Christ was God Become Man

By Linda Noskewicz

November 25, 2014 3:29 – 4:08 pm


Belovéd Child, do not fret nor become confused.

Let the outer noises be subdued within your head and Heart and let Me fill you with My Peace.

Belovéd Child, now is a time when your ears (must) be open, like as big as an elephants’, to hear My Words.

[I am going back and forth with Him which is why this seems rather disjointed. He is answering my questions and agreed with my description about elephant ears.]

You must listen to My Call and hear My Words more than ever.
It is important now, My Child.
It is the same as it was and even more so.

[I asked Him what was the difference between how important listening to Him two years ago was and now, but He didn’t really say – He just kind of said, “because I said so” type of thing.]

Is it important to Your efforts, so to speak? It is like a mission!

Not a mission but a duty.
You are put on this earth by My Love to work as a tool of My Love.

My Eye is always on the Hearts of Man.
My joy depends upon the states of My Children’s Hearts.

Belovéd Ones, realize this.
Your hopes for this World are fragile as thinnest glass [human goals & the stuff we worry way too much about]
and more temporary and fragile than a web.
Your aspirations are but temporary things.

If I were to take away all I have given to you,
would you still adore Me, Dearest Children?
I ask you to pray or think or consider this question deeply. [discern]

Belovéd Children, are you only My Loyal followers
when you are happily ensconced in the blessings of My Good Gifts?

If I were to take from you all that you love,
all that you crave,
all that you have
and all that you worked to attain,
should you Love your Loving and Eternal Lord God and Father then?

Trusting your Heart with great confidence in My Will for you?
Trusting that what I have taken away I will return a thousandfold?

Or will your tongue taste a bitterness and your hands become fists that you throw at the air?

Will I be your Most Belovéd Lord God if I asked you to leave behind you all things and trust in Me!
Come to Me with Love and Faith in your Hearts.

Belovéd Children, so few of you can say that you will and can.
My Heart breaks for this even when I see your Hearts struggling
to adjust or compromise or answer in such a way that pleases us both.
[We are trying to have our cake and eat it too - because we should only want to please God]

Belovéd Children, you cannot serve two masters.
Know this to be true.
You cannot serve Me and serve the World as well.

You can seek out My Love and crave the love and attention of the World at the same time.
For (but) this World will put you always at odds with your Mighty Lord God.

Step closer to Me, My Children.
Come to Me and My Love.
Learn the Love of your Lord God.
Learn of the Great Sacrifice of the Glorious Son of God, the Christ who saves.

Belovéd Children, you cannot imagine the cost of saving all sinners of this World.
My Belovéd Son happily came to fulfill His role as Brother, Teacher,
God as Son and finally the Christ God as King.
[We cannot imagine the BIGNESS of what Christ did for us.]

The Christ is the King of all Heavens
and the reach of His Love and the capacity for His Mercy are boundless.
He has nothing that binds Him or keeps Him from Loving and Teaching the Children We Love so well.
[Again, God the Father expresses such HUGE LOVE when He talks about Jesus! It’s just BIG!]

Oh Belovéd Children, always praise the Christ King
and know He is for you.
He waits to give you or be your consolation when you are in need of aid.
He wishes to help you endure your pains and miseries so you are never alone.

He wants always for you to know Him as your Brother and Lord Christ the King
who knows what it is to laugh and cry and to eat and to feel pain.

Remember this to be true.
The Christ was God become Man.
He deigned to become that which He formed as God,
and did so, not to condemn as He could have, but to redeem all of My Belovéd Children.

And so I say rejoice in His Name!
Praise the Son of God with joyous voices and clearest, purest Hearts!

Belovéd Children, I Love you and thus repeat,
it is essential, vastly important
that you pray.

Pray at all times,
recognizing Me in every breath you take
and blessing each Child you see.

Pray the Rosary which brings the gentle Queen of Peace and Mother of Heaven much gratitude.
She carries out her duty to those who pay their penance and comforts them by her presence. [??]

All of these things you do by your actions, your prayers.

There is no Man or Woman who is sinless
but for the Blesséd Mother and the Lord Christ. [When they lived in olden times, I guess.]

Thus, I say, their holiness is a guide by which to live
in order that you may stay the righteous course
under the kindness and Loving Eye of your Lord God.

Belovéd Children, become aggressive or do more in your efforts
to attract those who have lapsed in their Love for Me.
Let them be simple in their Love for Me
and tell them that the alternative is eternal and unpleasant.

Pray My Children.
Pray. Pray.

Be gentle with each other and have peace in your lives.
Peace. Peace.