Come all of Heaven with God’s words

By Holy Family Refuge

March 24

Follow up Message to 2/22/19 & 2/26/19 “Jericho March” Messages

My son this is GOD the Father of Heaven and earth.  As I have just told you, Heaven is passing over your area right now doing the Jericho March (2:30 pm Eastern Time).  I have asked you for permission to clean all the evil from your area as Heaven marches over, and you have given Me permission to clean the whole State of evil. 

Tell My children we are passing over every area in the USA and ask them to give their GOD permission to clean their whole State wherever they live.  You all pay taxes in your State and you also pay Federal taxes in your country.  So, each and every one of you has a say in what I can do in your State and country.  The more people that give permission to your GOD, the more evil that I and all of Heaven can cast out of your State and country.  Love, God the Father.