My Thirst is Not Slaked

By Linda Noskewicz

PictureTuesday, December 2, 2014 3:50 – 4:35 pm

Belovéd Children, there is urgency in My Words and in your prayers.
This World with all of its Light has its darknesses still.

Belovéd Children, I await for each of you to call out to Me with Love.
I long for you and thirst for your Love
but too often My Great thirst is not slaked.

Belovéd Children, do not fall away from the Eternal God
who takes you away from the foul timelessness of eternity
and brings you to the BIGNESS of My Love with joy and great Blessings.

You do not conceive of the choice you make as you live in this World.
As you Love Me and as you deny Me, your Lord God and Father.
Do you not know the darknesses that come from un-Love?

Belovéd Children,

I have told My Children**** or said to My Children,
Jerusalem falls and she will fall mightily **** (to those that)
that crave her destruction.
No one will aid her.
The skies will be black and the air thick with fire,
and Jerusalem will fail.

Un-Love causes this and un-Love will not change in Time without much prayer. [over time]
Your prayers, My Most Belovéd Children, are so great,
you could stop the movement of the stars in the skies
if your faith were solid or full proof or completely unwavering.

My Belovéd Children pray but so few believe in the power of My Will.

Belovéd Children, do not be a part of this un-Love
that is spreading like a fire through a sea of trees.
[It feels like something that is swallowing a huge chunk of food in one gulp - like a whale in a cartoon; everything goes.]

Oh Children, the whole of Heaven is appalled
by this World’s lack of Love for your Lord God and Eternal Father.
The Angels gasp in horror or despair to hear the blasphemy ringing so freely
against the Holiest One,
the Son of Man, of God,
the Christ.

Who can be so willful as to proclaim or declaim or defame
the Savior whose Love is unequal to all others.
[Although this sounds grammatically incorrect, I believe it means to say “Who can say His Love is unsatisfactory; that the pleasure of the World exceeds the benefit “we” get from the Love of Jesus?]

The Christ lives among you in your Brothers and Sisters.
Believe this to be true.
The un-Love you experience in this World
and the un-Love you yourself place into this World will revisit you in your souls.
The fragility of your souls will be plain.

When you have been wronged, I will have held you.
When you have wronged your Brothers and Sisters,
I have held them in My Arms and wondered at the un-Love within your Heart.
I have wept over the un-Love and darknesses I see within the Hearts of all Men.

How, My Belovéd Children, can you say you are a Child of the Eternal God, the Christ
when you do not know what it is to worship Me best.
When you do not know what pleases Me extremely
and what does not please Me.

Children of this World, you must demonstrate your Love for your Lord God
by your prayers and presence in My Heart or where I am or My Dwelling Place, [church – lool!]
but you must do more than this.

To Love your Lord God is a great thing and you must Love your Lord God in all things.

To truly dedicate your Love to Me, your Loving and Eternal Father,
to show Christ, the King and Redeemer, the Spirit who consoles and who brings life,
you must Love all of your Brothers and Sisters who are My Creations [massive emphasis here]
and who I Love as I Love you.

Singularly, without limits, and beyond your comprehension.

To Love Me completely, you must Love those around you completely.
When you are spat upon, you must learn to kiss (your) neighbor’s hand in humility and forgiveness.

If you are made low, act with humility.
Humble yourself, for within My Eyes, you will be first and those who have baited you will be last.

If you should persecute your Brother
and bring him Low for jealousy, pride, a desire for power, or callousness,
you too shall be last as your Brother shall be first amongst you.

Your Lord God insists upon Love.
Love Me.
Love your Brothers and Sisters and thus please Me by your Hearts.

Belovéd Children, when you are a Loving Child of Mine,
when you act with Love and charity, mercy, kindness, humility,
surely I see these things and My Heart swells with Greatest Love for My Children.

Oh Belovéd Ones, praise Me by your Love.
Demonstrate your faithfulness to Me by Love.
Prove you trust in your Lord God and Father by giving your whole Heart and will to Love.

Glorify My Name by understanding what I will accept and I do not accept,
that is Love and not that which is un-Love.

Once you are guided fully by Love and all of your actions are moved by Love
and your will is given over freely to Love,
thus is your worship of your Lord God and Father a most joyous and most Blesséd thing,
and your Lord God is filled with Greatest Love and BIGNESS
by your full discernment of My Will.

[WOW! So, jump out of our boats and trust that we can walk to Jesus on the water! What a ride!]

Belovéd Children, pray.
Love, as I have said so clearly, and pray.
The un-Love in this World draws so many darknesses to bear.

Jerusalem will fall by war.

Glorious Children, pray for those who travel through the spring 

and all those who will die.
Much prayer is needed for those who die,
for so many die in separation from their Lord God who Loves them.

Belovéd Children, know that I am ever with you.
When you sin, I am with you.
When you cry out, I am there.
When you are in pain, I am at your side.
When you are joyful, I laugh with you.

Know, Belovéd Children, that you are Loved during each of these moments
and never more so than when you are humiliated by your sins. [Brought low!]

It is at these times that I call to you most,
that I long to show you My Greatest Mercy and compassion.

It is then when I long to tell you that you are My very Belovéd Child
and I do not abandon My Children.

Come to Me and find unconditional Love in the Light of My Glory.

Belovéd Children, peace be with you.
Peace, My Children.

Peace. Peace.