Message from Our Lady

By Holy Family Refuge

February 04

Feast of Our Lady of Fire [Forli, Italy]

My love, My beautiful one, and all of My children.  This is Mary, the Mother of God.  I came to warn you that time is running out to save your country unless you stop killing God’s children.  My Son has warned you with many disasters and many more will come if abortion and sins of the flesh are not stopped.  You have a President and Vice President who are ready to pass a bill to stop abortions but they have to have more prayers and support from the Republicans and many, many, many more Democrats. 

Start praying more for your brothers and sisters who do not understand the value of life.  We beg for your prayers.  The bowls of Revelation are being poured out on Earth one at a time.  Pray like you never prayed before, before things get any worse and do more damage to your country.  Love, Mary.