Message from the Eternal Father

By Holy Family Refuge

September 14, 2019

Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross

My beloved son, this is God the Father with all of Heaven.  This is a special day for My Son.  You were wondering why I lead you to all the cemeteries this morning to pray for all the souls.  This is a special day for you to pray to My Son to release souls from Purgatory.  I know you did not know this before you went to town to go around all the schools with blessed salt, and then I lead you to go around all the cemeteries in town with blessed salt to pray for all the souls in Purgatory there.  These souls cry out for prayer all the time so people will stop by and pray with them and for them.  I told you to pray with them and then send all their prayers and your prayers back to them because they cannot pray for themselves.  I also asked you to ask their Guardian Angels to pray with you and for them so your prayers and their Guardian Angels’ prayers can be sent back to their souls.

My son, the hurricane (Dorian) would have hit your country much harder but was changed by much prayer and much help from Heaven.  Do not stop praying because this was just a start of the chastisements for the sins of abortion, same-sex relationships, and all sins of the flesh.  I told you before, there is no such thing as a same-sex marriage.  It is impossible for this to happen because it cannot bear the fruit of a child.  The only fruit it can bear is the fruit of hell for all eternity.  Wake up, My children, or hell will be waiting for all the people who think they can live sexually with a person of the same sex, or commit abortion one after another, and be able to go to Heaven if they do not get down on their knees, repent and ask God for forgiveness.  I can forgive any sin but only with Confession and forgiveness from the heart.  I am a loving and all forgiving God, but I am also just.  Love, God the Father.  Stop sinning and ask for forgiveness now.