Recent Messages

By Edson Glauber

April 4 and April 19, 2020

Message of Jesus to Edson Glauber, Manaus-AM

"Peace to your heart!

My son, I AM Divine Mercy, but I AM also the Justice that corrects you all, loving. My Most Holy Mother is the Eternal Sweetness who loves you all, consoling and My Virginal Father Joseph is the Faithful Guardian of your families who loves you all, helping.

Three Most Sacred Hearts alive, glorious and risen; Three thrones of graces, love, blessings and virtues for humanity; Three Most Chaste Hearts that honored, obeyed, loved, glorified and fulfilled the Divine Will of the Eternal Father in this world and that now shine in glory beside Him in Heaven, being the ecstasy and delight of all the Angels and Saints of Paradise.

My son, accomplish all your actions and works united to the Divine Will of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and, thus, your life and your soul will shine and will be transfigured by the light and Divine grace that will envelop you completely and through you they will radiate love and blessing to souls who are trapped in sin, weaken, without faith and without life.

Radiate the Divine flame of My Sacred Heart to souls. Inflame them with My love, that they may be healed and revived in the faith and hope in God.
Resurrect souls for the Kingdom of Heaven, allowing Me to use you as My instrument for the glory of the Eternal Father with the grace of the Holy Spirit.
God speaks to the world because he is no longer loved, but is despised and ignored by many ungrateful men and women.

Console My Heart with your love and your dedication to this work so holy that saves souls. Be a faithful witness of My Divine Words, spoken with such a great love for the good and salvation of humanity. These words convert and open the most hardened hearts, they open the eyes and ears of many, that is why so many attacks and persecutions against you by those who do not do My will, but are contaminated by the works of darkness of satan, corrupted in sin, because of his evil snares and seductions.

I AM is with you and I never leave you. I AM loves you and blesses you. Remain with My peace, My peace that I give you!"

Message of the Queen of the Rosary and of Peace of Itapiranga to Edson Glauber, Manaus-AM

"Peace to your heart!

My son, this is the time to follow the Lord's holy way, obeying His Divine call, never looking back again. Always look ahead to the Heart of My Son that burns with love for you and for the whole world, but it is neither loved nor adored by many.

My son, great changes will come within the Church that will make the Heart of My Divine Son bleed, because of the errors that will be taught to souls, who will lose their faith and will become tepid towards the love for My Son Jesus, having no more respect for Him nor for the holy works of God. The Love and respect for the Sacred will almost disappear from the world, if the Lord does not spare his little remnant who will honor Him and serve Him by living their faith and their fidelity to the Church of My Son through crosses, sorrows and persecutions.

The unity and prayer of My current prophets become necessary in these difficult and cruel times when satan, through his evil agents, makes war against the holy works of God, wanting to silence and destroy every place of My Heavenly manifestations, made by Me on earth, for the good and salvation of many of My children.

Do not be silent. Say this also to your brothers and sisters. The truth must be proclaimed with strength and courage and to trust in the words and promises of the Lord, because they are always fulfilled for the liberation of His people and for the good of His devoted servants, who have always been united to His Divine Heart and have entered in His Divine thoughts to understand and accomplish His Divine Will in this world.

As the waters of the oceans and seas are abundant, so will the graces and gifts of the Holy Spirit be in abundance for those who remain faithful to the Lord, to His Holy Words and to His Eternal Truths. The Holy Spirit will act strongly in the lives of those who will not betray My Son to follow the deceptions and heresies that nowadays blind many hearts and obscure many minds, because great is the number of those who have lost the life of grace, offending the Lord with a depraved, corrupted and impure lives. The devil has made his nest in the hearts of many of these, making sure that their works are fruitless and without any grace, because the Holy Spirit has been expelled from their lives, due to the many sins committed, without having one drop of repentance or conversion.

May you all be faithful to the Lord so that He may always enlighten and guide you through His Divine Spirit. Do not offend nor grieve the Holy Spirit with your actions and sins. Decide for the life of grace in His love.

The Lord will do much for those who are faithful to Him and are obedient to His words. They will never be disappointed nor forsaken. They will always be protected and consoled by Divine light and will know what to say and how to act for the glory of His Holy Name.

What the Holy Spirit will do for His prophets, for His disciples and the faithful of His Holy Church, for the Church founded and left by My Divine Son, no human eyes have ever seen or witnessed such great gifts of His grace. It will be something unprecedented to destroy all of satan's dark works, to confuse and bring down all those who work in favor of his evil projects. God will use the simple and the smallest to destroy the powerful of this world, who have persecuted and wounded His people and there will not be left stone upon stone of their evil works.

Pray! Pray, My son, by communicating all these things to your brothers and sisters you will be saving yourself and all of them, as a good servant of My Son Jesus Christ, who chose you and called you for these times, the final times of great purification and renewal of all humanity, of humanity that has become blind, deaf and mute towards God and that now suffers, due to its disobedience and infidelities to the Lord.

I bless you and give you My graces so that you will always understand the desires and the sorrows of My Immaculate Heart. Remain with the peace of My Son Jesus and with My peace!"

This message of the Blessed Mother has made me remember the reading of 1 Timothy 4:6-16 when, at the beginning of the apparitions, people used to say to me to be silent, not to say anything because it was all invented in my head, that thy were lies, that the Blessed Mother would never to appear to a young person like me. God and the Blessed Mother had given me this reading as an answer to all that they were saying against me.
They have also reminded me of my dream when 12 men dressed in white laid their hands on me and prayed over me before all the apparitions and the messages had started.
I now give you this reading because I have felt in my heart that I had to give you this reading to meditate once more and to ask for the graces of the Lord to believe all that the Blessed Mother is telling us during these times, during all these years of apparitions here in the Amazon, when She came for the first time as the Queen of the Rosary and of Peace:
“Counsel to Timothy. If you will give these instructions to the brothers, you will be a good minister of Christ Jesus, nourished on the words of the faith and of the sound teaching you have followed. Avoid profane and silly myths. Train yourself for devotion, for, while physical training is of limited value, devotion is valuable in every respect, since it holds a promise of life both for the present and for the future. This saying is trustworthy and deserves full acceptance. For this we toil and struggle, because we have set our hope on the living God, who is the savior of all, especially of those who believe. Command and teach these things. Let no one have contempt for your youth, but set an example for those who believe, in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity. Until I arrive, attend to the reading, exhortation, and teaching. Do not neglect the gift you have, which was conferred on you through the prophetic word with the imposition of hands of the presbyterate. Be diligent in these matters, be absorbed in them, so that your progress may be evident to everyone. Attend to yourself and to your teaching; persevere in both tasks, for by doing so you will save both yourself and those who listen to you.” (I Timothy 4:6-16)
Do you promise to be faithful and do all that I will ask you on earth?
The promise made to God and the imposition of the hands of the 12 men
dressed in white.

Dream of 1992

I promise to be faithful to all that you will ask me on earth
I will never get tired of you!

Message of Glorious Saint Joseph to Edson Glauber, Manaus-AM

"Peace to your heart, My son!

My son, when men and women cannot obtain the merciful look of God and attract His grace with their pleading before His Divine Heart because of their sins, children obtain everything from My Divine Son with their pleading before His Throne. It was like this during the terrible time of World War II, when the Pope invited parents and Priests to bring the children around the altar of My Immaculate Spouse, offering flowers and prayers to obtain the gift of peace for families and for all humanity and God heard the children's prayers and, in these difficult times, it will be no different.

Tell parents to ask their little children to gather flowers from their garden, if they have one, and to place them before the altar of their homes in honor of My Divine Son and My Immaculate Spouse and that they say:

“Jesus and Mary, it was St. Joseph who asked me to offer You these flowers with My prayers, united to His Seven Sorrows and Seven Joys, to His tears and sweat shed to sustain You, to help You and protect You in difficulties, persecutions and the dangers You went through while you were living in this valley of tears, for all this have mercy on all humanity. United to His Most Chaste Heart, we honor your Most Sacred Hearts, offering our prayers as reparation for our sins and the sins of the whole world, by which you are offended and as a plea for the conversion of sinners. Remove this terrible scourge as soon as possible and obtain for us the grace for the liberation and victory over all evil. Amen!”

In doing so, My son, My Immaculate Spouse, who is seated at the right hand of the King of Heaven, as Queen, with a splendid robe of gold of Ophir, will know what to do and what to ask before the Divine Heart of My Son Jesus for each one of you and for the whole world.

Act! Here is My message, My message of life and hope for the whole world, because My Son is alive and is risen and He has overcome sin and death to open the doors of Heaven and give eternal life to all those who believe in the power of His Words and His Divine love. I bless you!"

Message of Jesus to Edson Glauber, Manaus-AM

"Peace to your heart!

My son, many signs have been given to the world, but the world did not want to convert and open its heart to My love. The most beautiful and grandiose sign has been My Immaculate Mother who has come to the world for so many years to convey Her holy messages.

Many have been those who have closed their ears to Her Motherly words. Many have been the ones who have ridiculed and mocked Her pure and holy love, denying Her real and holy presence in many parts of the world. They have laughed, mocked Her and have prevented many souls from hearing, receiving and living Her Maternal requests communicated with much love, pain and concern.

My son, My Heart has been wounded and offended once again, while My Mother was being outraged and treated as any woman, as the most insignificant person. And they continue to belittle Her, taking away the honors, virtues and privileges that I have granted Her for Her great love, for Her great humility, obedience, acceptance and total surrender to My Divine Will. No other creature, neither angelic nor human, has reached such a great holiness and perfection as My Immaculate Mother, all pure and without any spot of original sin.

After My Most Holy Mother, no other creature is so holy and pleasing to My Divine Heart other than My Just, Virgin Father Joseph, giving Me the love that consoles it, that perfumes My Throne in Heaven, full of virtues and merits. After Her, He is the most powerful person in Heaven, of Whom all hell trembles and of Him, is terrified.

Ask for St. Joseph's help for yourselves, for you have not yet realized the great power of His intercession before the Most Holy Trinity in Heaven. He obtains everything when He appears before My Throne. I cannot deny Him anything. I cannot resist His requests. He, with so much love, dedicated Himself to take care of Me, the Word Made Flesh and My Most Holy Mother in this world, for His hardships, His sweat, pains and tears shed to protect us from the dangers of the times in which we lived, so that the Father's will would be fulfilled.
Remember, My son, each age has its cruel and terrible dangers, but God has never abandoned His people and evil never had and will never have the final say.

Pray! Pray! This is the request of My Mother and Queen, of the Queen of the Rosary and of Peace. In prayer is the profound mystery of touching the Heart of a God, of a God who allows Himself to be moved by the pleas of all those who trust in His Divine Love and for them He will do great things. I bless you!"

Message of the Queen of the Rosary and of Peace of Itapiranga to Edson Glauber, Manaus-AM

"Peace to your heart!

My son, unite yourself to My Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart, that suffers from the loss of many souls. My Son came to save them, but many have rejected His Divine love and graces, thinking that the world can give them life and happiness, pure illusion that the devil has placed in their hearts. Nothing is more precious than My Son's love, grace and forgiveness. Whoever is united to His Divine Heart has true life, has the doors of Heaven open for himself. The world cannot give you eternal life, only My Son can give you the Kingdom of Heaven. Fight for Heaven and not to have things of this world. Everything passes. There is no point in having material goods if your souls are putrid and destroyed by sin, they make you deserve the fire of hell.

My son, great persecution will come for the Church and for many of My children. The persecution will be visible, frightening and terrible. Satan's agents will silence and lead many people to cruel martyrdom, who will not deny the Truths left by My Son Jesus. These will be days of great persecution and pain. But My Son's triumph over all evil will come when He acts, at the time established by the Eternal Father, in favor of His Church and of those who will remain firm and faithful to His holy teachings, who will follow Him in faith, carrying their cross.

Many modern means of communication will become your enemies and will those that will take many to cruel martyrdom.

Pray! Pray! Pray a lot, My son, and tell all My children to consecrate themselves and their families, daily, to our Three Sacred Hearts and to ask for the protection of St. Joseph, the Protector of the Holy Church and your families. He, by the direction of the Most Holy Trinity, will protect them and help them in these difficult times, humiliating the devil, destroying all his snares, lies and attacks against the children of the Lord who cry out for His Divine help in these difficult times.

Pray to your Guardian Angel every night. They have the mission to rule, guard, guide and enlighten your lives, by the commend of the Lord of Heaven and Earth, Who takes care of His children with much love and zeal. They will appear visibly and will do great miracles to free you from the dangers of soul and body when the times become dark and difficult. As the Angel of the Lord was sent to free Peter, so your Guardian Angels will do so many things for each one of you. Have them as your great and faithful friends, given by God to each one of you. I bless you, My son, as well as all of humanity!"

Message of Jesus to Edson Glauber, Manaus-AM

​"Peace to your heart!

My son, I am thirsty for souls. Save My souls with your prayers, sufferings and sacrifices. They cost Me bitter suffering and My Blood that was shed for the salvation of the many who would have later believed and immolated themselves for My love.

Many are incredulous, My son, how they loathe Me, because they offend Me ​​and increase the suffering to My Heart with their infidelities and sins. Pray for the conversion of the incredulous, for those who have rejected My gifts, My extraordinary, denying them to continue to live wrongful lives, adding sin upon sins.

I offer you My Heart, My son, My Heart that was opened by the spear, embedding a deep wound, a sign of My love, in which you can enter and remain, protected against the evils and the darkness of these difficult times.

Surrender yourself to My love, realize My will. God speaks and desires to be heard. Love calls humanity and desires to be received.

I, the Word Made Flesh, was hung on a cross and with it I loved everyone with love until the end. May all love, love with this love of Mine, received and lived in your lives until the end and sin and death will have no power or find victory over you, because I have conquered the world. I bless you!"

Message of Jesus to Edson Glauber, Manaus-AM

"Peace to your heart!

My son, in the past, I was betrayed with a kiss by a traitor. Today, there are many traitors inserted into My Holy Church who tear My Divine Heart with their malignant actions, allowing My glory and the splendor of My Bride to be profaned, despised, diminished and fought. Dense darkness surrounds her, wanting to make it sink in the great storm that she is undergoing, being strongly hit by great and violent waves which are non other than false ideologies and doctrinal and theological errors that are preached to souls, confusing them and making them lose faith, denying My true teachings for falsehood and lies.

The enemies of the faith and of My Church act in secret, but I, at the right time, will pull off the masks of all of them.

Pray for the true Shepherd, the Shepherd who was forced to resign, because of the agents of satan in My Holy Sanctuary. These are the wolves disguised in lambskin clothing, these are the ones who, because of money, power and pleasure have sold their souls to the devil, as Judas sold his and handed Me over for thirty pieces of silver.

Poor souls, a little longer and all will end for them. Everything passes quickly. Man's life in this world is short. The most important thing is the salvation of the soul and woe to those who, in their last breath, My justice finds unprepared, far from My grace.

My son, console My heart, because My justice will be big and strong when it befalls on the satanists, the apostates and the faithless and no trace of them will remain. I bless you!"

Message of Jesus to Edson Glauber, Amazon-AM

"Peace to your heart!
My son, your mother is united with Me on the cross. Her daily sufferings, sacrifices and carrying the cross of the illness have saved many souls for My Kingdom of Love.

I ask that you also unite yourself to the merits of My Passion together with her, so that more and more souls be healed and converted.

In the silence and in the hiding of a room, her bed has become the altar and the cross where she immolates herself for My love, for the good of My Holy Church, for the conversion and salvation of many of My rebellious, ungrateful and unworthy Ministers, who wound My Divine Heart with their terrible sins and offenses.

I also called you many years ago to help Me with your prayers, sacrifices and penances in order to repair many sins of the world, because My Holy and Divine Love is not accepted by many, but is despised. My Heart suffers for so much ingratitude and coldness.

My son, allow My love to inflame your heart. Receive it! And with it irradiate My light and My grace to your brothers and sisters so that they desire to be of God and live for the Kingdom of Heaven. I bless you!"

Message of Jesus to Edson Glauber, Manaus-AM

"Peace to your heart!
My son, placate My Divine Justice on sinners of the whole world. Many are the sins that must be repaired and few reparations are made. I see more sins being committed than reparations and sacrifices offered to My defiled Divine Majesty.

If Brazil repents of its sins and abandons its bad ways, I will have mercy on it and I will free it from all evil without delay. I will make it a great nation that will shine My love, My grace and My mercy before all other nations. From Brazil My wonders will go out to all humanity. Continue to intercede for the good of Brazil and for all humanity and I will bring down from their thrones the wicked, the liars and the murderers, and everyone will be amazed at the deliverance that I will do for the people of Brazil. I bless you!"

Message of the Queen of the Rosary and of Peace of Itapiranga to Edson Glauber, Manaus-AM

"Peace to your heart!
My son, unite yourself to My Divine Son to be able to win the good fight, the battles of your life.

My Son, once, showed you in your dreams those who He will, one day, take to His Kingdom of Glory. Work tirelessly, spreading My holy messages, so that many, many souls may merit this glory.

Those who are obedient to the will of God, accepting with faith and love His appeals that I communicate to them, will never be disappointed, because God knows how to give a just reward to all those who live united to His love and who are obedient to Him. Pray! pray a lot and God's victory over all evil will come. I bless you!"