The Church has been badly wounded

By Edson Glauber

May 16

Message from Our Lady

"My son, I, your Mother, come from Heaven to tell you to always remain faithful to My Son Jesus, even in the greatest trials and for everything that must now occur in the world.

I have already warned you about the decline of faith, of the infidelities of the clergy and the terrible trials that must be endured by the many faithful who keep the testimony of My Son Jesus Christ.

Great outrages and things never thought of will happen inside the House of God, scandalizing the faithful even more and, because of the scorning of faith, many will discredit the Church of My Divine Son.

Satan's hatred against the Church and against the Eucharist has become more fierce and visible as never before, because his Satanic and Masonic agents within the Holy Church act tirelessly so that the Precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of My Son Jesus Christ be despised, trampled and outraged, as something unimportant that does not deserve due respect and adoration."

I said to the Blessed Mother: Many ask questions and desire a light as how they should behave and receive Jesus in the Eucharist in these dark times. The Blessed Mother said:

"The provisions for distributing or receiving My Son Jesus Christ in the Eucharist continue to be the same, for Heaven. They have not changed in Heaven by human orders and laws. It is men who must obey divine orders, to the tradition of the Holy Church and to the true Magisterium and it is not God who must submit to the errors and changes made by incredulous men, who act for the realization of their sinful interests, with the persecution of the Church and the faith. God is not deceived and not mocked.

Always receive My Son Jesus worthily in your mouth and on your knees. Do not accept if they will force you to do the opposite."

I also asked a personal question and, referring to the question, the Blessed Mother said:

"Priests should never celebrate the Holy Sacrifice with masks and gloves. It is a lack of respect for God, the Lord of Heaven and earth and an outrage to a Mystery so Holy and Sublime that they celebrate. That they never touch the Sacrosanct Body of My Divine Son and neither distribute it to the faithful wearing gloves. That they do not offend anymore Our Lord who is already very offended.
In Fatima, I told you that Russia would spread its errors, promoting wars and persecutions to the Church, that the good would be martyred and that the Holy Father would have suffered much.
You are living these days and you will see the persecutions and sufferings increase more and more, reaching the point of having to celebrate My Son's Holy Sacrifice in secret, if you want to celebrate it in the proper form, just and holy as God desires.
This evil against the Church of My Son and against the Eucharist began to be introduced among the Ministers of God since 1960. It was necessary in the Masonic plan, that the Ministers of My Son would adhere to modern and worldly ideas, leaving aside the priestly vestments and the celebrations of the Holy Sacrifice, held in the past, in the Tridentine form.
How many evils could have been avoided if they had not taken this sublime gift from the faithful, making them have a distorted view of the Holy Divine Sacrifice to a mere banquet.
How many priestly souls have eternally condemned themselves to the fire of hell and how many others run the same danger, for having been unfaithful to the Lord, thus allowing so many theological errors and mundane ideas that lead many souls today to the abyss of perdition.
The Church has been badly wounded during this time and, today, once again, it has been wounded and is bleeding profusely, because the blow that they have inflicted on her is deep, making it stagger and lose her strength, because the forces of darkness want to eliminate her from the face of earth, creating a new humanity without God, that accepts all kinds of errors as if they were truths, teaching souls as if God were present in all these errors and accept so great heresies.
God is only one: listen, Israel, the Lord our God, is the only Lord!
The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit is the only Lord of Heaven and earth. Outside of Him, there is no other God and Lord and outside the Holy Church, founded by My Son Jesus Christ, through the action of the Holy Spirit, there is no salvation. Those who do not believe in these truths will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Teach this to everyone. Enlighten souls so that they may open their hearts to Divine Truths and be saved.  I bless you!"