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Without your charitable donations it would be hard to continue spread Heaven's warnings. Please consider helping to keep the site going strong. Thank you and may God Bless you all.

Without your charitable donations it would be hard to continue spread Heaven's warnings. Please consider helping to keep the site going strong. Thank you and may God Bless you all.

Without your charitable donations it would be hard to continue spread Heaven's warnings. Please consider helping to keep the site going strong. Thank you and may God Bless you all.

Without your charitable donations it would be hard to continue spread Heaven's warnings. Please consider helping to keep the site going strong. Thank you and may God Bless you all.

You need not look for signs- October 13th, 2017

Friday, October 13, 2017 (100th Anniversary of Fatima) Adoration (~4:30)
Father, Holy Mother, were we supposed to expect a sign today?  Nothing yet, but still.  You can do anything, anytime, anywhere, and we aren’t supposed to test You anyway.  You are very confusing….I miss the days when You were not so confusing.
Belovéd Children, I am a wondrous and profound God and all of My Love orfathomless Love penetrates your Hearts when you open them to Me.  I am ever with you, My Children, and you need not look for signs to believe this is true.  I am your Loving Father and I do not abandon the Children who I Love so deeply.
Trust in Me, My Children.  Yes, this World is sinful and grim, but I see, too, the faithful and when you become dismayed.  Do not be afraid.  You are My Most very Belovéd Children and daily, hourly, I extend My Loving Peace into your Hearts.  Do not let the worthless or valueless distractions of doubt or sadness deter you from your prayers to Me.  Your prayers, Belovéd Children, are songs to Me and I listen attentively to each of My Children.
Belovéds, do not stray from your Lord God and Father.  You cannot afford to stray in these desperate or wild ortumultuous Times.  Instead, come to Me with joyful and faith-filled Hearts.  Come to Me when you succumb to sadness from seeing the degradation of sin within this World.  I shall dry your tears with My Own Hands and give you rest within My Love.
Children, My Beauteous and Faithful Children, continue to build further your trust and love and dedication for My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus.  Strengthen your faith and trust in His Love.  Know that His Blesséd Sacrifice was made for each of My Children so individually.  He sees your Hearts and Souls and desires your attention for His Great, Loving, and Merciful gifts (BIG!!).  Your attention or avid attention to My Son gladdens Me and when I am made joyful, so too is My Son, the Christ Jesus, joyful.  When you adore the Mercy and Heart of My Son, so do you adore Me.  We are One with the Spirit and your individual Love is so very treasured.

Belovéd Children, strengthen your faith and walk away from your doubts.  Give your full trust to Me and I shall care for you in all things.  Come to Me as Belovéd Children and leave your temporal concerns behind you.  When you give to Me your full trust, why shall you worry?  I take care of My Belovéd Children with more care and more Love than you can imagine.  Thus, I say, Children, trust in Me.  Give your Hearts over to Me.  Relieve yourselves of your worries and the burdens you carry.  You are not alone and you must come to Me in all things.

Come to Me in your joy and sorrow.  Allow Me to share in your happiness and let Me shoulder your pains and sorrows.  I am your Most Loving and attentive Father, and I Love nothing more than to give to you My Full and Loving attention.
Belovéd Little Children, you are so distracted.  As I am so Lovingly attentive to you, I ask or desire that I receive your full attention as well.  Clear your cluttered Hearts of the things of this World.  Find yourself in reverent silence and pray deeply, passionately with Love and fervency.  I long for your full attention and see when you are not with Me.  I Love all of your prayers and I hear them all.  When you focus on Me completely and leave your distractions, how fruitful are your prayers and how pleased and delighted am I with you.

Children, you cannot afford to linger in what is temporal.  Your Love cannot remain split in halves.  I am Eternal and you too are meant for the Eternal Holiness of True or New Life.  What you live here or do here is only temporary.  Your Love for Me now dictates your Eternity.  Seek Me out for My Boundless Love and Great mercy.  I give this to you so freely and Lovingly.  Do you not believe I want each of you with Me in the Beauteous Light of the Kingdom of Christ, and your Loving Father and Lord God?  I am your Loving Father.  I remind you of this and to pray, because these things are crucial to your position within the eternal.

Know that the distractions, the temporal distractions of this World are put before you that the darkest one can distract you further.  He longs to lead My Belovéd Children away from Me.  Thus, I say, be attentive to the Christ Jesus.  Do not be distracted but give your full attention to your Lord God and Father.  Do not allow the temporal to trap you with its Time, for the things of this World are transitory, and they will not serve you when you come before your judge.  Do not allow the dark one a foothold into your lives, My Precious Children.  He is intrusive and deadly in his lies.  Stay with Me and know he is unable to sway you away.

Pray always, My Children.  Your prayers are powerful and save many, many Souls and mitigate the giant disasters you experience from being more giant still.  Your prayers are heard by the whole of Heaven and My Angels rejoice in your trust for or in Me.

Belovéd Children, confess your sins and be purified in your Hearts.  Partake of the Holiest of all Holies and reap the unimaginable blessings you receive.  Know that you are small and yet so precious in your smallness. (BIG LOVE!)  Do you not see or understand My desire to protect you and give to you all that is right and good?  You cannot know all that I know.  You are small and unable to fathom what is fathomless, unlimited, unencumbered, and infinite.  Trust Me in this, My Little Children.  Allow Me to guide you in this Life that you shall stay with Me in the Eternal Life.
Belovéd Children, you are resolute in your stubbornness.  You have grown self-centered or too confident.  You have deemed yourselves judges within this World and thus believe the standards or facts of true Justice do not belong to you.  Belovéd Children, come to Me in repentance with sorrow in your Hearts.  Come to Me for My Great Love and Mercy.  Thus you shall not find coldness within judgment but a Heart warmed by Mercy.  Judgement without Mercy is a grave and cold thing.  Ask for My Mercy now, today, and the gift of My Great Compassion is yours.
Children, your lives here are crucial.  Your Time is a flicker of light within Eternity.  Yet, how very important and crucial are your moments here and how you have chosen to live.  I say to you, for every act committed on Earth, there is a corresponding consequence in the next.  If you bring compassion and joy to others, thus shall you be received with Great Compassion and joy.  If you have treated your Brothers coldly and unfairly, so shall you receive a cold and just judgement without Mercy.
Belovéd Children, know with all that you are, that you do not understand or have a correct perception of Time.  You cannot know when each of you shall be called.  Create a stronger relationship with the Christ Jesus.  Children, approach the Queen of Heaven, His Most Blesséd Mother for guidance.  She will show you the calibre and quantity of Love Her Son wishes to receive from you.  What is truer and clearer than a Mother’s Love for Her Child?  Thus, approach the Gentle and Beauteous Queen of Peace and open your Hearts to Her guidance.
Belovéd Children, yes, your Time is short.  Your prayers bring Me such solace, but this World appalls the whole of Heaven by its careless or thoughtless debauchery.  Believe this to be true, the storm shall claim many and they shall be swept away in their sins.  There will come a moment of sight for all My Children.  Your eyes will see and your ears will hear and the World shall know or see the consequences sin wreaks upon your Souls.
Oh, Children, I say again, do not wish for this.  Do not wish for this Time on earth.  You do not know the pain this sight shall cause each of you.  You do not remove your limbs without great pain.  You are continuously fighting pain as you heal.  This is what the storm of Time, the Hare, shall be.  A pain that you suffer and its ramifications shall linger.  So many of My Children shall need the help of My Prayerful.  So many Hearts and Souls shall be confused and go into frenzies by their confusion.  There shall be chaos amongst those whose eyes are opened but who reject their Lord God and Father.  It is at this moment that Mankind will choose his Love and acceptance of Me or choose to follow the darkness of sin and thus walk their way to perdition.  
Children, I say to you, build your faith and trust in Me.  Be intimate as you call out to Me and let your prayers be unfettered by the distractions of this World.  Know well that which I Love endlessly and accept.  Know My desire and longing for My Children and their depths.  Know, too, the things of this World that I fully reject and will not accept.  Pray and know these things solidly within your Hearts.  You shall be tested constantly and in many different ways.  False prophets will try to persuade you of what is wrong made right and what is black covered in white.  Pray and you shall see their lies immediately.  [Things will be reversed.  Bad will seem good and good will seem bad to people.]
There shall be those who will attack.  Some mildly, others viciously.  Do not succumb to anger or violence, for that is what the dark one wishes.  Instead, prepare your Hearts for these dark onslaughts with deep prayer.  The World shall stand against you and seek to undermine your faith in Me and your trust in Me.  I say to you, pray deeply and you will not doubt the Christ Jesus or His Love for you.  Thus I have said, prayer strengthens your faith in your Lord God and you must be or will need to be very strong.
Belovéd Children, do not fear My Will for you.  Simply trust and know I am driven by My Great Love for My Belovéd Children.  Pray and know My Peace.  Pray for those who serve Me faithfully, for they too must be even stronger.  By your prayers, they will be made so.  Thus, pray.  I give to you My peace.  Peace, My Children.  Peace.

Please pray for the people in California.  In particular, Fr. Christopher Crotty & his family and friends.  If there are those you know who you would like to add, please contact me.

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