Recent Messages from the Queen of the Rosary

By Edson Glauber

April 25 thru May 2

26th Anniversary of the apparitions

26th Anniversary of the apparitions
"Peace to your heart!
My son, I, your Mother, the Queen of the Rosary and of Peace, come from Heaven carrying in My arms the One who is Life and Peace, the One who is the Victor over death and  all sins, the One Who is, Who was and Who is to come.

May all trust in the love of My Divine Son. His love heals your souls, your hearts and your bodies. God the Father is with you and through My Son Jesus He blesses you, granting you His love and His grace through the action of the Holy Spirit.

My son, tell My children not to fear the evil of your time nor death. Those who are united to the love of My Son must fear nothing.  

My Son Jesus is alive and risen and His Glorious Kingdom is a present reality, alive and real in the lives of all those who believe in His Words, Divine and Eternal. God never abandons you.

I am the Mother of the True Way.
I am the Mother of Truth.
I am the Mother of the Eternal Life.

This Way, this Truth and this Life I desire to give to each one of My children who trust in My Motherly intercession and who open their hearts to God on this day dedicated to Me.

The Lord has freed you from slavery and sin. You do not want to live in sin anymore, far from His love, lest you fall into human hands and be prisoners of evil and heartless men inside your own homes.

Intensify your prayers, fasts and reparations, pleading for the Lord's forgiveness and His Divine help and God will act, causing men led by Satan to be unmasked and dethroned, falling to the ground and being caught in their own traps.

If the Ministers of God do not act soon and remain blind and deaf to the Lord's calls, the day will come when many of them will have their hands and feet tied and together with their followers will be led to cruel martyrdom.

This is the time to have the strength and the faith of the martyrs who did not retreat and were not frightened before the cross, nor in the face of great dangers nor death.

This is the time of the martyrs of the faith and of the love for My Son, the true Spouse of your souls, the one Who will wipe away your tears and who will give you a new garment and in His Divine Kingdom there will be no more crying, neither tears nor death, because He will make all things new.

The Lord will grant a grace to all those who have prepared themselves worthily and never doubted My Motherly presence, but have welcomed and lived My messages with love. At My request, before His Throne, before the great chastisement will take place in the world, many of My devout children will be removed from this world and will be transformed in the blink of an eye and will be united with Him forever in His kingdom of love and glory.

Make this time your retreat of prayer, silence, meditation, your examination of conscience sincere and profound, correcting yourselves of your sins and changing your hearts in the love of My Son.

The Beast and the False Prophet already communicate and act among themselves, but one day, by the power of God, they will be destroyed and thrown into the lake of fire, where they will be tormented night and day for all eternity, according to the scriptures. All their evil deeds and all those who have followed their errors, outraging the Holy Name of the Lord, despising His Divinity, fighting against His Holy Church, will be devoured by the fire that will descend from Heaven and they will disappear forever from the face of the earth.

Teach everyone to be faithful to God, to always remain united to His Divine love, to seek refuge under His wings, because only the Lord will be of help for each one of them, on the day of His great and holy wrath.

God is holy, My son, and He asks for holiness and respect for His works and His Divine Majesty.

The Justice of God is holy and this Justice will judge you, looking for works of love in your lives, in every deed done in this world and may it find your actions full of Divine will and of love on the day when each one is judged by Justice; only thus, Justice will be disarmed and will give way to mercy.

Love! Love! Love and live of love and for love you will be judged and in His Kingdom you will be included.

I bless you, as well as all humanity, together with My Divine Son, the Love of your lives: In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen!"
Feast of St. Joseph the Worker

"Peace to your heart!
My son, I, the Just of the Lord, bless you and welcome you into My Most Chaste Heart. This Heart loves you, as well as all of humanity.
God desires that all come close to Me and to My love, so that they may benefit from the many graces and blessings of His Divine Heart. Those who find and know My love, find the fount of grace and the living water of God and His Divine favors in their own lives.

Allow yourself to be guided by Me, beloved son, allow Me to use you to reveal My love to all humanity and for the salvation of souls.

I desire to help and console all of you in the hardships and trials that you are living in and are going through in this world. In the world, many of you will find tribulations on your spiritual path, but courage, do not lose heart, My Divine Son has conquered the world and united with Him, to His Heart and His love, you will also overcome and triumph over all evil.

Dense darkness surrounds the Holy Church. This darkness wants to cover her completely, suffocating it, so that she does not shine nor transmit her light to souls and to the world. The Church, by the order of My Son, has been handed over to Me. She is under My protection, under My Sacred Cloak.

Those who will consecrate themselves to Me, surrendering themselves to My protection will never be overcome by the darkness of Satan nor by the terrible trials that will increase more and more, because  the Lord has ordered Me  to be favorable and benevolent with all those who trust in the power of My intercession before His Divine Throne.

I, the Terror of demons and of all the minions of Satan, extend My protective Cloak, covering all the sons and daughters of the Lord who are pleading for My protection and intercession on this day.

Do not fear, children of the Lord, in the end our Three Sacred Hearts United will triumph. I bless you, My beloved son. Remain in My peace, the peace that comes from God!"
"Peace My beloved children, peace!

My children, I, your Mother,  come from Heaven to grant you My Motherly blessing and My Immaculate love so that your  lives may be transformed by the desire to be of God and to live in His Divine Will, for the glory of His Holy Name and His Kingdom of Love.

God wants to sanctify your families. May this time be dedicated to prayer, love and forgiveness within your homes, so that you discover the love and presence of God in your lives in depth.  Do not depart from prayer and do not allow the voices of the world to speak louder in your hearts than those of silence and meditation.

Read My Son's Words and meditate on them, so that they may produce fruits of conversion in your lives, so that they set you free from all exaggerated attachments to the world once and for all and making you spiritual men and women rather than of the flesh. Be men and women of faith. Be sons and daughters faithful to the Lord in any trial in your lives. Always thank the Lord for all the trials He sends you, as reparations for your sins and the sins of the world.

Whatever you accept and endure in your lives, for My Son's sake, will be transformed by Him into graces and blessings for the conversion and salvation of sinners.

The world sins and does not want to know of God. Many, inside their homes, still say they have no time for God nor for prayer. Remember, My children, hearts hardened and closed to the love of God will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Convert and understand this time of grace, in which God speaks to you through current events, to show you that it is time to decide for the Kingdom of Heaven and for holiness, before the time for conversion is over once and for all for many. Come back! come back! Come back to God!

I bless you all: In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen!"