adversary, you will have to flee and search for my Mother’s shelters or hide yourselves in caverns as my first Christians, because persecutions will be extended to all nations. Remember that my word says: “In the world you face persecution. But take courage; I have conquered the world” (John 16,33) “Do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul: rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell. (Matthew 10, 28) “Blessed are you when people revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven” (Matthew 5, 11-12).

My children, time of your purification is approaching; be prepare, and be in God’s grace for the arrival of ‘the awakening of consciences’. I tell you again: repent, and be converted because the Kingdom of God is near.

My peace I leave you and my peace I give you. Your Master: Jesus, the Good Shepherd of all times.

Make known my messages to all mankind


February 11th, 2014

My peace be with you, my people.

I am the Lamb of God, who continues to be immolated by this ungrateful and sinful humankind. I giving me to you as immolated lamb for you to eat my flesh and drink my blood so that you have everlasting life. I am the emblem of all my martyrs which poured out and will pour out their blood for love to me and for salvation of sinners.

Whoever eats my Flesh and drink my Blood has eternal life, because I am the resurrection and the life. For these last times through the souls of my martyrs I also will give myself as Sacrificial Lamb. The blood of my martyrs shed, and their bodies immolated for love to me will again be my Flesh and my Blood which will be given to you as spiritual nourishment for your salvation.

I call to all those souls, who want to give their life for me and the salvation of sinners. I tell you loved souls, do not fear the death of body, because I will be with you, and I will be your strength when the hour arrives. You are the anointed ones, and you are the christs of these last times, I assure you that you will have a special place near to the Lamb of God when you arrive to eternity. You are my most loved souls, I know you, and I am expecting you to give you glory and coronate you with the crown of eternal life.

The banner of my martyrs souls, of these last times, will be the immolated Lamb of God over tabernacle, pouring out His blood in two chalices held up by two of my angels, one to the right and other to the left. All in white background with red piping on the sides and below an inscription in red letters that says: this is the blood of the Lamb of God spilled out for his martyrs, blood of salvation, that it will give you freedom!

You, my children martyrs, of these last times, will be the Army of the Sacrificial Lamb, and this one will be your banner that you will lift up and you will take it with you when your hour arrives. Be at my peace, my loved.

Your nourishment and strength: The Lamb of God.

Make known my messages to all mankind.

Immaculate Heart’s of Mary call to God’s children

February 4th, 2014

Little children of my heart, may peace of God be with you!

Testing has began for the people of God; do not lose faith, or hope; trust in Our Two Hearts and you will find peace and protection. Pray at every instant because the evil forces have invaded earth, and they are stealing peace to men.

If you pray, the forces of evil cannot touch you, if you down your guard of prayers you will be attacked by wicked entities and many will be lost. Mental deception spirits are perturbing your minds, and they are making the man be against man; father against son, son against father and daughter in law against mother in law. My adversary has deployed all these wicked forces to bring chaos, confusion, division and death to the inhabitants of the earth.

All those souls who live in darkness will be taken by these evil entities to attack the people of God. Once again, I tell you: Seal with the Blood of my Son your families and homes, as well as the people with whom you will deal during every day. It is very important that you keep in mind these recommendations that I make so that not wicked spirits may hurt you.

Children, these are times of test which are living, and every day testing will intensify more. If my father does not shorten these days, I assure you that the righteous would be lost. My Father’s creation is in full transformation, the whole universe will be shocked; fire chains from the bowels of earth are about to sprout; many nations will suffer, in many places the earth will tremble and sink. The sun is cooling down, and the weather has begun to become unstable in many places. Do not fear; remember that all this must happen for you to reborn the new creation and the new creatures.

Collect yourselves in home as soon as possible, because the night hours are the time where most active are the evil forces! Households where do not pray will be exposed to attacks of this evil entities. Households where pray and have devotion to my Holy Rosary will be households protected for thy Mother and I will not allow any spiritual wicked forces to hurt them. These households and their families will also be protected by me, of catastrophes and unforeseen events.

Consecrate also your children, your family and your households to my Immaculate Heart, and I, thy mother, will place on a protector shield of light rays around you which will blind my adversary and his evil forces. I give you this prayer of consecration to my Immaculate Heart so that you consecrate to me your family and household.


O Immaculate Heart of Mary, I consecrate myself to thee, and I consecrate my family, my home and everything in it, to thy Immaculate Heart. We consecrate to thee our physical, psychic, biological and spiritual being, and all that we are, have and do.

Protect us, dear Mother with thy light’s rays that pour out from thy Immaculate Heart and hide us in thy lap. Do not allow, sweet mother, none of the inhabitant of this home be lost; give us thy peace and strength in difficult times of our test. May our faith in God and trust in thee, o sweet mother, be the passport to arrive us safe to the gates of new creation. Amen.

Hail Mary most pure, without sin conceived most blessed Mary (3 times)

Thy refuge and shelter, The Immaculate Heart of Mary

Make known my messages to all mankind.

January 30th, 2014

Peace be with you all, sheep of my flock

Intolerance is taking over mankind, spirits of violence, altercations, suicide, and death are already wandering among you; remember that all the violence generated on earth is the domain that these spirits have over humanity away from me. The men of this time live on stressed, in expectation, and the minor disagreement generates an act of violence and bloodshed.

My children keep calm and stay away from noisy and violent people, because they are bad for you spirit. Seal with my Blood, I tell you again, all people and places that you will be in the course of the day. My adversary and his host of evil are taking over many bodies in order to sow discord and rivalry among men; once again I tell you, do not go outside without your spiritual armour on, because you are in spiritual battle and without your spiritual armour the incarnated demons can hurt you.

It is time of constant prayer; it is time of be alert and vigilant at all times invoking the power of my glorious blood that makes flee demons! Strengthen your mind by reading my word and take refuge in my Holy Wounds, because the greatest spiritual battles will be fought in your minds. My adversary sees to control the human mind to act in their will and thus sow chaos, violence and death. Therefore you, my flock, must be strengthened in faith asking divine assistance every time that you feel attacked.

Run away from all that is cause of sin, or that it incites you to sin, stay away from all evil doers for do not fall into their networks and thus lose your soul. Be very careful with what you watch and read, because there are abundant bad readings that stimulates lower instincts; stay away from all this so do not contaminate your spirit! Do not forget that you are children of God, and you were bought from a very high price, my death on the cross. You are heirs of the Kingdom of Heaven; do not let anything or anyone steal your heritage. Remember that my Holy Word says: whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; whoever sows to please the spirit, from the spirit will reap everlasting life. (Galatians 6,8).

The time that you are living is difficult and testing, strive to walk in the path of light, peace and love, walking always in the narrow path, because very wide and spacious is the path to lead you to eternal death. My peace I leave you, my peace I give you. Repent and be converted because the Kingdom of God is near.

Your Master and Shepherd, Jesus of Nazareth, the Good Shepherd of all times.

Make known my messages to all mankind.


January 24th, 2014

May my peace be with you; beloved sons.

Apostasy has entered into my church, many of you, my beloveds not longer believe in the mystery of transubstantiation of my Body and Blood; celebrating my Holy Sacrifice just to comply the corresponding schedule for My Masses. In the homilies, not longer are calling for conversion and repentance; many of my beloveds no longer hear my children in confession or if they do, they are hurriedly confessing. My gospel is not explained by many of my beloveds to my people; my gospel speaks about the existence of hell and demons, but it is omitted in many of my houses, the Holy Sacrifice of Mass is trimmed. There are celebrations which barely lasts fifteen minutes.

Many of my children are losing their faith by the negligence and lack of commitment of some of my shepherds; pastors who are in the wrong vocation and in many cases they are not interested to shepherd my flock, but profiting financially. Poor shepherds, I will ask them to accounts in the eternity for all their outrages and lack of charity to me and my sheep! Thousands of my priests and ministers of my church have been condemned by their infidelity and lack of commitment with my gospel and the doctrine of my church.

My people are thirsty of my word and they perish for lack of knowledge. O unfaithful shepherds of my church, whom are very relaxed, you are forgetting the commitment that you acquired with me and my people when you were ordered! What have you done with your priestly vows? The comfort, the modernist, disobedience, and sexual impurity have taken over many of you. It hurts me and saddens me to see many seminaries and convents which have been taken over by the Asmodeus spirit.

Impurity scandals in the interior of my church are finishing with priestly vocations; many of my beloveds, by their lows instinct and passions, rend my flesh and they make me pour out abundantly blood. Each scandal in the interior of my church is a scourging that my body receives. O, how much hurts me to see the ingratitude, disobedience and impurity of many of my beloveds! My eyes shed blood’s tears and my body relives its Calvary by every priest and minister of my church who is lost!

My people pray for my priests and ministers of my church who turned away from me! Make fasting and penances for they salvation. The easy life and the modernism of this time are deviating the way of many of my priests and ministers. In many countries, the church is deviating the way of gospel, the modernism has entered in it, and it is dragging many of my beloveds to perdition.

Beloveds sons, it hurts me and saddens me to see how some European countries are being modified my houses and converting in cemeteries and deposits of human ashes and my Holy Sacrifice are not longer celebrated. My house is house of prayer and I am God of living, not of dead! Do not profane my houses, unfaithful shepherds, because my houses are not cemeteries; my houses are temples of life where I dwell, and where I spiritually give me to my children! There places to bury dead; do not use my houses for that, respect my churches, because in them, I am alive, real and giving me as spiritual food for my children. Tomorrow when you will be present before me, what will you answer me for the outrages of my houses? Reconsider shepherds of my church, because my temples are not ossuaries to deposit dead matter.

My houses are temples of life and not death!

Your Master, Jesus, the Eternal High Priest.

Make known my messages to all mankind.


January 20th, 2014

Rebel children, go back to My Son’ church.

I urgently appeal to all those who have turned away from My Son’s church, and they have not accepted other Vicar of Christ, after Second Vatican Council! Rebel children the church is just one alone, the others are branches or detached parts of it; remember that the church is built over the solid rock which is My Son, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.

If you do not accept any of the vicars of the church legitimately elected by the action of the Holy Spirit, after the Second Vatican Council, you are in rebellion and disobedience with the church of My Son which is One, Holy, Apostolic, Catholic and Roman. I tell you, if you do not accept the Supreme Pontiff, who is the successor of Peter and Shepherd of the church, you cannot be called flock of the Lord, or sheep of His flock. You are with My Son or you are with my adversary, whoever does not gather with my Son, scatter, and whoever is not with my Son, is against him.

Define, your double-religious morality is dividing the catholic world and hurting Christ’s church! You are Catholic Apostolic and Roman or you are a rebellious sect. Remember what God’s Word says: Not all who says to me: Lord, Lord, shall enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, but whoever does the Will of my Heavenly Father. (Mathew 7,21). Rebelliousness is not of God, if you do not obey the church and its Vicar; you are far away from it.

My adversary is deceiving you, and he will make lose your soul; you say that you love God and fulfill His precepts, but many of you do not attend the Holy Sacrifice, nor receive the Body and Blood of my Son, so transgress with this the third precept of my Father: Sanctify feast. I tell you, rebellious children: if you do not love the church, wife of Christ, here on earth, and you say that you love God, you are behaving like the Pharisee in the temple, and you will not be justify. If you are separated from the church, and you do not obey her vicar, so you are a sect that follow teachings of men and not of God.

Wake up and go back to the fold of my Son, do not defile any more the Church; stop criticizing it and judging her vicars! Who are you, sons of Adam, to question my Father’s Will? Do not be hypocritical and do not behave as Pharisees, because my Father detests all this! Do not become judges of the Church for it is just one Judge who can to judge, He who sits upon cherubim and justly governs the creation and all its creatures. Do not keep doing wrong to the church of my Son with your rebelliousness; behave as true children of God, and go back as soon as possible to the fold of the Eternal Shepherd.

Prepare your heart, because the triumphal return of my son is drawing close.

Thy Mother, Mary Mystical Rose.

Make known my messages to all mankind.


January 15th, 2014

Peace to you all, my children.

My adversary already has begun to mark his flock with the mark of the beast, the microchip; by their fruits you will know them. Poor souls, they do not know what it is waiting them! They take all this as joke and mock of those who practice my words.

My opponent is cunning and knows very well human weaknesses; he is subtly deceiving the vast majority of mankind away from me, making them to think that the use of microchip is harmless; on the contrary, it provides them with a better quality of life. O ungrateful and sinful humanity, you call what is good evil and you call evil what is good! You are taking this as a game and you do not realize that by doing so, you are losing the life of your spirit.

All those who allow to implant the beast’s mark; I will turn them away from me. Rejoice and feasting sons of perdition, while it is during the last reign of your master! Cursed those whom with fact knowledge will give me back and will allow to be marked with the mark of the beast for satisfy their egos or keep material goods! I say: Brood of vipers, hellfire will be your reward when you arrive to eternity!

The abomination and profanation of my temples have begun; very soon my daily sacrifice will be suspended to fulfill what is written in Daniel’s book. And from the time when the daily sacrifice is abolished and the abomination that causes desolation is set up, there will be a thousand two hundred and ninety days. Blessed the one who knows to wait for and who reaches the end of a thousand three hundred thirty-five days. (Daniel 12, 11-12)

My children, the kings of this world serving my adversary will lead a campaign of persecution against all who are Christians; in the last time of the reign of my adversary will run the blood of many of my faithful children. A globally census will be carried out where your profession of faith will be find out, in order to locate my people for later pursue, imprison, torture and disappear many. Blessed those who give their life for me and glorify my name with their blood, because truly I tell you that a place close to the Lamb of God is reserved for them when arrive to eternity.

My children, my flock, all is fulfilling as written: heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away. Remain in my love; do not let to steal my peace, so do not to lose your head. Invoke, I tell you again, the power of my Glorious Blood at all time, and I assure you that my adversary will run away from you. Consecrate yourselves to the power of my Precious Blood, so that together with Michael, the archangels and angels of the celestial army fight all evil force. The Power of my Precious Blood will transforms you in spiritual warriors, and any evil force cannot hurt those who are consecrated to my Most Precious Blood.

My adversary fears the power of my Precious Blood, because he knows that my Glorious Blood will defeat him again in this end times. The Rosary and consecration to my precious Blood will strengthen you spiritually, and make soldiers of Christ here on earth! Forward my warriors, the power of my Blood will give you freedom!

Be at my peace, my flock. Repent and be converted for the Kingdom of God is near.

Your Liberator: Jesus, Blessed Sacrament.

Make known my messages to all mankind.

God the Father's call to mankind

January 13th, 2014

My people, my heirs, peace be with you

Celestial phenomena are manifesting thus you will know that it is about the triumphant return of my Son. My creation is in full transformation; do not be afraid for what you will see, because it will come many heavenly manifestations and the earth will suffer great changes, keep calm and pray; everything that you will see is part of the God’s plan to purify His creation and creatures.

The birds will migrate very soon and marine life for misuse of man technology will begin to disappear. The man will be victim of his own inventions and the transformation of creation, which will bring weeping and sorrow many nations. The technology of death will be reversed against mankind; the nuclear plants will be destabilized when the earth starts to moan like a woman in labor. O how much pain and death will bring to my creatures and my creation misuse of the human technology!

Many nations will disappear in time of the war; the anxiety of power and expansionism of the kings of this world will bring death and desolation. O humanity comeback to me, you still have bell strokes of hope and mercy; I assure you, that if you return now I will not punish you as your sins deserved! Happy are those who today rest in the peace of the Lord, happy are those whom have been forgiven their sins, and happy are those who trust in the Lord, because they will see His Glory, and they will be inhabitants of His new creation.

My people flee from persecution, the blood of my innocents cries out justice; the blood of my martyrs cries out justice, and the weeping of my creation cries out justice. Fear not my people, very soon my righteousness will restore order and law, and the evil doers will be erased from the face of earth.

O ungrateful and sinful humanity, turn your eyes to your Creator, for the night is arriving! Do not follow ignoring my calls, because when my Justice comes I will not listen to you. Listen and let your rebellion. Remember that I am not pleased with the death of sinner, welcome me, and you will attain mercy, hear my prophets of these last times because this is thy Father, who is speaking to you through my messengers. Let your stubbornness and spiritual deafness because what is at stake is your salvation.

I am waiting with my arms open as all good fathers await their children. Do not let my extended merciful hands: I do not want your death but rather you live with me eternally.

Thy Father Yahweh, Lord of Nations.

Make known my messages to all mankind, men of good will.

Mary’s, Mystical Rose, call to the God’s children

January 7th, 2014

Little children of my heart, peace of God be with you.

The scourge of war very soon will whip mankind, purification days are approaching; what sadness feels my heart of mother seeing the ingratitude of many. The vast majority of humanity is spiritually lethargic, and the tribulation days will arrive, and there will be many who will lose.

I make an urgent appeal to the whole people of God to be spiritually prepared, because when you least expect, all will break loose. Consecrate yourself, consecrate yourselves to my Immaculate Heart, I ask you to make it as soon as possible; those who have already made my consecration, makes it again. The consecration to my immaculate heart is spiritual fortress for god’s children. I, thy mother, need you to make the consecration to my Immaculate Heart before everything breaks loose, so you can be enrolled in my heart, and my maternal protection will cover you.

You know very well that I will protect all the people of God, but those who be consecrated to my Immaculate heart will be doubly protected, and my adversary and his host of evil cannot hurt you. Without the consecration, you will be vulnerable to my adversary’s attacks. For that reason, my little children, I am making this appeal so that you can make it or renew it. The consecration to my Immaculate Heart should be done, so you can be spiritually strengthened to repel my enemy’s attacks.

Little children, there are many emissaries of evil camouflaged, pay close attention and ask a lot of discernment to the Holy Spirit of God; be very cautious with those people who approach you and offer you friendship, because many are serving my adversary and they are looking for earn your confidence and then make you lose. Have in mind what I am telling you and do not uncover your heart to anyone so you will not have unpleasant surprises.

My adversary through his instruments is looking by all means to make lose a greatest number of souls. Know and analysis very well each person who approaches you to befriend, do not pay attention those who say: the Lord is here, or there, come to see him and check his miracles. Be careful, my little ones, my son will not come physically. My son will come spiritually as a King of kings with all his glory and splendor to reign in the new heavens and in the new earth to his faithful people. I warn you so that you do not be fooled. When my adversary makes his appearance there will be many who will follow the false messiah, and they will be lost. Be prepare because he is about to announce his appearance; already you know that you cannot see him or listen him for he is the iniquity’s being who is coming to seduce mankind with his deceptions and to steal souls of those who are spiritually lukewarm or those who are far away from God.

Have ready your spiritual weapons, raise my Marian banner in your homes; pray my holy rosary, take refuge in our two hearts and fear not; I, thy mother, will take care my son’s flock, for I am the mother of eternal shepherd, I shepherd you and lead you to the gates of Celestial Jerusalem, where the Eternal Shepherd will be waiting for you. May the Love of God and my maternal protection remain in you.

Thy Queen and Lady, Mary, Mystical Rose.

Make know my messages, little children of my heart.


January 3rd, 2014

My peace be with you, my children.

Everything is about to begin, my righteousness is knocking at the door. Again I say, be alert and vigilant, for ye know neither the day nor the hour of the arrival of the Son of Man. Yet I say, it is very close, but before this happens, you must be cleansed so that you can be with me in the new heavens and the new earth.

My children the days of the great trial are close, during which you will be tested in the furnace of tribulation, without purification, you cannot dwell in my new creation. If ye abide to my precepts and my mercy, nothing of what is coming would touch you. But no, you rather walk through the desert, because you are a stiff-necked race. Your spiritual deafness has not allowed you to hear my voice. You will walk through the world like runaway colts and love the world more than you love me.

In my infinite love and mercy does not want to see you lost, I am faithful and my word is life, eternal life that wants to pour abundantly on all those who hear my voice and put my words into practice. My warning is close and the last open door of my mercy, before my righteousness comes. If you do not change upon returning to this world, I assure you that you will be lost forever. For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.

What would become of you, if I did not send my Warning? You would be lost, because no mortal is able to overcome the days of my divine justice, without the grace you will receive in eternity. The days are shortening more and more, when the length of time reaches its limit of twelve hours, everything will be triggered. You have thousandths of mercy left, waste them not, come back to me, I am life, so that tomorrow ye may live eternally.

Seek the life that I am; cling onto me like a branch to the vine. For truly I say to you that anyone who strays from me will perish. My people, you are approaching the time of my next coming, be happy and rejoice in the Lord, for He comes to restore the law and order and the reign over His faithful people.

I come as the King of Kings in all my glory and splendor, I will be with you and amongst you, spiritually you will see me, contemplate me and praise me together with my Angels. Many of you will say: is this possible? remember my children, you are going to be transformed and purified so you can stay with me in my new creation.

Men of old will pass with this world, new creatures you will by the grace of my Holy Spirit, after purification. Otherwise, you cannot enter my new creation, because my Heavenly Jerusalem no sin will enter. In my new heavens and new earth you shall be spirit beings of similar nature to my Angels.

Rejoice hence my people, for the days when you will see the King in all its glory are coming. My Kingdom of peace, love and joy awaits you. Fear not the days to come, trust in me: remain in my love and love, which can do everything, will make those days of purification pass for you as in a dream. My peace I leave you, my peace I give you. Repent, for the kingdom of God is near.

Your Master, Jesus Blessed Sacrament.

Children of my heart, make known these messages.


January 2nd, 2014

My little children, God's peace be with you.

The difficult days are about to begin and you best be well protected spiritually, so that you can face my adversary and his hosts of evil. When my opponent reveals himself to humanity, attacks to the people of God in all aspects of your life will be intensified; that is why my little children, I call you to renew your consecration to my Immaculate Heart, so that you remain doubly protected with the shield of my consecration.

Many nations, My little children, will begin to feel the effects of the transformation of creation. When the earth begins to move, lose not your head, nor panic, rather seek my shelter and protection, and repeat this prayer that I give you for the days when the earth begins to wobble.


Immaculate Heart of Our Mother Mary, shelter and protect us, allow not for panic to take over our lives, give us peace and serenity in this time of tribulation. We abide to you dear Mother, confident that nothing will happen to us, because you sweet Mother, have us covered with thy holy mantle. Tire not of interceding for your children, so that these days of purification are bearable and all will be fulfilled according to the divine will. Jesus and Mary, save souls and carry them to the glory of heaven.
Glory to God, Glory to God, Glory to God (Pray three Creeds and 3 Magnificat).

Little children, keep calm in these days, pray and pray, it is the best you can do. Nothing will happen, if you remain close to our two hearts; the light of your lamps oiled with prayer, will shine in the darkness of those days. Fear not, divine justice will pass you by upon seeing the light from your lamps.

All those households with the devotion to my Rosary will be doubly protected, because my Holy Rosary is the most powerful weapon you can find to meet the spiritual battle that approaches.

The time of divine justice is irreversible, but you little children, can shorten these days through your prayer, remember that the power of prayer when done with faith and in chain, appeased the just wrath of God. Prayer is your protection and the recitation of my Holy Rosary is spiritual body armour that blinds Satan and his hosts of evil. Forget not to pray at all times with short aspirations and invoking the power of the Blood of My Son, doing my holy Rosary and asking for the protection of this mother who is already amongst you.

Come, therefore, my children, take my hand and chain pray with my Holy Rosary and pray to the Father for the salvation of souls in darkness. Be ready and prepared my Marian Army, because your Lady and Queen is already on the battlefield. I just await my Father’s signal to initiate the final battle that will give you the definite freedom over the forces of evil. Forward, people of God, not one-step back, heaven is counting on you! Who is like God, no one is like God.

Children of my heart, make known these messages.


December 23rd, 2013

Glory to God, Glory to God, Glory to God and peace to men of good will. Brothers in the love of my Father, may the peace of the Almighty be with you.

Today I come to tell you that the day when you will render accounts to my Father is coming. Praise the glory of God brothers, because soon every mortal with reason will have to settle accounts to my Father, for their behavior in this world.

The judgment where God will show you how much you have loved and how much you have loved not; Woe to those souls who will appear before my Father, without having forgiven for they will suffer the purifying fire of purgatory and feel the pain of lack of forgiveness! Woe to those lukewarm souls, because they will know hell, where they will end up, if upon return they continue that spiritual luke-warmness! And woe to those surprised by God’s judgment in mortal sin, because they will suffer the fire of damned souls and will feel all the pain and despair of these poor souls!

Stop already offending God you sinful souls, end your rebelliousness, because the hour of judgment is approaching and many of you will return not to this world! What are you waiting for? See that the time is getting shorter and is reaching its limit. Leave not your salvation for last minute, reckon and make straight your path, so tomorrow you need not wail for all eternity.

Brethren, the evil being incarnate, the prince of this world will soon be revealed to the nations, under no reason fall to temptation to see him, because you well know it is the old serpent looking to seduce and lure you with the power of his gaze and then make you lost. God's people beware to look or listen to the being of iniquity! Remember that curiosity is not of God and it has had many ruined; abstain from falling into the subtle traps used by the prince of this world to rob your soul.

When the antichrist announces his appearance, you must disconnect all devices where it can be viewed or his voice filtered, forget not the advice given my Father and our Lady and Queen, to seal with the blood of the Lamb of God all these communication devices of your world, remember that the serpent is cunning and has all the means for more souls to be lost .

Start being accustomed to silence in your homes, let these media remain off for the longest time possible for when the Antichrist comes, you sons of God, the seed of my Father, are ready.

Never tire of praying, you do it all the time, because in times of darkness and gloom ahead, only the flame of your lamps burning with prayer will enlighten. You will be small lights in the darkness, the light of your lamps will be your protection and my Father will send Angels to oversee and protect you in the darkness. He will send his angels to carry you in their arms, so that your feet stumble not on some stone.

Prepare yourselves, brethren, because the days of purification approach, strengthen yourselves all you can with the body and blood of the Divine Lamb; waste not this time, this short time that you still have, that you may praise God and give Him thanks for His infinite mercy to soon allow you to be in His presence and behold His majesty and all His glory, that will transform your life and upon return to this world to do His holy will and may tomorrow be able to inhabit his new creation.

Give glory to the God of life, because his love is eternal. Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia.

Your brother and servant, Michael the Archangel.

Men of good will, make known these messages.


December 16th, 2013

May peace of God be with you; My Son’s flock.

Little children collect yourselves in prayer, and do not waste any more time on things of this world, because the purification days are approaching and it is good that you already be spiritually prepared to endure these days of spiritual desert.

Fear not, my little ones, I will be with you, and I will cover you with my mantle for you to be protected, and nothing and no one can hurt you. Share these last Christmas with family and ask to God Incarnate, my Little Child, to give you His love, His peace and His tenderness; may He floods you with his humility, so that no dart of pride can to separate you from his love. Contemplate my child in manger, and imitate his humility, his poverty, and the simplicity of the Nazareth family.

Little children, days of purification necessary for your spiritual change are drawing closer. The creation of my Father is beginning its cycle of transformation; do not be afraid, remain united in the Love of God, and everything will fulfill according with my Father’s plans. Purification is required because wickedness in today’s world has surpassed the limits of human coexistence, and it is affecting the universe balance.

Remind that you are spiritual beings on spiritual universe which has been affected by sin of mankind in these last times.

Be very careful, because the sects are proliferating, and many are serving my adversary; stand firm in faith, do not open your ears to strange doctrines; remember that the wolf is loose and his emissaries are seeking to make you lose. Do not neglect your prayer, it is your stronghold; pray my rosary on time and out of time for remain under my motherly protection; only prayer, fasting, penance and Holy Eucharist will keep you firm in the spiritual combat each day. Whoever turns away from prayer and God will be lost, because the tribulation that it is about to comes, never before has seen it on earth. Remember that these are the last years of my adversary’s reign, and before he will be defeated, he will try to lose as many souls as possible.

The small judgment of God to nations is knocking at the door; that it does not catches you by surprise, so you will not have lament; remind that many will not return, because their sin will be too great, that they will not withstand the presence of God and they will lose eternally.

Little rebel children, it is finishing the time of mercy, hurry up, do not ignore our anguished appeals calling you for conversion. My Little children, demons and hell are a reality, and into it will go to stop all those souls who have given back to God in this world! Understand that we do not want to see you eternally suffering; take advantage of last bell strokes of mercy that heavens are giving you, because when you arrive to eternity just justice will find there; think and reconsider as soon as possible; seek to one of my favorites sons (priest) and make a good confession of life, turn away from sin and from you sinful life, so that when you arrive to the Supreme Tribunal do not receive the harsh sentence: “Depart from me, sons of perdition.”

I gift you, little children, the prayer of my mantle, so you can cover yourself with it and be protected from all attacks of the enemy of your soul and his earthly agents of evil.


O mantle of my mother Mary protects us and defends us day and night from the enemy of our soul! I cover myself with thy holy mantle, and I cover my family and the all people of God; makes us invisibles to the wicked spirits and their earthly agents of evil. O sacred mantle of my beloved Mother be the protective shield for the people of God! Dear Mother do not forsake us a single moment in our spiritual battle of every day, that the light rays of thy holy mantle guide us in the darkness and enlighten the path that leads us to eternal Glory.

Pray 3 Hail Mary, 3 Glory to be, and 3 Magnificat.

Thy Mother, Mary, Mystical Rose.
Make known my messages, little children of my heart.


"Rip your hearts out, because the days of my divine justice are approaching!"
December 13th, 2013

My peace be with you!

My ‘warning’ is coming, just missing bell strokes of mercy to consume everything in its entirely. After the ‘warning’ and ‘miracle’, it will come purification’ days, and only a remnant of you will stay. Those will be called God’s people.

My children, men of science, allied with the kings of nations serving my adversary, are investigating to create a lethal gas and a bacterium which will be spread out through the air of many nations; seeking to exterminate a great part of humanity. They will take advantage of war’s time to carry out this genocide.

Be very careful, my people, because they will proliferate vaccines and not all will be for the benefit of your health. Some of these vaccines have the aim of exterminate the population of poorest and underdeveloped nations. The global population will be decreased especially kids and the elderly. In many countries are carrying out sterilization days for women with the complacency of their rulers. Their goal, sterilize young women so that life does not be born. O kings of wicked nations, your days are counted, weighed and measured! Your nations will disappear from the face of earth by the fire of my Righteousness that will fall upon you from the sky! All those nations that commit injustices with my people and break my commandments are going to be erased and will no longer be remembered.

My flock, I announce that the new world order is about to be established; all those nations which will not accept this regimen will be sentenced to die of hunger and thirst. Their lands will be confiscated, usurped, their population will be enslaved, all their resources and goods will be taken by foreign governments, and these poor nations will lose their identity. The new world order will enslave my people, which will go through the desert of purification.

My children, the signals in the sky are intensifying; celestial phenomena never before seen by any eye have been showing for you to prepare for my next coming. The whole universe will be shocked with the transformation of my earth. Rip your hearts out, because the days of my divine justice are approaching! Husband leaves his room and the wife her thalamus, because the last trumpets are about to sound announcing that the time of My Mercy is over. My Mercy is running out, wandering sheep, come back to me as soon possible, stop sinning; remove the bandage of sin from your eyes so you can see the way of salvation for you will not be lost forever.

It is time for prayer, reconciliation, meditation, fasting and penance; it is time to return to God so that you can save your soul. Wandering sheep, it is getting late, night is drawing close, and with it darkness. I do not want your death, but rather your everlasting life. Come to me, come to me, come to me with contrite and humiliated heart, and I promise that I will not let you lose! I am calling you, wandering sheep and rebel sheep do not let go the last calls that I am making. Reconsider, come closer to me and you will find peace, forgiveness, love and solace. I am your Father and Savior Who is waiting for you in the silence of each tabernacle.

Hurry up, do not be afraid, I am not going to reproach you; I just want your Salvation.

Waiting for you, Thy Father and Savior, Jesus, The Blessed Sacrament

Anyone who has seen me has seen my Father. (John 14,9)

Make known my messages to all mankind.


December 6th, 2013

Little children may the peace of God and this Mother’s love be with you.

From the moment that my adversary makes his statement, and makes him known to the world, will begin the last three and half years of his reign; which will be total purification for the people of God. Again I say to my little children that you should not fear, because this Mother, which loves you so much, will not allow forces of evil hurt you.

Remember, that everything will happen so fast, if you remain attached to our two Hearts, you will suffer for it is purification, but it will be more bearable. The economic purification will be one of the strongest that you will have to overcome, as no one will sell anything if you do not have the beast’s mark. Everything is ready, nations, serving my adversary, have all planed; the entire montage is ready to announce to mankind the coming of the false messiah.

The war is already planned, just need to run out that the last second of my mercy, to begin the final reign of my adversary. Do not be afraid, children of light, heaven will not forsake you, if you stay firm and loyal to God on the tests. Fear not the transformation of creation, everything will move, but you will remain intact as one wise man that raised his house on the rock.

Nations serving my adversary will be those with strongest chastisement of the Divine Justice. God’s children, who are living in any of these wicked nations, will be notified by heaven a week before the Divine punishment so they have time to get out and take refuge in places that this Mother will show through her instruments.

Enjoy with family this last time of mercy which heaven gives you! Share with your family and strengthen the ties that unite you; love one another and forgiving each other so that tomorrow when the days of Divine Justice arrive you may be able to remain united in the Love of God, and no one and nothing can separate you.

Do not forget to pray for those in more need of Divine Mercy in your families for they do not turn away from the path of salvation during the trials which are approaching.

Live present, do not plan future, because past and future do not exist; God is an eternal present and thus you should live in this way too; love, forgive, fulfill the Holy Precepts and fear not. Trust and always trust in God’s Love and in His Perfect Love that can do everything, and will help you to overcome all tests. Do not lose your faith for tomorrow you can say: I am citizen of heaven and beyond the sun I have a home, where my Father and my Mother are waiting for me, beyond the sun.

Thy Mother, who loves you: Mary Mystical Rose.

Make known my messages, little children of my heart


November 29th, 2013

My children, my peace be with you.

Everything is reaching its limit, so it has been arranged by my Father. The time of mercy is running out, it takes very little to be entirety consumed. Soon the time will come for justice, and everything that you see in the creation will be transformed; with ‘the warning’ and ‘the miracle’ will end the time of mercy.

The sky keeps warning mankind to be prepared for these great events which will transform your lives. How sad that many do not want to believe and continue in their daily lives ignoring our calls. Children of little faith, if the events, described in the Holy Word and in the messages that we have been giving to mankind through the prophets of the end times, have not been fulfill, it is by my Father’s Mercy, who has abstained to fulfill all through the intercession of my Mother. The sky and my Mother are interceding for this humanity, but when the last second of mercy runs out, everything will break loose. Understand that my Father is not pleased with the death of the sinner.

Pray in chain, my children, to be abolished in my church the communion in the hand and lay giving communion because this sacrilege makes mourn the sky and it makes my father sad! Remember that the power or prayer chain, fasting and penance make collapse everything. Its hurts and sadness me to see how many lay and religious desecrate my divinity, some taking me in hand and others giving as if I were a material object or piece of bread, they do not realize that I am alive and real life, who becomes life among you in the simplicity of Consecrated Host. Look! As I am outraged, is this the reward that you give me for my love? Many souls are in depths of purgatory and others have been condemned for this vile desecration. “Noli Me Tangere!” Do not touch me!, because your hands are not worthy of having me and giving me. This sacrament ministry has just giving for my priests, Bishops, Cardinals and the Pope, only Consecrated Hands by anointing priesthood can touch me.

Make good confessions, mortify your senses and pray Psalm 51, which I gave to my Servant David, before receive me in the communion, if you do not take part in my Paschal Supper you cannot be nourish with my Body and my Blood. I say this because many reach the end of the Holy Sacrifice to receive as a mundane thing; others receive me in mortal sin, not knowing that they are drinking the cup of their own condemnation. You must confess minimum each month, but if you commit serious offenses must do so immediately, many taking months without confession, because according to them, they have not sin, I say: you are all sinners, God alone is Holy, O how deceived you are, and what a lack of evangelism in my church! I remind you the words of Psalm 51that says: “For I have been guilt-ridden from birth, a sinner from my mother’s womb.” (Psalm 51, 7).

What sadness I feel at seeing so many of my children, receiving my Body and Blood without having confessed first. Apostasy entered my house, many of my houses remain empty and others have become museums and I keep forgotten in the silence of their tabernacles. O what ingratitude! Loneliness and sadness seized me! What pain I feel at seeing the vast majority of humanity so lost! When the dark days come, you are not going to have my houses open, and then, you will cry Lord, Lord, where are you?; come save us, but not one will hear you.

Come to visit me, do not leave me alone, it is your Father and your Savior, who is waiting for you, do not waste the source of mercy that I am offering you; come to soothe your hunger and quench your thirst, I am waiting with open arms to give my love, my forgiveness and life in abundance.

Your beloved Jesus, the Blessed Sacrament.

Make known my messages to all mankind.

November 20th, 2013

Little children, may the peace of God be with you.

The Glory of God is near; repent that you may stand before him wearing a white suit. Pray for the Pope and for the Church, because the forces of evil in the Vatican want to start its profanation. The Pope's life is in danger; there is a plot against him. I urgently appeal to the Catholic world to strengthen prayer asking Heavenly Father for the protection of Pope Francis.

The decisions Pope Francis is taking are unsettling many in the Vatican. Ignore the whole smear campaign now taking place against him. This is the vicar of the church disposed by God for these the end times; support him with your prayers and cease judging him, who are you to question God's plan?

Pray better so that the changes about to be implemented by the vicar of the church are not manipulated by the ecclesiastical masonry, as many in the Vatican do not agree with the changes about to take place. Many crimson ones want a polytheistic church, open to other churches and doctrines.

Many Cardinals are divided, some in favor and others against the new changes and policies to be implemented by Pope Francis. The fate of the Church depends upon the prayer of the Catholic people, you ought to support the Pope with your prayers, so that the doctrine of liberation will not be carried out during his pontificate, as many want it to be implemented, arguing that the Church of today should be a modernist church, adjusted to changes in humanity.

These changes should not be affecting the doctrine of the Church, nor the Gospel of my Son. The daily Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, must retain its ritual, its essence, none of the words of the consecration must be handled, everything must remain as my Son instituted it. For this, little children, you must pray so that the wisdom and light of the Holy Spirit guides Pope Francis and that the Church of my Son, is not diverted from the path of the gospel and its doctrine.

Do not abandon Pope Francis, support him with your prayers, so that God's will is carried out during his papacy and that the Church of my Son, continues to be guiding light for all the people of God. May the wisdom of God and the intercession of this Mother assist the Vicar of Christ on the coming changes for the Church and for the Catholic world.

Your Mother, Sanctifying. Mary.

Make this message known to all mankind.

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