Recent Messages

By Children of the Renewal

September 29 and October 20

October 20, 2019  Adoration Chapel

Hello, my dearest Jesus present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  I adore You, my Lord and my God.  Praise You for Your presence in all Tabernacles and Adoration Chapels in the world.  I believe in You, hope in You and love You, my God and my King.  Thank You for Confession yesterday, Jesus!  I was very glad to see a long line of people for Confession.  Praise You, Lord!  Thank You for Mass and Holy Communion this morning, Jesus.  Lord, thank You for the beautiful as well as some sad meetings with so many people this week.  It was good to be with many I hadn’t seen in such a long time.  Thank You for the renewing of acquaintances and friendships.  Bless all I encountered, Lord.  Bless also their families.  May the souls of those who died this week rest in Your arms and be brought to their eternal resting place in Your Kingdom.  I pray for the souls in Purgatory, Lord that You will expedite their time spent there and grant them quick purgation so they may behold the face of God.  I pray for my children who are suffering due to their loss, the separation caused by so much illness and dysfunction, as well as the one they suffer due to the death.  They suffer for what was (joy and sorrow) and what was not as well as what could have been.  Comfort and console their beautiful hearts that do not hold grudges, but contain much suffering and sadness as well as disappointment.  Lord, they need You.  Fill all gaps in their souls from the pain, discord and from the times they felt so misunderstood.  Forgive me, Lord for not being able to help them more and for the times I could have but did not know what to do.  Forgive me for any omissions of charity, Jesus.  Lord, I know You love them so very much and my love is only a small portion of how You love.  Pour graces into their souls.  Graces for compassion, courage, perseverance, fortitude, holiness, heroic love, and for peace.  Grant graces for continued conversion until they walk completely in the Light of Your love.  I praise You and thank You for the work You do in their souls now and I await in joyful hope the return of those I love who are away from Your Church.  Bring them all into the Light of Faith, Lord.  Protect our children, grandchildren, relatives, friends and all in the world from darkness and sin.  Bring all souls into Your Church, Your Family, Your Kingdom.  Heal all wounds, Lord Jesus as only You can do.  Many people are hurting, my Jesus.  Heal their pain.  Grant them love, Lord.  All are in need of more love, more Jesus.  Allow us, Your Children of Light to be bearers of the Light.  Help us to carry You to others, just as our beautiful Mother Mary carried You in Her womb for nine months, and in Her arms, and later only in Her heart.  Allow us to carry You into this world of darkness and the shadow of death.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.


“My child, My child, you have many burdens on your heart.  I, too bear these burdens since we walk together and because you give them to Me.  So you see, I understand and I also carry them for you with love and great tenderness.  Believe Me when I say this.  Thank you, My child for your presence, your love, your mercy to those with whom I arranged for you to meet.  You feel you did not say all that you could have, My little lamb, but you do not fully realize, yet that your loving presence, your concern and your attention given to those who felt unnoticed, was all that was needed.  Your acknowledgement of even those you did not know or remember showed them dignity.  The look in your eyes as they spoke gave them hope as your eyes shined with love.  You do not see this in yourself, My little one, but they do; others do and this is what I want you to know, when My children are filled with love for Me, and are united to Me especially via Communion with Me (reception of the Eucharist) I am in you.  I fill you with My presence and every encounter becomes an encounter with Christ, with Me.  This is why one does not always have to be speaking about Me to be preaching a lesson on love.  Being love is in itself a strong sermon and in some ways, it is a much stronger one indeed.  You prayed before each event, that I would use you, that I would love through you and that you would be an instrument of My love filling the needs of each person, that only I know.  Did you not, My child?” 


Yes, Lord.  I did pray this and then I went about getting ready and going and promptly forgot these words.  Thank You that You did not forget them, Jesus!


“You are welcome, child.  I take the prayers of My children very seriously.  You gave permission to be used by God and therefore I did so in the hearts of each person.  I arrange others to do the same and therefore you experience a giving and a receiving of graces upon encountering other holy souls.  There are unendless graces that flow from Heaven to My followers on Earth and out to and from faithful and holy souls.  Ask Heaven for these graces, My children.  Many do not ask for graces and there are graces in abundance for you especially in these urgent times.  Souls are in need of graces and are in dire need for the gifts of faith, hope and love.”


“Look around you, My children who love and follow Me.  How many souls are around you in desperate need of the love of God, but who are far from Me.  Show them love.  Show them mercy.  Do not judge their troubled, struggling hearts.  Overlook their sins, for these are for My review.  Do not judge people for their mistakes.  The consequences are difficult enough and provide much cause for misery and suffering, so be a source of love and comfort.  Ask Me what you can do for your loved ones, your neighbors and those who perhaps are far from you, but who are in great need, either spiritually, emotionally or physically.  What small act of love can you do for them to show them someone cares about them?  Ask Me and I will direct you.  My people, there is so much need and so little time.  When one is in need physically either through illness, financial need, or due to their age (young or elderly), tending to their physical needs is a way to show great love, respect, dignity and above all, love for God.  When you show love and mercy to others, you not only give love to them, but also to Me.  I fill you with even more love and they learn about the love of God and return your love.  So you see, you are also receiving love from them and from Me, when you give your love away.  There is no way to lose, My children.  This is also building the Kingdom of God.  Do not be concerned if the recipient of your love does not return love.  In this case, I will give you even more love and grace for making this sacrifice with no expectations of reciprocal love.  There is no limit to My love.  Let there be no limits to yours.  My children, be like Me, your Jesus who gives and gives not counting the cost.  You must become like Me, My children, My friends.  Only look to Heaven for help and strength and even a sign of love for Me will bring graces from Heaven.  Everything needed will be provide, only pray and ask, My children.  Have faith and trust in God who created Heaven and Earth and all living creatures.  I will provide for you.  Do not fear, but trust.”


Thank You, Lord!  Father God, You are the perfect Father.  You provide for all our needs.  You love us so much that You gave us Your only Son, Jesus Christ to save us from sin and destruction, to save us from evil.  Thank You, Father that You care intimately for each person, each child.  Thank You for being involved in our lives.  I thank You for those who are ungrateful out of ignorance or thoughtless presumption.  I thank You for those who reject You, Father for in their hearts, in the deep recesses of their hearts they know You who created them out of love and for love.  I thank You profusely for the times I was careless and did not return praises and thanks to You.  You are the giver of all that is good, Lord.  I thank You.  I praise You.  I love You! 


“My child, My little child.  I love you and I accept your gratitude, little one.  These lessons of love I give you and have given over many months and seasons seem simple.  There are some who would say they are too simple.  I assure you, they are not too simple, or My children would have mastered them centuries ago, and yet few are the people who master My Gospel of love.  Children of the Living God remember, you must put these lessons of love, that I have given to you since My Church was founded up through these days, into practice.  Begin showing and giving love and mercy now for many souls are in need of what only you can give.  I have chosen you all for these days, for this mission of love.  These simple lessons of love are not so simple for many of you to enact, for it means giving of yourselves.  It means sharing with those in need.  It means sacrificing your own comfort for someone else.  I ask and I invite you to do this now.  You will not think it so easy later when the world is in greater turmoil and you experience the Time of Great Trials.  You must be generous with love now, My children, for it will be even more difficult later.  It is much more challenging to share with others when your stores are also depleted.  Do so now while you have much to share and it will be easier later to share your last bite of food.  I am preparing you, My little children.  Please do as I ask.  It is for the good of souls and for the good of your own soul.”


“My child, I will direct you regarding the previous messages, given before you knew to send to (name withheld).  I am aware of My son’s (name withheld) request.  I will direct you.  Continue to seek My Will in all things.”


Yes, Jesus.  Thank You, Lord. 


“I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in peace, My child.  Go in My love and mercy.”


Thank You, Jesus.  Amen.  Alleluia!

October 13, 2019  Adoration Chapel

Hello, my Lord Jesus, ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  I adore You and I praise You, my Lord, God, and King.  Thank You for Holy Mass and Communion today.  Thank You for safe travels for (names withheld).  Thank You for being with them and protecting them.  Lord, please work out all difficulties and obstacles facing them as they undertake the challenging work to settle (name withheld) affairs.  There is much confusion, Lord.  Give them peace and clarity.  Help (name withheld) to grow closer to You during her many trials and her suffering.  Bring peace, graces and love to her children.  Help them all to grow close to You, Jesus.  Please heal (name withheld) and heal his soul as well, so he will be open to learn about You, Lord.  Jesus, the stress (name withheld) is under is tremendous and yet I can tell you are giving her grace to bear all her trials.  Thank You, Lord!  Thank You for working in the midst of such awful trials.  Your Will be done, Lord.


Jesus, I am almost overwhelmed by the tragedies that have occurred lately.  You know it isn’t often that I am speechless.  I feel that I am that way now.  What more is there to say, Lord?  I give all to You including each and every petition in my heart.  Please heal all who are ill, mentally, physically and spiritually.  Help especially those souls who are far from You and those who are facing death today or tomorrow.  Bring them close to Your Sacred Heart where one truly finds peace, Lord.  Have mercy on us, Jesus.  Have mercy on our nation and all nations of the world.  Protect our President, Vice President and their families.  Lord, evil ones rage against goodness and truth.  They want no part of it.  They want no part of You.  We do not deserve Your protection because of our sins; sins of this nation and we who claim to be Your followers.  Please give us a spirit of contrition for our sins and for our apathy and tepidity.  Renew our zeal for You, Lord.  Renew our hearts and give us hearts full of love for God and for our neighbor.  For those who do not love themselves heal them and give them a sense of the dignity that comes from being a child of God, a child of the Light.  Help us all to receive what You give to us through the Illumination of Conscience and send forth Your Spirit, Lord to renew the face of the earth.  Praise You, my Lord, God and King!


Thank You, Jesus for the kindness of strangers!  Bless the woman who just gave us (gift withheld).  That was very generous of her.  Bless her abundantly, Jesus.  Lord, thank You for bringing all of my friends home safely from their pilgrimages in (locations withheld).  We are glad to have our pastor back with us, Lord.  Thank You!


“My child, My child, My little child, you are concerned about many things, understandably.  All of these events, so difficult to go through are but a foretaste of some trials many others are experiencing.  It is even worse for them, My little lamb for they do not know Me as you.  They do not sense My presence and do not share a friendship with God.  How much more difficult trials in life are for those living in darkness and the shadow of sin.  While I remain close, patiently waiting for them to decide for Me, they are in darkness and do not ask for illumination or clarity.  They do not come to the Light for a way out of their darkness.  Many, in fact, lean more to the darkness as they take roads leading them even farther from the Light.  They look for answers to life’s questions in pagan religions, even though they have heard of the one True Religion and the only True God.  They rely on their own intelligence which is far inferior to the simple children who put their faith and trust in Jesus.  Pray for them, My daughter.  Sacrifice out of love for them by giving up something pleasant/pleasing to you.  Offer your personal suffering for them and pray that they will realize the One True God has an answer to all life’s questions.  I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.  One day, all will know, but I long for them to know now, for the sake of their souls.  It is much better to become friends and establish a close relationship with God now before the Time of Great Trials.  Then there will not be much time for those who want to convert, to receive instruction and the Sacraments.  It will be a time of distress then, and many will regret not having come to the Faith sooner.  They will recognize, in many cases, they had wasted much time and expended useless energy on entertainment, idleness, and sinful activities.  They could have spent this time more wisely by doing service to the poor, reading spiritually enriching life-giving books, seeking the Sacraments and learning about the Catholic Faith.  Many, many will lament this time.  Pray for souls so that they may convert before the Illumination of Conscience.  For those who do not, pray that they will during and afterwards and that they are like the seeds planted in rich soil.  Otherwise, the seeds planted and that I will water and nourish, will be like that sown on rocky soil and they, too will fall away even though they have personally seen and experienced Me.”


“My child, I am working in (name withheld) life.  I am working in the souls of her children.  It is much easier for little children to believe as you saw with (name and time withheld.  She was thrilled to learn that I died so that she and all people could go to Heaven.  She is a sweet soul and My Mother smiles much because of her.  You gave My Mother a precious git with your solace and comfort to My little (name withheld), My flower on earth.  You taught her to call on Me, your Jesus when she is afraid or worried.  Thank You, My child for sharing Me with her.  (personal info. omitted)  I have been working through My (names withheld) to prepare the soil in their hearts.  All of you will have a positive effect on their souls.  They are vulnerable and have been exposed to darkness, but in their innocence, I have protected them and yet in some ways even I cannot protect them due to the free will of those around them.  This is why it is vital that you and (names withheld) pray for them.  Pray for their protection.  There have been incidents from evil in general that open doors if you will or provide invitations for the evil spirits.  Cover them with prayer and ask their holy angels and the saints to do likewise.” 


“We are in a great and fierce battle for souls My Children of Light.  You do not see the ferocity with which the fallen angels fight and deceive to conquer souls.  There is no limit to what they will attempt to do to gain just one soul for hell.  You must pray and not grow weary of praying.  Continue to pray the Most Holy Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet, the most powerful prayers given for these times.  If you have more time, pray the Precious Blood Prayers and these are efficacious, also and appease much injustice.  Go to Holy Mass as often as possible during the week.  Fast and pray, My children and go to Confession yourselves so that your souls remain in a state of grace.”


“I have requested monthly Confession for My Children of Light in past years.  Now, I ask that you frequent the Sacrament of Reconciliation every two weeks.  Do this, My children and your souls will benefit greatly.  I will expose you to many more graces as you immerse yourselves in My mercy.  My children, you will be very thankful for following My instructions on the day we meet face to face and I shed light on your souls and when you see your soul as I do, you will be glad it has been purified in the Sacrament of Confession and received Me in Communion in the state of grace.  Your soul will be beautiful and I will fill you to overflowing with even more grace and many spiritual gifts to minister to poor souls who will be in a state of panic and some to the point of despair.  Do this, My children so that I can use you to your full potential to fulfill a great mission for Me and for My Father.  Could there be any other cause more worthy than helping your Jesus to save souls who would otherwise be lost?  This work is the most important work of all times and you will see it as such one day when you reflect on your life with Me.  Do not be concerned by your fatigue.  I will give you rest when you pray and I will renew your spirits.”


“This, My child is how you will mount up with the wings of an eagle.  My little lamb, with My grace I will lift you high, as high as an eagle as My holy son (name withheld) told you.  These words were from Me, though you did not understand them fully.  You will one day.  For now continue to pray with your husband as I have requested.  Remember, My (name withheld) the request I made to pray with your family each week.  You all need this, I assure you.  Yes, I am using these special prayer times to win battles for souls, but I also want this for your protection and it is a very important request I am making.  Trust in Me, My son.  You will not regret this.  You are being faithful to Me, My friend and I am grateful.  I also encourage and remind you, for I know how quickly man forgets My requests.  There are many, many distractions.  I am counting on your leadership talents and abilities to lead your little family.  My son, I ask much of you, but I am preparing you each day for much more responsibility.  Your ‘yesses’ today, and those of My little (names withheld) prepare each of you for your mission as a family.  Many of My followers have family missions and so few of them will fulfill them due to a lack of desire to persevere in prayer.  The world is filled with distractions, obstacles, and sparkling trinkets to take souls off the narrow path.  Please, know that I am here to guide you and St. Joseph prays for you to say the course.  Pray with your family and continue to be the spiritual leader I am forming you to be.  It has been said, one only needs a few good men!  This worldly statement reflects a truth and that is the remnant is and will be small, but purity and faith are mighty in the hands of the Almighty.”


“So, My Children of Light, who will one day be My Children of the Renewal, you must now turn your faces completely toward Me and focus on what lies ahead.  Prepare your souls for the spiritual battle that is all around you.  Now, it seems to be in the distance.  One day soon it will be everywhere and you will no longer be in a place of comfort and complacency.  I want you prepared so you will not be overcome by My adversary who wants the worst for your souls.  Be one who pulls others to safety.  To do this, you must be prepared.  I have given you the recipe for preparing your souls.  You now must follow the plans I have laid out for you.  All will be well.  You have only to put My plans into action; pray, fast, Mass and Holy Communion, Confession/ Reconciliation, read Holy Scripture, love your neighbor.  Live the Gospel, My children.  Put God first in all things and all will be well.  I will not leave you.  I walk with you.  I am on one side and My Holy Mother Mary is on the other.  My Holy Spirit leads you.  Your angels are in front, above and behind you.  So you see, you have nothing to fear, but your own complacency.  Arise and let us begin.  We walk together bringing others into the Light of Truth, the Light of God.  Go in My peace, My little one knowing all will be well.  Trust in Me.”


Praise You my Lord and my God! 


“I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  I bless you and My son (name withheld).  Ask (names withheld) to come here to visit Me.  I am waiting for them.  I will give them peace, guidance and graces, as I do all of My children who honor My presence adoring Me in the Eucharist.  I love you and I go with you this week, My daughter.”


Thank You, Jesus.  I love You!


October 6, 2019  Adoration Chapel

Hello, dearest Jesus ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  I love You, believe and hope in You and adore You, my Lord God and King.  Thank You for this visit with You.  It is good to be here with You, Jesus.  Thank You for Holy Mass and Communion yesterday, Jesus and for Confession.  Please bless Your holy priests who bring the Sacraments to us.  Protect them, Lord.  Their work will be so difficult in the days to come.  I pray You will prepare them, Lord and give them all needed graces.  Help us to assist them, Jesus.  Lord, please bring my friends and family members who are outside of the Church into the Church.  Lord, bring all souls who are far from You, close to Your Sacred Heart.  May all come to love and adore You, Jesus.  Thank You for enabling (name withheld) to come to our area.  May all who hear his message be moved to take the actions You want, Lord.  Please, Lord bring our family members to the talks and give them open hearts to hear Your voice.  I pray for all who are ill, also Jesus, help them to bear their suffering until You heal them completely.


“My child, My child pray for souls who do not open their hearts to get to know Me.  They are in essence rejecting Me by their indifference.  These souls are in need of much prayer and fasting.  Pray for the graces to love heroically so that you and My other children will fast for them.  There are dark holds on many peoples’ souls.  They are unaware for they are entrenched in worldliness.  Pray for their eyes to be opened.  They are blinded to the things that matter most, love of God, love of neighbor, following the Commandments, following Me the Messiah, the Redeemer and the salvation of their souls.  Instead, they pursue money, power and desire esteem.” 


“My children, do not pursue the things of this world for they are fleeting and pass quickly away.  Your soul will last forever.  Do not choose evil.  Choose the good.  Choose the love of God.  Your soul will live on after your body dies and will either go to hell or the eternal Kingdom of God, Heaven.  Believe Me when I tell you, you do not wish hell.  It is full of suffering, fire, complete evil and hatred.  Heaven, on the other hand is to be in the presence of God, the One who created you and loves you.  Many of My children reject Me and therefore choose darkness and evil.  Do you not realize that by rejecting Me, you are choosing My adversary, satan?  You have two choices, My children—Heaven or hell.  These are your options.  Choose life, choose Heaven.  You do so by opening your hearts to love.  I am love, My children.  I created you for My love and for life with Me.  I love you so much that I came to earth as a baby to grow into a man, take on your sins and die for them.  I paid the price to open Heaven to you.  I paid the price owed, due to the sins of the world.  Only I, the God Man, could take upon Myself the sins of the world, die for them and then raise Myself on the third day.  I remained on the earth, appearing to My Apostles and disciples teaching them for 40 more days before sending My Holy Spirit to remain with you and to guide My Holy Catholic Apostolic Church.  I love you so much that I allow My priests to transform bread and wine into My Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity.  In this way, though it appears to be a small piece of bread and a cup of wine, it is actually your Jesus Christ.  I allow Myself to be consumed by My faithful children to transform souls.  This is how much I love you, My children.  For My children who know and love Me, who are not part of My one true Church, come into My church.”


“Why do you choose to remain separated when you can have Me in the Holy Eucharist?  Find a priest nearby, My separated children and speak to them about coming home to My Church.  I want all to be one.  This division that exists is not from Me.  All of My children need the Sacraments in My Church and it is vital for the life and health of your souls.  Do this now, My children.  If you wait, it will be more difficult.  One day, you will look and look for a priest and one will be difficult to find.  Once you find him, you will be one of hundreds and hundreds who also need him.  I urge you to go now while there is more time.  Open your hearts and I will guide you to the fullness of truth.”


Thank You, Lord for Your love for us, your people.  Thank You for the Church, Your body on earth.  Thank You for the Blessed Sacrament, for Reconciliation, and all the Sacraments.  Praise You for Your sorrowful passion and death on the cross for our salvation.  Forgive me for not better evangelizing souls, Lord.  There are many in my own family who are not Catholic.  Bring them into Your Holy Catholic Church, Jesus.  Guide me to know how and what I should do to help them, Lord.


“My child, My child how many times were you asked to explain the truths of the Faith, even when you were a child?  They have not asked in recent years, but have accepted you for what you believe.  They have not rejected you.  This is good.  They love Me.  They love you and your brothers and sisters.  Your relatives in Heaven pray for them to come to knowledge of the Faith.  If they choose to, they could ask you and your brothers and sisters, but they do not.  They are comfortable with this division.  One day, they will know, for I will reveal Myself to everyone in the world.  They will then know what to do and if they need your assistance, they will know where to find you.  All will be well.  Trust in Me.  Trust in Me for everything.  I love My children.  I will see to their needs.”


Thank You, Lord.  Glory to You, Lord. 


“Continue to pray for them, My little lamb.  Pray for all who are far from Me, even more so.  Souls who love Me will be guided and directed in what they are to do.  Their souls are united to Me.  The souls who are in most need are far from Me.  Pray for them, My child.”


Yes, Lord. 


“Be at peace.  My plan is unfolding.  Be open to My Holy Spirit as I direct you to invite people to hear My holy priest son, My messenger.  I will open hearts due to the situation at hand and the closeness of the Time of Great Trials.  Trust in Me.  Follow Me.  All will be well.  I love you.”


And I love You, my Jesus!


“I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Be peace, be mercy, be love and joy.  I will protect you.  I walk with you.  My Mother is also with you.”


Thank You, Lord.  Amen!  Alleluia!

September 29, 2019 Adoration Chapel

Dearest Jesus ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  I believe in You, hope in You, love and adore You!  Thank You for giving me the opportunity to be with You today, Lord.  Thank You for Holy Mass and Holy Communion.  Praise You for this blessed time together in Adoration where we have You all to ourselves!  I know this chapel should be packed with lines out to the street to get in to see You, Lord.  Still, I am selfish and relish this time that (name withheld) and I have You to ourselves.  Jesus, I know You long for this place to be filled to overflowing and for that I am sad.  Thank You, Lord for Your presence here in this place.  Lord, please bless our pastor and all the pilgrims leaving on pilgrimage.  Keep them all safe and grant them traveling mercies. 


Lord, You know all of my concerns and my burdens.  Jesus, please help my family members who are undergoing so very many trials.  Please heal (names withheld) marriage and heal my family members suffering from emotional trauma, anxiety and depression.  Help my children and grandchildren and bring all to the Sacrament of Baptism and Holy Communion.  Lord, I am concerned for (names withheld) who have not been baptized and for those who are outside of or away from the Church.  Bring them back soon, Jesus.  I trust in You, Lord and I am concerned for their welfare (spiritually).  Please Jesus.  I know many will come to You as a result of the Illumination of Conscience, but bring people back to the Faith before then, Lord so they can take advantage of time with the priest now before people come to them in droves.  Lord, please call many more men to the priesthood and open their hearts to receive the call from You.


Lord, there is so much to bring to You this week, but since You know intimately all that is occurring, I entrust all to You.  I offer everything to You, Lord and send it to the foot of the cross to be bound by You.  In place of these, Jesus send graces and all that is needed for souls.  Heal all wounds, Lord and consequences from sin and poor choices, Jesus.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You. 


“My child, My little one it is good that you give your concerns to Me for I am the only answer.  You are giving to Me, out of your love, your care.  This is good, My daughter.  You are being granted My peace, child.  I love you.  I will help carry your loved ones.  I am with each one.  They are also My children whom I love very dearly.  You cannot fix these problems, My little lamb, but I, the Lamb of God will bind wounds.  Some I heal slowly.  Some I heal quickly.  I am the good physician and I know what each soul needs.  All who will come to Me will receive what they need.  I am patient with the needs of each soul, just as a doctor knows that some treatments take longer than others due to the length of time an illness has been raging, the severity and the virility of the bacteria or virus.  Some can be cured with a course of antibiotics.  Other illnesses require multiple courses of medication, vitamins, herbs, convalescence, etc.  Each medical case is unique because each person and their immune response is unique.  So it is with souls.  Souls are much more easily wounded, My child and in some cases it takes months and years.  Yet, I give each soul all that is needed when they turn to Me.  I can heal quickly, but this is not always in a soul’s best interest, as they are not often prepared for this.  I am patient and tender.  I love each person and I will act in their best interest.  My child, as you know some treatments are uncomfortable and in some cases painful.  Physical therapy or wound treatments can be painful, and yet they are necessary for healing in many cases.  It is true of the spiritual and emotional wounds.  Often, this healing is in itself painful.  I know what is needed for healing and I am gentle, but also in My mercy I do what is needed for the good of each soul.  It is difficult for loved ones to wait patiently on Me but this is the trust that I request.  You demonstrate your trust in Me when you allow Me to work in souls and prayerfully stand by for My direction.  My child, just as a surgical nurse stands by the surgeon during a procedure and awaits their direction, for this instrument or that instrument, this is what I ask of you.  Be near, be prayerful, continue on in devotion to your duty but be alert for what I ask you to do next, My child.”


Yes, Jesus.  Thank You for this image of a surgical procedure.  It makes it more clear to me. 


“My little lamb, I am pleased with My daughter (name withheld) and her sacrifices made for others in need.  She is showing the love of God alive in her heart.  I bless (name withheld) also for being patient in these matters.  You are all working for the Kingdom as I present opportunities to serve and this is what I call My Children of Light to do each day in their lives, lived for God.  Be alert and open to the opportunities to serve.  Be aware, also that I ask each one to also be faithful to the vocation given to you.  You must always put devotion to God and to your vocation first.  This is where I call you to serve and to love, and from there I give you graces and blessings for other forms of service.  There are always souls in need and I am pleased when My children are kind and merciful.  I also ask you to be aware of souls within your own families that are in need.  The family is the domestic church.  Focus on the core and the heart, and from there graces and blessings will flow.  My daughter and My son, I present many opportunities to you.  Be at peace and know that I am inviting you to bear witness to the hope, the truth, and the light that is within you.  The world is in darkness.  My children who love and follow Me are not immune to this.  Sin is all around you and it tries to take many, many causalities.  I am the remedy.  I give My people the Sacraments, the Scripture, the Holy Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet.  These are what you have and they are your lifeline. (Eucharist & Confession)  Pray, fast and avail yourself of the Sacraments.  You will have what you need to draw close to My Sacred Heart.  There—is your refuge.  Come to Me frequently throughout the day.  Reflect on My mercy, My passion and death, My resurrection.  Pray the prayer I taught you, My child and all of My Children of Light.  Come to the refuge of My Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary often. (*see prayer below) You will find the rest for your soul that you need to continue the spiritual fight for souls.  Pray for souls who are lost that they may be found.”


Jesus, speaking of lost souls, will you please provide a way for (name withheld) to come speak to those of us in this geographic area?  Please open a slot in his schedule, Jesus.  You are the Lord and You created time.  Please give him time to do this, Jesus.  Open hearts to come to hear him and to understand the messages from the Eternal Father.  Prepare us, Jesus so that we can be of more assistance during the Time of Great Trials.  Lord, I know You will care for all of us.  We in turn are to assist You in this work of bringing souls into Your Kingdom.  Prepare us, Your little assistants.  Prepare us well, Jesus as I know You have been trying to do for many years.  We are slow learners, as You know but by Your grace we will be ready, and only by Your grace.  Jesus, if some knew the day was/is drawing near, I think their decisions would be prioritized according to Your Will.  They are so focused on all that is going on in their lives, the trials, the hardships, that they do not really see clearly.  Bring clarity to them, Jesus.  I believe (name withheld) will really help them to do so.  Help us to help ourselves and others, Lord.  We so desperately need Your grace and mercy to be all that You want us to be for our brothers and sisters in need.  Heal all wounds and illnesses, Lord in hearts, souls, bodies and minds.  Praise You for winning the victory over sin and death.  Open all souls to Your lifegiving grace.  Open all souls to their inheritance—salvation and everlasting life in Your Heavenly Kingdom. 


“Thank you for your sincerity, My little one.  My child, focus on Me and what I ask of you.  Do not be concerned about all that others are doing.  I ask you to do what is in My Plan and in the mission I have for you and your family.  Speak with your husband.  Discuss things with him; pray about each decision and then decide what it is I want you to do.  I have rather large plans for you as you have begun to see.  They are difficult, I realize and so I ask that you remain in My Will and do not judge yourselves based on what others are doing to serve.  You do not have the same mission.  I will direct you.  Ask for My direction.  Pray as a family.  I would like all four of you to pray the Rosary together as you did last week.  It is time, My child that the heart of your family come together to pray.  Decide on an evening or time that works for each one and begin this for the times are perilous indeed.  Continue praying together, My (name withheld) and My (name withheld), the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet.  Pray in the morning and in the evening as I have instructed you previously.  I know it is difficult, but ask Me for assistance and I will help you.  This is to be your first priority from now on.  This is for your protection and your family’s protection.  You do not see the evil around you that wants to destroy you.  I see this and so I ask you to pray as I have taught you and to add one evening per week that (name withheld) joins you.  I would like all of your children to join you but this invitation can be extended after the four of you have established it.  I will strengthen your entire family as a result and will bless you, My children.  My son, you are the head, the leader of your family and I entrust the family mission to your leadership, under St. Joseph’s protection."

“Yes, My child, you are now sensing the urgency of things to come?”


My Jesus, I have been sensing them for quite some time, but I feel the urgency in Your heart in a veiled way, but it is still real to me.  I am sensing Your urgency and this hits home much more deeply than anything.  Jesus, I trust in You. 


“Yes, My little lamb.  All is going to unfold soon and all that I have told you.  Events will begin to occur over the next several months.  I will prepare you and there is nothing to fear.  Your guardian angels and many more angels protect My children.  Many people will still be unaware that the events foretold in Scripture by Me are beginning to come to pass.  Do not be afraid, but do take My words seriously.  You are prepared physically in as much as is possible at this time.  Consecrate your homes and your property as I have requested.  You have already had your house blessed.  I would like the consecration to the Holy Family to be done by you and My son (name withheld).  Bless your property and your home.  You will obtain the exorcism blessed salt and water from My son, (name withheld).  Do this as soon as possible for your home will benefit from this soon.  Do this for (names withheld).  When you visit (name withheld) ask him if he will allow you to do this for his home and property.  In this way, My children will have safety during the coming trials until your guardian angels lead you to the next course of action.  Pray, pray, pray but do not fear.  I do not give you a spirit of fear but only a spirit of trust.  All will be well.  Continue doing My Will and do not worry about what is to come.  Focus on Me, My children.  Focus on the souls I place in your lives.  Seek the Sacraments and remain in a state of grace.  I am going to give each one direction.  Your souls will be more open to My direction in the state of grace.  Go now in My peace, My mercy and yes even in My joy.  Joy comes from loving My heart and in doing My Will.  All will be well.  Let us begin.”


Thank You, my Jesus, my God.  I love You!


“And I love you.  I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in peace.”


*Prayer Jesus requested be prayed:

Jesus, hide me in Your Sacred Heart.  Be my refuge.

Blessed Mother, cover me with your mantle of protection and enfold me in your Immaculate Heart where nothing can touch me.

"You may pray this for others, also.  This prayer is given to My children and the Father will not refuse refuge for His children in My heart or the heart of My Mother, for this is His plan from the beginning.  Go there often, My child, and you will find rest and relief from the battles and the storms." Jesus (January 19, 2014)

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