Prayer First

By Linda Noskewicz

Wednesday, November 26, 2014 4:03 – 4:48 pm


It must’ve really hurt when Jesus thought You had forsaken Him. And then I guess He didn’t just die and get to see You immediately thereafter, right? He still had some business to take care of, in hell or Hades or wherever, picking up previously dead people hanging out waiting for transport or maybe roughing up the evil guy or whatever work He had to do. But I hope it was better than being tortured.

You know, it kind of scared me, what He said. Like, “you guys are acting like this when the land is all healthy; what’re you going to do when it’s dry?” I think that’s the same as asking, “While I'm here - the Son of GOD - you guys are being jerks. Just how bad are you going to be when I'm NOT around!” Boy, he wasn’t kidding.

Father, will we ever learn??

Belovéd Children, you were made by Love from Love to Love.
You were not made for darkness
and thus darkness need never have its way.

Blesséd Children, you have reign over your own souls and of your own will.
Pray for strength and I give you strength
to walk away from the temptations that lead you away from Me
and into the darknesses that wound your fragile and beauteous souls.

Belovéd Children, each of you is of Me, as you are each made of Love.
Do you not weep at beauty?
Is your heart not filled when Loved?
I have made you thus.

Know Love and know the joy that is your Lord God.

I am Love, My Belovéd Children.
And there is no Life without Me, your Lord God.
I am One with the Son and We are One with the Spirit and as One We are Love.
We are Love.

Know Love and know the God who yearns for your own Love.

Each moment I call to you
that each of My Belovéd Children might hear the call of My Voice
and the Love of My Call.

I yearn for each of you and want each of My Beauteous Children with Me,
always in Spirit and in Heart;
in joy and in Love.

Recognize the hallmarks of My Presence in your Hearts.

Overwhelming joy.
Love for your Brothers and Sisters.
Fullness of Spirit.
All that is BIG LOVE.

That is the blessing of the Spirit.
The blessings are of joy and life.

Belovéd Children, why do you shy away from your Holy and Eternal Lord
who seeks only to provide you Greatest Love and good gifts and Eternal Treasures?

What Man decries a friend for providing him shelter from a storm?

What Man rejects the feast when he starves?

What Man refuses gold and silver in abundance when he has no clothing, no home, and no shoes upon his feet?

Belovéd Children, I am a Heavenly Treasure laid out before you!
I am a Belovéd Gift for you and I urge you to know Me.
To enjoy My Love!
To claim what is rightfully yours!

All of My Love as your Lord God and Father.

Make claim to My Love as a Child of the Lord God
and I give you all of My Love and compassion and Mercies.

Make claim to My Son who is your Savior and King.
He is also your Treasure.

Greatest Love and Greatest Mercy you will find nowhere else but in the Heart of the Christ whose Love is unrivaled.

The Love of the Christ is Sacred, tangible, BIG, growing larger by each moment,
because His Love can only increase for all that is His to Love.

Adore the Christ for He is this World’s true and redeeming Treasure.

Leave all that is yours to Him or for Him.
You can be no richer or wealthier than when you have attached your entire self to My Son, the Christ Jesus.

Never untether yourself or your Love from the Love of Christ.
His Love saves you and His Love renews you.

Blesséd is the Lamb of God!
He saves that which was not saved and Loves that which was not saved.

Belovéd Children, live the life of redemption.
You are given full life and I plea with each of you to walk in the Living Life of the Christ.
Do not be afraid of the Lord God who Loves you without bounds.

My Love for each of you is singular and perfect.
I see into your eyes and understand your very Hearts.
I know you and have always known you.
Indeed, I knew who you were to be because I have made you to be a singular you.

Love Me.

Love your Creator as I Love you, the Creation.
I cannot bear to be denied the Love of My Children.
It wounds Me deeply.

Yet I say to each of My Children on or in the World,
My Pain in losing you is great, your pain losing Me is far, far greater.

Children, know this to be true.
When you deny your Loving Father and God,
you sin and dying in this sin puts you in the darkest of places of all.
You are forever without your Lord God and the pain of this punishment is real and acute.

Do not treat this as folly.
Too many have fallen into the dark pit unexpecting the agony and/or misery that awaits or awaited them.

There are especial punishments or consequences.
This is true for Hell and for the middle grounds.

[I thought immediately of purgatory because that's what it smells like - grey, so to speak (hard to explain)]

But within the middle grounds of grayness,
while you are faced with solitude and separation from all brethren AND God,
your hope in knowing My Face brings you such joy,
you would never change states with those set in darkness
who have no hope whatsoever of seeing My Face
or knowing My Voice
or feeling My Love evermore.

So I say, Belovéd Children, do not take your Time living lightly.
Love your Lord God thoroughly, devoutly, uncompromisingly
and reap the fruits of your labors.

Do not despair when it is dark
and do not grow overconfident in great light
but be humble in My Love for you.

Be for Me, Children.

Know Me, and know what I am for and what I am against.
Do not complain when little things disturb your rest,
for I ask of you,
what will you do in times when larger things come to disturb you?

Show Me your patience and charity and Love.

Pray, My Children.
Be in constant prayer, always praising the Lord you Love.
Praise your Lord God and Father, the Christ Jesus, and the Spirit who is in Life.

Pray for guidance and you shall receive it.
Pray for strength and I shall make it so.
Pray for wisdom, and I shall open your eyes.
Pray for all that you need and I answer your prayers.

Place all of your trust in Me
and I will look after you.
I am your shepherd
as you are My flock of Children.

Belovéd Children, pray.
Pray for those who die and who will continuously die****.
Pray for all who die ****, for so many are very unprepared.

Pray, for your prayers are powerful intercessions for the souls of those who die,
and I adore your prayer, My Belovéd Children.

Belovéd Children, know that with your each breath (that you take) in,
I bless you and give you My Graces.

Pray, My Belovéd Children, and know My Peace is with you.
Peace, My Children.

It is glorious to be at peace.
So I say, peace. Peace.