It is Time…

By MatthewSix25to34

April 5

Good evening my brothers and sisters, I hope this post finds you well.
Let me just say to begin with I cannot believe how quickly time has gone by recently. I just looked and noticed the last time I posted was on the 24th of last month, this was not intentional and God has been very busy with what He has had to share with me. I guess that is how it goes when you have children preparing for finals and other things in life that seem to take up every moment you have left. Anyway, as I said earlier, our Lord has not been silent during this time and I have much to share with you all as I catch up. I was rummaging through some of the writings I have after the last message was posted and I found so many good things that I wasn’t quite sure where to start. I decided to start where I left off, the next message in succession from the last is what I will share with you tonight. I noticed when I read this, and I remembered when I felt it, our Lord was trying to point out to us how self-involved this world has become. Each and everything we see advertised or offered to us has to do with improving our appearance or increasing our wealth and popularity. When I finished reading what it was that I wrote, I could see that God was pointing out to us how wrong this is and how much it upsets him. After all, how can we take care of our neighbor if we never stop focusing on ourselves? With that question I will lead into the message, may it reach your hearts in the manner it is supposed to. By the way, please remember that the timing of this message aligned with the ascension etc. even though it is over now.


April 5, 2016

Lord: My child be at peace, it is I your Lord and God and Savior, Jesus. The resurrection has occurred, the ascension is coming. I now appear to all who walked with me on the journey to the cross. The commissioning of my disciples has begun. It is time my children. As it was with them, so it is with you. It is time to tell others about me and my incredible eternal love for them. You will know who they are by praying to me and asking for the gift of discernment; the discernment of souls. You will see the sadness on their face, even when they are smiling. You will hear the emptiness in their hearts, even among the laughter. It is time for all to know the state of their being as it appears to me. Do not wait my children to extend that olive branch or to welcome the sinners, for it will go well for you on that day. The dawning of light is upon you and all things in darkness will now be revealed, even to yourselves. I love you my children and it pains me so to see what the devil has convinced you is your reward for how you have chosen to live among each other. He has convinced you that “You” come first and it is “You” that you must look out for before anyone else and at any cost. Is this what I taught my apostles and disciples? Is this what Scripture teaches you? The answer is “No” my little ones, but in order to understand this you would have to spend time reading the Scriptures and meditating on these words of mine that have been written for all time, and for all to read and learn from. You would have to prioritize your time better and get away from your computers and your televisions. They are at work night and day filling you with deceit and false truths. Everything you see and hear is about “You!” How to make yourself look better or be more successful, or that the way in which you raise your stature here is to take advantage of others as often as you need to. This week my children I want you to watch all of the regular programs and commercials that you normally would, but this time write down what lesson you learn from each one. You will be appalled when you see where the evil one has been hiding in plain sight. It is time for you to reveal his whereabouts too my children. Expose him and he will flee from you. That is all my child, now go in peace and tell the world to be prepared, for truth is coming and in fact it is already here. I love you, amen.