This visionaries messages will be discontinued

By Marcos Tadeu

January 27, 2021

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First thing, if you are not going to on a DAILY basis, start doing so.

Although I have been posting this visionary for a few months now, I will no longer be posting this visionary's messages due to his Bishop's negative review and instruction that he should not be considered as legitimate or worthy of faith.  As always, we are to be obedient to the Church.

Here is an excerpt from the article posted by Spirit Daily from Bishop Dom Nelson Westrupp:  

“The purpose of this is to provide information about the activities of young Marcos Thadeu Teixeira (Marquinho). After serious and careful discernment of his writings (visions, inner locutions) our current position is as follows:+

“Although it is evident that Marcos Thadeu has a deep devotion to the Heart of Jesus and Our Lady, the messages which he claims to have received from Jesus and Mary are NOT OF A SUPERNATURAL NATURE. There are several expressions that flatly contradict this possibility by showing that these messages / locutions come from the author’s own thoughts and feelings. Theology does not teach: through Jesus to Mary (as taught in the messages of Jacarei), but rather: to Jesus through Mary. These “apparitions” also lack a common plan between Jesus and Mary – the messages are erratic.+

“Some expressions used by these so-called ‘apparitions’ are not theologically sound. In short, the messages of Marcos Thadeu Teixeira seem to spring from his own heart.+

“Private revelations may be accepted if they have been recognized by the Church, through Her legitimate representatives, our Holy Father the Pope and the Bishops. In the present case of the alleged apparitions at Jacarei, Brazil, NO SUCH RECOGNITION is granted and the messages of Marcos Thadeu Teixeira SHOULD NOT BE considered as legitimate and worthy of faith on the part of the faithful. The apparitions are NOT part of Catholic dogma and creed.”