Without your charitable donations it would be hard to continue spread Heaven's warnings. Please consider helping to keep the site going strong. Thank you and may God Bless you all.

Without your charitable donations it would be hard to continue spread Heaven's warnings. Please consider helping to keep the site going strong. Thank you and may God Bless you all.

Without your charitable donations it would be hard to continue spread Heaven's warnings. Please consider helping to keep the site going strong. Thank you and may God Bless you all.

War ends in Disaster- October 3rd, 2017

The following was submitted to us by an anonymous person.  If given permission, I will provide this person's name in the coming days.


At work first thing this morning before I started reading official reports or press articles, I had a brief vision regarding the results of a war with North Korea (DPRK). I did not perceive how the war started. I only saw the end result. I do not know why the vision occurred today. Just want to provide the observations and insights as objectively as possible. Over time it seems my intellect is less active during a vision and poses less questions as a vision unfolds. Perhaps this vision is just a view of a historical possibility and not a historical certainty. Regardless, we must pray with fervor and do penance to ensure it does not become a reality.

China. Vision started with a view of the Chinese/DPRK border and the time was just after the defeat of the North Korean regime. China was reluctantly going to enter and occupy North Korea. Chinese leaders felt burdened with a mess created by the US, South Korea (ROK), and Japan. China had to enter DPRK because US, South Korean, and Japanese cities had been devastated by fire and those governments were focusing on domestic disaster recovery. The three nations were not economically or militarily capable of occupying or rebuilding DPRK. The whole mood in those three nations was mourning.

I perceived China did not want to enter DPRK  partially for environmental reasons and was going to do so with only a limited amount of troops. I sensed that much of DPRK was uninhabitable (dead), but I did not perceive the source of the contamination. In other words, I did not / not perceive that DPRK was contaminated by radioactive fallout. Nevertheless, it could very well be that China’s reluctance to enter DPRK was because it was extensively contaminated with nuclear fallout but I did not perceive it.

South Korea. Next, I perceived South Korean leaders were both angry and mortified at the great fire that had caused so many casualties. They were angry at DPRK but DPRK had been extensively destroyed. Most of the leaders and much of the DPRK military had been destroyed. Only the impoverished people and low level soldiers remained who were not responsible for DPRK government decisions. It seemed that Seoul, ROK, had been devastated by fire and the ROK government was tending to its own people. I got the impression that while ROK leaders were concerned about DPRK civilians, aiding ROK civilians from the disaster on ROK soil took precedence over helping DPRK. Nonetheless, ROK send some aid to DPRK.

Japan. I also perceived that Japanese leaders were ashamed and humiliated that a ‘second nuclear attack’ had taken place in Japan. Japanese leaders were ashamed because they could not prevent the deaths of their citizens as they had hoped to prevent. Apparently, the missile interceptors did not work as hoped or there were too many missiles to intercept. I was confused because it was not clear as to whether two DPRK nuclear strikes had occurred against Japan or whether there was only one nuclear strike, which was historically considered a ‘second nuclear attack’ because the first attacks occurred in 1945.

Regarding the US. I perceived that the US Navy was very quiet about the outcome of the war. It seemed the missile defense systems had not worked as intended and Japanese city(ies) had been devastated by DPRK missile strikes. It seems there was a mix of DPRK nuclear and conventional missile attacks. I was not sure if any US ships were sunk by DPRK.

At home in the USA, many cities were devastated, and people’s reactions ranged from numbness, disbelief, outrage, & fear. It seemed Vice President Pence was speaking for the government. I did not perceived what happened to President Trump. I saw VP Pence was speaking at a podium on behalf of a wounded nation. He indicated something to the effect that the US would be focusing inward on healing its people at home and that while it had hoped to still lead the world, it had to be humbly acknowledged that US was no longer capable of leading the world. VP Pence and US leaders were stunned and in disbelief that DPRK could & did wreak such havoc on the world. They were in disbelief that they had misjudged US / allied capabilities and that the US nation was hurt so badly. The overall feeling was woundedness; the US was overwhelmed with many civilian casualties and a humanitarian disaster.

Russia. Russia had stayed out of the war and now found itself as a powerful nation along with China. China had inherited the mantle of global leadership and would reshape the globe to suit its interests.

That was all perceived in a brief vision of the region in Asia and the USA.

Later in the day while researching the news, I learned that today (Oct 3) DPRK threatened a nuclear attack against Japan for supporting more sanctions against DPRK, according to press reports. Perhaps DPRK launches surprise attacks against USA, ROK, and Japan possibly in revenge for the sanctions or to preempt an attack against DPRK.

Let us pray none of this happens. 

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