Message from God the Father

By Holy Family Refuge

March 10

Feast of Our Lady of the Vine

This IS God the Father, Maker and Ruler of Heaven and Earth, to My children of God and not of satan.  My children, I have told you for years that you have to follow the Ten Commandments of God to be protected from the evil of satan.  I told the evil Democrat leaders that they had to follow My chosen leaders, President Trump and Vice President Pence, to save your country, America.  Your country has NOT listened.  You now see what leader you are following, satan himself.

Your country will now become a poor country.  You are now in a mini-chastisement.  This is only the beginning.  Pray for your President and Vice President.  I am telling all the countries in the world to pray for Trump and Pence! 

If America goes down, you ALL go down.  Keep sinning, aborting My babies, and sins of the flesh and see what your god, satan will give you—NOTHING.  The WHOLE WORLD needs to pray for forgiveness for your sins.  I WILL protect MY children who follow Me and love Me.  Your loving and JUST God the Father.  Amen.