God the Father speaks to His children of the World

By Holy Family Refuge

March 20, 2020

My children, all the messages given on this website (www.ChildrenOfTheRenewal.com) are from or through God the Father in Heaven.  I did not give these messages to be ignored by the people of the World.  I hope the people reading them take THIS message seriously. 

Everything said will happen as I have told you in these messages.  I warned you to stop abortion and the sins of the flesh or pay a big price of destruction of land and lives.  If you still want to doubt, wait until I am finished with America and most of the World.  I have told the Democrats that if they did not follow President Trump and Vice President Pence, the ones who I have chosen to lead America, I WILL destroy their party.  They did not follow My ordained President and Vice President—ordained from Heaven—to lead your country.  To all you Democrat leaders, I will take ALL of you down, who have personally been involved in all of this disobedience and destroying your souls and the souls and lives of many other people.  Get down on your knees NOW and ask forgiveness and change or pay the big price of hell for eternity.

You think it is bad with this virus, wait until you start paying the price for abortion that your leaders legalized.  I tell all of America that if you do NOT stop the laws of abortion in America and follow the Ten Commandments, you will think that this small tribulation was nothing next to what you will see this summer and next fall.  You will see millions upon millions die.  The time of the tribulation for America and the whole World has begun.  You are now in the mini tribulation but think about the major tribulation if the abortion laws are not stopped NOW. 

You are living in the time of “Noah and the Ark” again.  The sin in your World is much worse than during Noah’s time.  Expect the worst and pray for the best.  With much prayer and changing of lives and laws, it can be lessened some, but you will not even realize it because of the severity of what is coming.  My hand is now coming down on the World and it will keep coming down harder until the people quit making fools of their God and their Mother.