Do Not Long For What Destroys…

By MatthewSix25to34

January 13

Good evening my brothers and sisters, I hope you are doing well and depending on where you are located that you are bearing this storm without issue. It was funny to me to see that the name of the storm stood for Jonah, as I have a particular relationship with the understanding of his call. I hope and pray that if that was a warning for Washington and all of the politicians, that they will have received it and will change their ways to do better in the sight of God.

Also on that note, I ask you your prayers for me as I have been struggling to find someone in the church that would undertake these writings and continue to give me direction. Whether it is a sign of the times, or just where I am now, it seems increasingly more difficult to find someone in the church that has studied the teachings acquired over the last two thousand years about this subject, or have aspired to truly live a “spiritual” life so they be an example for us today. Please do not get me wrong, I am not saying that the priests and others I have tried to communicate with about this are doing a poor job at what they do each day, or are not helping others, just that there seems to be a very limited few who have obtained that level of spiritual growth themselves and can teach it to us accordingly. This has led me to have to remain steadfast as I am and to be patient waiting on God’s response. This has truly been part of the cross to bear throughout these 20+ years. I am so thankful to God for the blessed people He has placed into my life and for the directors that took me on under their wing and helped me to get to this point in my journey. For any priest or religious reading this right now, I say “thank you” for all that you do in God’s name. Please however, understand that we your flock desire to be taught deeper about this great mystery that is our life during our time here on this earth, and that we are looking to you for that need. That goes for me and the many that I have spoken to within the church. In these troubled times this world needs many more examples of those that we should follow so that the ones that we see all around us can be replaced with better. I saw the story this evening on the group from the pro-life March that were stuck on Pennsylvania Turnpike. That my friends is a witness, the Lord used that to reach so many thousands of people who never would’ve heard or cared about the march if it wasn’t for that story. Thank you fathers, and thank you brothers and sisters, for showing us a great example. Hopefully as I share this reading with the rest of you now, you will hear what God shared with me about attracting others and helping them on their journey to yearn for Him in this world and the one to come, just like our Pennsylvania brethren.

Please do not take what I said regarding my experiences within our church the wrong way, I just think it’s time that our shepherds pay more attention to the needs of our souls than anything else they could hope to accomplish in the roles they have accepted as a living Jesus. I do not want anyone to be upset with them, I only ask you to pray for them, for I am sure that is God’s will. May our Lord be pleased with us all in what we do for Him…


January 13, 2015

Lord: My child be at peace, it is I your Lord and God and Father. I have heard your prayers this morning and I will bless what is holy in your intentions, just as I will bless what is holy in all of the intentions given to me. Do not be focused on what you do not have my children, but instead be pleased with all I have given you in this world. Gratitude goes a long way here and in the world you live in. Be happy as you are and live a blessed life no matter what the circumstances, and people will be drawn to you to try to receive what you have. That is when they will learn that it is a life lived with me that gives them this peace and prosperity. Do not long for what destroys here, but instead what nurtures the soul. The same soul that will come and live with me here in paradise. All that you need shall be given to you my son, but more than you can imagine awaits any who follow my path and who complete the mission for which I sent them. Be at peace, even among all the confusion you experience here; let that be your goal. Through a peaceful and trusting heart I can work miracles in this world. Resign yourself to my will for you and I will lead you down your path that I have chosen. Acceptance of my will is a great virtue to acquire. Pray for this and I shall give you this gift. Remember to ask so that you may receive, seek so that you may find, and knock so that I may open doors for you. That is all my son, now go in peace. I love you, amen.