Message from Our Lady

By Edson Glauber

November 2

Peace my beloved children, peace!

My children, I your Mother invite you to love and holiness. May yours be a daily conversion and a sincere offer to God.

Do not turn away from my Divine Son, committing terrible sins. Turn back, turn back to the right path, so that you may merit the graces that my Son wishes to grant you.
Do not be children with hardened hearts, change your life, so that your lives may be an example for your brothers and sisters who do not want to love God.

My children, do not allow yourselves to be used by satan, nor blinded. He is attentive, seeking to separate you from me and from the path of truth. Pray much and fight with prayer and the grace of God, renouncing all evil and sin.

Pray for the souls of purgatory, principally the most abandoned, because no one remembers to pray for them.

Offer your prayers for them; thus God, through their prayers, will also attend to you in your times of hard trials and will bless you. Those who pray for the souls of purgatory gladden the Heart of my Son Jesus and my Maternal Heart.

Pray also for the unfaithful and for those who use their tongues to destroy the works of God. Every word, every action, every voluntary desire against the works of God will be weighed by the Angel of Divine Justice.

The powerful gaze of the Lord penetrates all things, soul and heart, and nothing will go unpunished. Woe to those who do not convert and who despise the Laws of the Lord. Turn back, turn back, my children. God is calling you to conversion, because difficult times are at the door.

Change your hearts now and be good. Do not do harm to anyone, but bring love and peace, for the mighty arm of God will wipe away all evil and dirt from the earth, and those who do not change will mourn and weep bitterly for the lost time.

Convert and pray more and more. I bless you all: in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen!

Today, during the apparition, I asked for the blessing and protection of the Blessed Mother for me and my family. She looked at me with her beautiful blue eyes, full of love, and said to me:

The Love of God overcomes all evil. I cover you with my Protective Mantle. I have chosen Your family and I protect your family with my love!

Thank you Beloved Mother. I love your Son, [Our] Lady and Saint Joseph.
Queen of the Rosary and of Peace and Queen of Love, pray for us!


[Italics: Edson Glauber]