Message from God the Father

By Holy Family Refuge

July 18, 2019

Feast of Our Lady of Victory [Toledo, Spain]

My beloved son, this is God the Father of all of Heaven and Earth.  Due to the Jericho Pray Walk many are praying and My confounding of the people as in the Babylonian Exile, I am taking the evil people in the world down.  My son, I have told you that it is My time in history to destroy all the evil in the world.  I and all of Heaven will continue to move over the world and in the world to destroy all evil on the planet Earth.


Keep telling all My children that they must realize that all sickness and disorders are from sins of the flesh, especially abortion and homosexuality.  My children MUST realize that there was no sickness in the Garden of Eden until Adam and Eve sinned.  Then they were cast out so no evil would be left in the Garden.  This is when all the people of the world had to start living in sickness because of their sins. 


It is the same today.  If every one of My children quit sinning, got down on their knees, and followed the Ten Commandments of their God, all the sickness, disasters, and sins of the flesh in the world would end.  This is how it will be in the New Era of Peace, the New Jerusalem.  My children seem to be blind and unable to see that every sin in the world causes more sickness.  Until all sin stops you will continue to see storms, health problems, sexual abuse, natural disasters, and all other kinds of suffering in the world. 


Wake up, My children, and admit that your sins are the very reason for so much suffering and abuse in your world.  This is God the Father trying to get in your stubborn heads that sickness is from sin ONLY, not from God but from following satan’s sickness and sin.  Love, the Father of All Heaven and Earth.  Amen.