Message from Mary

By Holy Family Refuge

January 16

Feast of Our Lady Refuge of Sinners

My love, My beautiful one and all My most beautiful children on the Earth.  I, Mary, come to tell you that we are still trying to protect your country from all the evil leaders in the white house and the government.  You need to get the Statue of Our Lady of America in the Basilica to bring more graces to the White House to get rid of all the communist leaders.  Your last President tried to take your country down by working with the communist leaders in the White House and throughout the world. 


Your country has to get back to the Ten Commandments and stop abortion for your current President to have a chance to win this war between good and evil.  Your country has to become more prayerful for this to happen.  I am working with you and Jesus doing the Jericho Prayer Walk and on the Babylonian Exile to take the evil people down, but more people have to start giving their ‘yes’ to God to take more of the evil people down to save America from total disaster.  Pray much to save your country.  Love, Mary.