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Without your charitable donations it would be hard to continue spread Heaven's warnings. Please consider helping to keep the site going strong. Thank you and may God Bless you all.

Without your charitable donations it would be hard to continue spread Heaven's warnings. Please consider helping to keep the site going strong. Thank you and may God Bless you all.

Without your charitable donations it would be hard to continue spread Heaven's warnings. Please consider helping to keep the site going strong. Thank you and may God Bless you all.

Without your charitable donations it would be hard to continue spread Heaven's warnings. Please consider helping to keep the site going strong. Thank you and may God Bless you all.

To sin is to pick up that cold hammer- October 4th, 2017

As I prayed, Father, so much ran through my mind.  Mostly my shame over how prideful I am.  Even when I don’t think I’m doing it, later, I see that I was.  I think it is very prideful for me to guess at anything You may say.  That I have the ability to “read Your mind.”  See?  Pride.  I’m glad You’re in charge, and I’m really sorry for being so difficult about working for You in the beginning.  How could I have been such a snot?  All Your saints are so eager to serve, and here I am, a poop who fights You.  Of course, I’m not a saint.  I don’t want to be and I know I don’t have the strength to be.  So, sorry about that too.  Good thing You Love me.   Thank You for the joy You send…like a man singing at the top of his lungs while in the Church cleaning, not knowing anyone is listening !!  I wonder why we’re so shy not to express our joy like that in front of others.  

ather, I ask for a lot of things, and so many are not mine to ask.  I’m presumptuous.  Are our “sorries” in a cookie jar that might ever run out or go empty??  Probably not, I know, but still.  How much will You put up with?  You told me recently that if I hurt now over how the World treats You (wishing the “Big It” would happen to “correct” us or make people wake up), that it will be far worse for a while.  That people will treat You far worse than now.  So if I hurt seeing things now, how much worse will it be?  In other words, don’t look for it.  Don’t hope for it or guess at its timing or be curious about what it is or will look like.  Keep my curiosity and pride in check.  It’s not my beeswax and I don’t need to, nor deserve to, know everything just because I want to.  Please keep my little brain from trying to figure it out because of ego and pride.  Smack my nose and remind me.  It’s none of my beeswax.

10:43 – 11:55 am.
Belovéd Children, how you please Me in your Love for your Lord God and Father.  I delight in your Love and look upon you with great affection.  Belovéd Children, I am for you as you are for Me.  Do you not know My Love for you is real   That My Mercy for you is ineffable, an unbounding blessing, and so very necessary for the sanctity of your Souls?
Children, you cannot live this life so recklessly, without a thought or concern for that which follows.  I have great plans for each of My Children that are BIG BEAUTIFUL, joyful, and amazing.  I bequest them to you even before you are born into this World.  I hold them for you until you come to Love and joy in Eternal Life.  I anticipate with great delight your joining Me and the Holy joys of Heaven with great Love.
Belovéd Children, still you must call out to Me and hear and reply to My Loving calls.  What good are gifts if they are never to be enjoyed.  What pain and great sadness it brings to Me when so many of My Belovéd Children eschew these rewards and Heavenly gifts in exchange for the indulgences of sin.  How cheap is that exchange.  Would you accept a piece of wood readily if you might have gold?  Will you drink what is sour when you could savor what is sweet?  
Oh Children, learn to let your eyes see the distance.  There are many things to see and pursue and avoid and how can you do this when your sight so narrowly focuses upon what you see now?  Children, do not be short-sighted about your Life and Eternity.  You are small, My Children, and in your smallness, do not understand what it is to enjoy Eternal Life and what it is to endure Eternal misery and pain.  You are too small to grasp the depths of either and so you disregard what you do not see or understand.
Children, Belovéd Children, do not fail to come to Me.  Do not be dismissive of My Love.  Your attention must always be on Me.  Your Love must always be full and open and great for My Belovéd and gentle Son, the Christ Jesus.  Do you know that each sin committed within this World pierces His Heart again and again.  Can you see yourselves, My Belovéd Children, wielding the hammer that pounded the nails into My Precious Son’s body?  When you sin, it is a pain that is greater than you know.  To sin is to pick up that cold hammer of death and pound the nails into My Belovéd Son’s legs and hands.  It is one swing or pounding after another, and so My Son suffers such agony by the sins of this World.
Belovéd Children, do not be the source of His Suffering but give to Him your full Hearts.  Pray and give to Him reverent and affectionate Love.  Do you know the extent of joy you give to Him when you express such Love for Him, and know to the depths of your own Hearts that what you give to the Son, so you give to the Father, and His Joy in your Loving attention is My joy and His pain is My Own.
Know this to be true.  You cannot wound My Son so relentlessly without My response or reaction.  I am the Lord God and Father.  My Love for you is beyond the depths you understand.  My Son Loves you so.  Why do you heap the torture of hatred and dismissiveness and lukewarm attention upon His Loving and Merciful Heart?  If you knew the pain He endures and the tears He weeps for this treatment by Man….  The whole of Heaven shrinks from the knowledge of this act or behavior or the World’s treatment of the Christ Jesus.
Children, know in your Hearts that I call to you and that I am calling to each of you actively.  My Calls of Longing are desperate and hopeful.  I Long for your Love and weep when My Calls are not heard.  My pain is greater still when My Loving Calls are heard and yet ignored.  Oh, Belovéd Children, the unrest or unsettled feelings of this World are due toor happen because sin and debauchery and murderous Hearts run rampant.  The World experiences this chaos, because the Hearts and Souls of Man are frenzied by sin.
***  .... The Spiritual war so many remain in ignorance over wages most violently above your heads or realm of understanding.  Those who know are those who pray, and those prayers are swords wielded against the enemy.  Belovéd Child, the dragon of sin and the dark priest of unrest are one and they are perpetually attacking My Belovéd Children.  In their ignorance, they fall so easily into the snares he places before them.  So many of My Belovéds fall and are falling for their lack of belief in Me and My Belovéd Son....  *** 
Know that I am all-powerful.  I am your Mighty Lord God and Heavenly Father.  I can crush mountains and bring oceans to dry.  I can bring fire from the skies and smoke from the ground.  I can do all things, but I am not an intrusive God to My Children.  Forced Love is not Love but enslavement.  The enemy of Man is a liar and the grossest taskmaster and enslaver of My Belovéd Children because he is intrusive.  His calls of evil and sin are loud and easily charm the Hearts of so many.  The gold he offers is fools’ gold and when it crumbles to dust in your hands, you will know its worthlessness and cry out in your fear and damnation or knowledge that you are damned.
Children, I offer My Love and Mercy to each of you.  Take these gifts to your Hearts daily, minutely, for you do not know when death’s door will open to you.  In what state are your Souls?  If you are not seeking My Mercy and your love and attention is (are) dedicated elsewhere, to whom will you turn when it is your Time?  Believe this to be true.  So many of My Belovéd Children do not apply time to themselves.  So many live precariously and believe this Souls are safe.  This is not true.  How can they be forgiven when they do not approach the Love and Mercy of My Son who cleanses your Souls and gives to you redemption and Eternal Life.  How will they come to Christ in death when they have not (come to) My Belovéd Son in Life?
Oh, Children, answer My Calls of Love.  I correct My Belovéd Children daily, individually and many hear and answer with wondrous Love and prayer and My Heart swells with joy and relief.  Many hear but do not give a thought to what they are given, that which is a lifeline to Me.  Many dismiss these individual warnings as Worldly pretenses or as Worldly motivated or Worldly created happenings, not knowing that it is My Truth and Love that have touched their shoulder for acknowledgement and with a Saving correction.  There are those who shut their eyes and ears and refuse to see or hear anything about My Love or Heavenly desires They dismiss the standards I set for My Children and choose what is temporal to that which is Eternal.  ***
Oh, Belovéd Children, you have no more time for your blindness.  You have no more time to hear.  Your sinning nature and the glorification of all things that I abhor demand that My Hand come down upon the Heads of Man.  Those things which are temporal and so often evil, very evil, consume the Hearts of My Children.  So many are bewildered by darkness, they have not turned to see the Light offered to them.  These Hearts are those I crave to startle or whose attention I wish to grab.  The attention of My Children is a sudden and compounding occurrence.  I shall bring such sound when the Holy Hands of your Lord God are brought together in Heaven.  Thus, shall lightning strike the lands and bring raging and BIG fires to Man.  The waters of oceans will swell with strength and fury.  The earth shall shake and erupt daily.
The Staff of your Lord God will hit the earth and shatter the misbeliefs of Man.  I shall correct Mankind and provide an illumination that betrays sin and brightens truth.  My Children will know all that is good, all that I Love, and all that I will accept, and My Children will know lies and who lies and what is evil and sinful and all that I do not Love and do not accept.  All will know the Nature of the Beast, the prince of lies, and the dragon that devours.  All shall know and see the Light of Love given by My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus.  All will know His Mercy for Mankind and know the nature of His Love.  All shall know so that the decision each of My Belovéd Children make will be made with clarity of Heart.
The war that rages on within the Heavens above you wreaks havoc upon this World, so pray.  Your prayers are swords and give new strength to the Angels fighting in My Name for all of Mankind.  Belovéd Children, know what I say is truth.
*** not to attempt to know the Time of My correction or your own death.  It is your job to pray and share My Love with others... (if it came today), you would wish with all your Heart that you had not ever desired it nor had been curious of its state.  ***  You are weak today.  Thus, how will you handle the great burden that faces you later.  ***

***  You cannot know My Will, My Loving Will for you when your prayers are distracted and the Time you spend in prayer short.  ***...You are most precious and so Loved.  Pray. ***  Trust and I am always with you.  ***  You are always within My Sight.  You are My Delight, and I cannot be apart from the (Children) I Love and adore so thoroughly.  Pray, My Children, and induce or encourage others to pray.  My Children must pray earnestly and always.  I bestow MY GREAT Love upon each of you and grant you My Enduring Peace.  Be at peace, My Children, for I Love you.

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