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Without your charitable donations it would be hard to continue spread Heaven's warnings. Please consider helping to keep the site going strong. Thank you and may God Bless you all.

Without your charitable donations it would be hard to continue spread Heaven's warnings. Please consider helping to keep the site going strong. Thank you and may God Bless you all.

Without your charitable donations it would be hard to continue spread Heaven's warnings. Please consider helping to keep the site going strong. Thank you and may God Bless you all.

Without your charitable donations it would be hard to continue spread Heaven's warnings. Please consider helping to keep the site going strong. Thank you and may God Bless you all.

07-02 Msg during Evening Rosary- July 2nd, 2015

First Mystery: God the Father speaks.

Theme: I ask you to unite with your brethren in the Communion of Saints, lean on them lest you falter; do not feel distressed by what may happen to you.

My children, at one point I spoke to you about the Communion of Saints, and you are in times where you need to strongly rely on your brethren, so that they may provide you with shelter through their prayers and intercession, because you shall suffer severe tribulations in your World and will need to remain calm, and, above all, let Me guide you.

Your brethren, in the Communion of Saints, have also suffered; they offered Me their successes, but their pain and suffering too; they triumphed because they abided in Me and thus they are with Me.

You too are called upon to return to the Kingdom of Heaven, but, not all souls pass the tests and I want you, My little ones, to reach out to Me, your God and Lord, at every moment. I am the Only One who can bring you out of this tribulation that you partly deserve, but which satan will partly make bigger and more painful for you.

Either way, you must experience your own tribulation, and afterwards continue on to the next stage for your life and your soul.

I ask you to unite with your brethren in the Communion of Saints, lean on them lest you falter, do not feel distressed by everything that will happen to you, which, although it will be beneficial, you will also suffer, with many of you wandering this way and that.

Stay, stay with Me, My Little ones, trusting completely, and I assure you that despite everything that happens around you, you will feel full of peace and trust in Me, your God.


Second Mystery: God the Father speaks.

My children, you can observe how past and painful situations are repeated in the history of Christianity. You are living in times of sorrow; those of you who are with Me, those who belong to Me, who live in this World, but are not of this World, should be happy to be My children, because you are my support in these times of spiritual tribulation.

My Son suffered for you all; His Public Life was painful because, most of the time, it was a life of rejection, attack, and confusion.

The lack of love between human beings is repeated time and again against Me, your God
It is incomprehensible how, I, your God, Who wants the best for you, am repaid in the manner in which the majority does so.

Naturally, in your families - many of them - you suffer this situation too, at the hands of the children. The parents give the best that they can to their children and many of them are growing up and turning against their parents. There are rejection, attack, rudeness, and tribulation at home. Satan has managed to turn the parents against their children, and the children against their parents, as was already foretold in Holy Scripture, when it should be the opposite - children thanking their parents for all the good received throughout their existence, causing them to be someone in life and helping them so that the gifts, virtues, abilities with which I endow them might multiply, in order that you might better help your brethren with what you have received from Me, and so that you yourselves might feel fulfilled, but thanks to the help of your parents; bear in mind that what you do to the family you do to Me. In general - parents and children, the human race - few, very few are those whom I can be consider true children who keep Me in their heart, who thank Me, who trust me blindly, like children and who try to do pleasant little things to make Me forget so much evil, so much rudeness, so much contempt and many other things I receive from the Earth, when from Me, no one – listen -, not one of you has ever received anything evil from me, your God. You cannot reproach Me with anything, because only Love, Goodness [and] care have gushed forth from My Heart for each one of you, and even so, you repay Me with so many negative things.

Original Sin stained you heart, but I have never abandoned you, because you can rely on My Grace and all the gifts that My Son left you so that you might fight against the evil that you have been suffering throughout time, but few are those who try to fight and improve in order to be called My Children.

What joy you give me, those [of you] whom I can call My children! What joy, what gladness you give Me, and I rejoice so much when you return to the Kingdom of Heaven, when you finish your work on Earth!

Continue onwards, My little ones, My true children, I will continue to rely on you to bring this world out of the evil which it has attained, because they opened their hearts to the enemy, the fallen angel, to him who does not love you and whom you foolishly follow.
Make me happy, My Little ones, My children, and bring me many souls among those who are confused and do not know which way to go.

Ask me for whatever you want, My children, because I trust you. Receive My Blessings and support as Father and God.

Thank you, My children.


Third Mystery: God the Father speaks.

My children, no matter how events happen to you, lean on Me at every moment, in order that you might not falter.

In the Scriptures, you are told about purification, but purification is not just at the end of your existence, when you will have a severe trial. I am purifying the soul throughout your lifetime. From when you are little you begin to be purified and that is what shapes you and gives you character so as to be with Me or to despise Me.

Souls belong to Me: I have created you and as the Father and God that I am [for] you, I want you to be perfect, and the purification is leading you to perfection.

Purification does not only take place in painful situations; there is also purification in Virtue, in moments in which you could have done something good and you did not, or when you did something good or gave away something you liked; all this takes place throughout your existence. Sometimes there is pain, sometimes there is joy and this brings you to high levels of virtue, so you can respond to any type of event, as would I, your God, if I were among you, as, in fact, I am within each one of your brothers.

I have asked you so often to you see Me in your brothers. When you have truly grown in virtue, you begin to see Me in your brothers, and you feel like a family; that is when you really begin to treat each other as family. You share what you have, both in the economic and spiritual [realm]; you help one another because you share what you have with your brother, and it pleases you to see the good that you do to the brother with whom you have shared what you have received freely from Me. And this is how you are making a family, the family of Heaven on Earth.

The family is so important because you care for one another when you truly love each other, and purification exists in the family, too. In caring for your brothers you are growing in virtues, but there are also painful moments that purify you; these are trials you suffer because I want you to care for one another, and how better to begin than among your brothers from under the same roof, from the same parents, whom you trust, whom you love.

Let yourselves then be purified, because from whatever trial I send you -that I allow in your life-, you will always grow spiritually. If you let Me guide you by My Divine Wisdom, you will see that, although you may undergo times of difficulty, you will know that I am allowing them in your lives in order to perfect you, and when the soul is perfected, it rejoices and rejoices according to how much you have been opening your soul to My Presence within you.

Your spiritual horizon widens the more you raise yourself up to Me. The more you come to know Me -because I let Myself be known by those souls struggling to improve-, the more you love Me, and when you love Me more, you realize that you need more of Me. And this happens in the Kingdom of Heaven, when you have made your effort to leave the World and to come to Me, and finally reach the end of your existence; here you continue growing and here your spiritual horizon also expands more, and more and more.

The soul has infinite capabilities because it came from Me, Who am the Infinite, and the growth you obtain is the Knowledge of My Divinity, and this gives the soul an immense joy, and this is the joy that you will have, My children, since the more you know Me, both on Earth and in the Kingdom of Heaven, the more you will rejoice in Me, because that is how Love is: the more Love you have, the more you rejoice.

Desire then to come to Me, My little ones, to be with Me in the Kingdom of Heaven, in order that with your brothers who are already with me you might enjoy My Presence, My Company, and all the gifts that I give you and shall continue giving you eternally.
Thank you, My little ones.


Forth Mystery: God the Father speaks.

My children, do not fall into pride or allow yourselves to be driven by lies, and this I tell so that you should not make light of satan’s power, his attacks, his cunning, his desire to destroy you.

I have repeated to you many times that he was an archangel, and you cannot even imagine what this means: that he is far above you. You like mocking him, making light of him and believing you are superior to him. On the individual level this is by no means so.

If you unite with Me, as I have also told you several times, with My Help, with that of My Daughter, the ever-Virgin Mary, you will be able to defeat him and additionally with the aid of Saint Michael the Archangel and the Archangels in Heaven, who certainly are superior in strength to him, who was the most powerful and beautiful archangel.
Yes, My little ones, you live in great error and this for lack of Wisdom, in that you mock and make light of your enemy.
Imagine that you are in battle and are about to begin, and you are going to fight against a very powerful army, and you believe that with the small army you have you are going to defeat this army that is perfectly well armed and which knows what to do in order to defeat you. 

Your pride will destroy you, because you have not measured your strength and that of your enemy. What you are living is a reality, spiritually; I repeat, if you are alone, satan can easily crush you. You came to Earth to serve Me, to work for Me, but in order to work together, and thus with Me, your God, protecting you, then yes, certainly, you will be able to finish him off. Fighting on your own with your selfishness, pride, naiveté, he will crush you, as he has crushed many throughout history.

You came to serve Me, I asked this of you and for this I gave you the gift of life, let us then fight together, My little ones, and ask Me to give you what you lack in order to defeat your enemy, who is very strong. In Holy Scripture you have written that if I do not shorten those days, even the elect would be lost. With this, you are made to understand the power of your enemy.

We need to fight together: you came to life for Me and you must return with Me. Never depart from Me, My little ones, and less so now in the fight in which you are already. Many believe that there is still time before satan’s onslaught, [yet] it is already upon you; understand this, it is already upon you, you are already fighting, he is already destroying souls, nations, he is destroying your brothers everywhere. How are you going to protect yourselves? This is the question that you must ask daily: how to protect yourselves against satan's attacks.

Ask yourself this question within you. Ask me to grant you the Wisdom that you do not have, so that I may equip you and that you might crush him, but always keeping humility in your mind and in your heart, knowing that without Me, you are never going to defeat satan by acting alone. The triumph will be attained in uniting yourselves, with your work, with your humility, your simplicity, with the desire to please Me, and with My power and that of My Daughter, the ever-Virgin Mary, since these are her times, to put paid to the power of satan. Humility, My little ones, so you may defeat him who is pride par excellence.

Thank you, My little ones.


Fifth Mystery: God the Father speaks.

My little children, be people of peace. My Son, when he was among you, arriving in a home, the first thing He would always offer was: “Peace be with you”.

You have experienced peace many times, but the Peace that comes from Me, My little ones, fills the spirit to the brim. This peace is what you should always desire for yourselves and request for your brethren.

Peace is the first thing that satan takes away from you, in order that you should remain troubled, thinking of an infinite number of things and not of Me, your God. When you remain in Peace you can meditate better; everything you do, you do with greater care and the result is better for you.

Peace leads you to many virtues and this leads you to holiness. There is no saint that you know of who did not convey peace to those around him. Peace comes from Me alone and is given through those souls who live [in] Me, and you are called to do so, My little ones.

You are living on Earth to bring Me to your brethren.

Satan is causing your world to be filled with tribulations and this you see all the time in the people around you, in the news that you hear and see, in the events happening all the time. Tribulation, problems, evil, attacks, all this distresses you and takes away your Peace.

Do you realize how satan is working around you and in yourselves? I say all this in order to show you satan’s plans, to reveal how he attacks you and where it is that he wants to take you.

When you have tribulations, you become filled with problems, you create problems in your life and you create problems in the life of your brothers; everything turns into chaos.

However, when you live with My Peace within you, you yourselves produce an atmosphere of tranquility, of kindness, of caring. You yourselves rest better, you enjoy being with your brothers around you, and they enjoy your presence, because you are maintaining a stable and good attitude.

There is Peace where I am and that is what I want you to convey to your brethren, especially during the coming moments of great tribulation. You need to bring Peace to your brethren who will not know what to do in these times of tribulation; if you have Peace within you, I shall be able to communicate better with you, and you with your brethren.
Satan is preparing much evil for your World, therefore I need you to entrust yourselves completely to Me, your God, in order that My Might might pass through you and inundate your World with My Presence.

Do not ask how this will be achieved, simply let yourselves be guided by Me. It is like a hose: you open the faucet and water comes out, with little or much force. The hose is still the same, it does not change, but what comes out of it, the water, is what makes everything different, clean, alive, it improves everything around it.

My Grace shall come forth through you in order to change this World; be My perfect instruments, you will rejoice in what wells up from out of you in words, in works, in miracles. You are My disciples for these times, My apostles who shall help Me bring about the change which must come, and just as I trusted in My Son’s apostles, I now trust the apostles of these times. I need total humility within you; it is I Who shall work through each one of you, do not take appropriate anything for yourselves, you are instruments; be simple, so that I might work in you more easily.

May My Love remain with you and yours.

Thank you, My little ones.