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Keys to Transformation

Aug 15

The Battle is Raging

Aug 8

The mark of the beast is here!

Jul 27

Your Soul is at Stake!

Jul 20

Invasions are Upon You

Jun 24

Stand Firm no matter What You See

Jun 8

Prepare! Prepare! Prepare for Fire!

May 30 — Jun 4

The Second Wave is Coming...

May 24

The Great Fall Is Imminent

Apr 14

The King is Coming...

Mar 30

Antichrist and the Corona Virus

Mar 1

Vision of Tsunami and Global Earthquake | On November 3, 2019, I was given a very powerful night vision.

Nov 3

There has never been an army like you | Message received Oct. 24-27, 2019

Oct 24 — Oct 27

Separation of the First-Fruits Bride | The Separation of the First-Fruits Bride from the Wedding Guests

Sep 30

Simultaneous Offensives are Occurring Against My People | Message received week of Sept. 1-8, 2019

Sep 10

Urgent Prayers Needed- Daughter Severely Injured

Aug 1

The Greatest Fight of All Time is Here

Jul 21

Mastery, Transcendence and Kingdom Invasion

Jul 2

When all Hell breaks loose!

Jun 24 — Jul 8

Fleeing the Mark of the Beast & Non-Human Entities

May 16

Earthquake and Tsunami

May 12

Sealing of the Elect, My Barley Harvest

Apr 19

The angels of destruction have been released

Mar 2 — Mar 4

Powerful warfare prayer against demonic attacks

Feb 25

It's On!!!

Feb 21

Urgent... Scrolls, assignments and transformation

Feb 9

My Season for the Righteous Is Begun

Jan 22

Final warning from God the Father

Jan 9

The point of no return

Apr 11

War is upon you as the Man of Perdition Awaits

Mar 21

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