The Warning is only Days Away?

By Holy Family Refuge

November 19 and November 22, 2020

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Children of the Renewal

Messages from God the Father

From the Webmaster:  Please pray for discernment BEFORE reading this message.  I do not know if this visionary is authentic or not, (and a previous message on this site a few months ago left me wondering if they were) but assuming he/she is, let us prepare accordingly.  If nothing happens then we prepared our souls for welcoming Jesus in the manger this Advent.  If it does... well... praise the Lord that we were given a head's up to clean our souls.  Also remember, when the message says "days away", we don't know if it means our sense of the words such as a hand-full of days, or days away as in 30, 60, 90, or 364 days.  To us that might not seem like days away, but to Heaven it's a blink of an eye.  You never know... ;)  God bless.


November 19, 2020 [Feast of Our Lady of Good Tidings]

My beloved children, this is God the Father of Heaven and Earth. I come to tell you that I warned America that if abortion did not stop, I would stop America. I was very happy with the vote for Trump. He did win by a landslide—two-thirds for Trump & one-third for Biden. Now, you must pray that the Democrats will be taken all the way down, that the evil of the election will come out, and the last of the swamp will be brought out. The election ended just like the bad and good angels that came from Heaven; one-third of the angels fell into hell and two-thirds of the angels stayed in Heaven. The count from Heaven was the same for this election. There are one third of the people on Earth that will go to hell if they do not change their lives and vote for life. Anyone that voted for the Democrats and Biden are in danger of going to hell if they do not change their lives.

The Warning is coming any day now and everyone will have one last chance to vote for God or to sell their soul to satan. Then, there will be six weeks that they will have to change for God and go to Heaven or keep following satan and end up in hell for all eternity. The choice is yours by your free will. America, abortion must be voted down now by your President Trump and the House and Senate or natural disasters will destroy your whole country and the Democrat party. The Democrats, at the top levels, are led by satan himself, just like the Masons.

America, stop abortion now or I will stop the world and cast all the demons and evil people into hell for all eternity. Love, Papa God. So be it. Amen.


November 22, 2020 [Feast of Christ the King]

My beloved children, this is God the Father of Heaven and Earth. I am talking to all My children of the earth. As I told My beloved son yesterday, there is a great awakening coming very soon. I ask all My children to make a Confession to their God or Savior this month to avoid being tested during the Great Warning. I ask everyone to go to Confession this month if Catholic or to come straight to Me your God if not Catholic. You will see your soul and sins as I see them VERY SOON. I told you in the last message that it was only days off. Wake up now because I will let every soul feel the pain or joy of where they would go if they died that day.

When the Warning comes, only days away, I will forgive anyone who asks forgiveness or repents from their heart and soul. Please beg forgiveness NOW before it is too late. Make it easy on yourself. I love all of My children dearly. Papa God. Amen.

God the Father asked that this quote from St. John Vianney be added to the message, “Let us live as the Blessed Virgin lived, loving God only, desiring God only, trying to please God only, in all that we do.”