Urgent Message from Our Lord & Lady

By Holy Family Refuge

May 01

Feast of Our Lady, Queen of May

The Blessed Mother

My love, My beautiful one, and all My beautiful children who are listening and those who are not listening.  I love all of you the same, but My heart and all of Heaven’s hearts are suffering for those who are not listening.  I love all of you and pray for all of you and beg all of you to get your souls in a State of Grace this summer and start praying more.


We hope many of you see how the suffering you are now going through is letting some of you see how much My Son Jesus does for you all the time.  Please pray as much as you can in these times, for the Warning and Judgement of your soul is at your doorstep.  Please ask for repentance and go to Confession this summer so you do not have to face God in a state of mortal sin.  You will have 30 days after the Warning to still get your soul in a State of Grace.  That will be the end of the grace period.  So, do it now and be with us in Heaven when you die.


I have told you for years that the time was coming when you could not stand on the fence and be able to save your souls.  You must ask forgiveness now for everyone’s time is running out.  Please, please, please listen to your Mother in Heaven now and be with us in Heaven, and not in hell.  There will be millions of people dying in the next few months.  Do not be one that is in mortal or deadly sin or become one.  Your beloved Mother from Heaven asks you to repent and ask forgiveness now.  Love, love and more love.


Jesus Our Lord

This is Jesus, Son of Mary.  I and My Mother have told you for years that I am all loving but I am also all just.  You cannot be all loving and not all just.  Listen to your Mother and let Her take you into Her Heart and let you be reborn in the Spirit and Love of Christ so you know what is true and what is not true, so you can be with us in Heaven for all eternity.  Love, Jesus.


Happy Mother’s Day Month for all mothers.