Immediate Request from Jesus for Divine Mercy

By MatthewSix25to34

March 28, 2016

This IS the message...

Hello my brothers and sisters, trust me when I tell you my plan for tonight was just to go to bed. Obviously our Lord had different plans for me, He asked me to share with you the writing I received this morning after mass. As I sat down to write even though I was not sure where it was to come from, I had an extremely strong presence of Jesus and so I gave him my time. Also due to the content I can see why our Lord need to be to put this out there this evening. For anyone who knows anyone who shares this blog, please ask them to send an immediate request to update their page and direct others to read this immediately. Thank you for your support and your time in reading these writings. So now I will share with you what I received.



March 28, 2016

Lord: My child be at peace, it is I your Lord and God and Savior, Jesus the Christ. You have just celebrated my passion and my resurrection. Thanks to you sharing my word with them, many of your brothers and sisters asked me to experience a deeper understanding of this, and I granted that to them. Now you are in the middle of my Divine Mercy celebration. Do not let this go past you either my children, for this is the hour of my mercy, but the moment is quickly coming upon you when I must be the just judge. Use these moments to come to me with all of your pain and all of your sins so that I may wash them in my blood and restore you to who you were created to be. So many do not take advantage of this gift and even more do not know what it is. Spread this devotion my children and I will bless you for it. Spread it to all those that you know in the faith, but more importantly to those you know who have fallen away from the faith. They can still come to my mercy even if their sins are scarlet red and I will make them white as snow from my mercy. It overpowers any wrongdoing, just come with a repentant heart and a true desire to not sin again and return to the fold. I wait for you my children with open arms, ready to forgive and to forget. Do not let shame or embarrassment of what you have done keep you from this joy. I shall grant whatsoever you wish through this prayer as long as it abides with my will for you. Look at the rays I showed to my blessed Faustina, they were an expression of what I gave for you, they represented my blood which is my passion, and my mercy extended out to you. Come and receive my children, the moments will not be here forever, come while you can. Now is not the time to worry what others think of you, only to be obedient to my request. This is the moment for all to see how much their God loves them. That is all my child, now go in peace and spread the message of my mercy while there is still time. I love you, amen.


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