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Without your charitable donations it would be hard to continue spread Heaven's warnings. Please consider helping to keep the site going strong. Thank you and may God Bless you all.

Without your charitable donations it would be hard to continue spread Heaven's warnings. Please consider helping to keep the site going strong. Thank you and may God Bless you all.

Without your charitable donations it would be hard to continue spread Heaven's warnings. Please consider helping to keep the site going strong. Thank you and may God Bless you all.

Without your charitable donations it would be hard to continue spread Heaven's warnings. Please consider helping to keep the site going strong. Thank you and may God Bless you all.

Visions to a faithful Catholic in England

Note from the Webmaster:

The following visions are not set in stone but are a glimps as to what may happen if there is not enough prayers and reparations to avert them. This visionary asked to be kept ananymous as Jesus has asked him to only reveal the following messages to the public and then return to interseding and making reparations for this generation. He informed me that he does have a spiritual director who is both a priest and exorcist and that he himself is a victim soul .  So please pray for discernment before proceeding.

Thank you and God Bless



Satan’s Strategic Offensive against the Catholic Church.
February 28, 2018 Latin Mass

During mass, I saw Satan’s plan for a ferocious new offensive against the Catholic Church. Pope Francis’ time as Holy Father is coming to an end. Satan’s new offensive against the church will commence under the next Holy Father. Currently serving cardinals and some Jesuits are preparing to elevate a spiritually ‘dark cardinal’ to the Chair of Peter. I do not know the identity of this ‘dark cardinal’ nor do I know if this ‘dark cardinal’ is the antichrist

The ‘dark cardinal’ will divide the church by promulgating false doctrines, changing church practices, enforcing acceptance of false doctrines, and persecuting priests and faithful who adhere to the traditions of the faith. In a previous vision, I saw that many clergy and lay people will accept these new doctrines and they will persecute those Catholics who adhere to the traditions of the faith and remain loyal to the true Magisterium of the Catholic Church.


Defenders of the Eucharist.
April 13, 2018 Latin Mass

I looked the altar and saw priests surrounding the altar with their backs to the altar, not in disrespect, but to defend the Eucharist. Adversaries were approaching to destroy the altar and stop priests from offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass I saw a priest disappear and his soul got taken underneath the altar, meaning the priest was martyred defending the mass and the Eucharist.

Next, I saw circles of lay people in layered rings surrounding altar. The lay people were defending the altar and the priests from spiritual and physical attackers. I saw an old man and a teenage girl disappear and their souls go under the altar, meaning they were martyred defending priests, the Holy Sacrifice of the mass, and the Eucharist. The lay people had rallied to become defenders of the Eucharist because they understood that the adversaries wanted to kill or intimidate Catholic priests because only a priest can offer mass and consecrate the Eucharist. Some lay people defended the Eucharist by taking the place of a priest in death and thus they became martyrs and died for the faith.


Pyrrhic US Victory over North Korea.
May 9, 2018 Eucharistic adoration

At the Eucharistic adoration, I had another vision about the results of a Korean conflict. This vision related some of the international implications of the conflict. The vision occurred during adoration and had the same characteristics of a previous vision about the results of the war that I experienced on October 3, 2017.

The new vision opened with a view of Seoul, South Korea, and that the city was in ruins. The ruins were caused by North Korean artillery shells impacting on buildings in the city. The number 500,000 came to mind indicating the number of artillery shells fired at Seoul. Some people of Seoul were still in the city but others had evacuated. The people were advised by the authorities to be careful and avoid the many unexploded artillery shells lying around the city.

The South Korean government wanted US troops to leave South Korea. There was no longer any need for US troops because Kim Jong Un was dead, the North Korean army was defeated, and the two ‘brothers’ (North and South Korea) would cooperate to rehabilitate their country.

Possible Missile Strikes on Three US Cities.

I also saw North Korea fire seven Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) toward the USA. The Blessed Mother said, “Pray that the missiles break up or are disrupted.” I got the sense that some of the missiles failed to reach America. However, there were possibly three missiles that reached America and their nuclear warheads detonated on certain US cities. I do not know the cities or areas that were struck.

Radioactive Dead Zone.

Ironically, the Chinese got what they wanted in that a buffer zone still existed between South Korea and China. The buffer zone was a large area of radioactive contamination in North Korea that was the residue of US nuclear strikes, which were in retaliation for North Korean nuclear strikes on cities in the continental USA.

The USA had responded to the nuclear strikes on American cities with its own nuclear strikes from ballistic missile submarines. The radioactive contamination was extensive and came from surface bursts of nuclear warheads on targets in North Korea. The fallout created a contaminated ‘dead zone’, which acted as a buffer to separate South Korea from China. While the radioactive ‘dead zone’ was not good for the environment, the Chinese viewed the situation from a political-military perspective as a fortunate turn of events.

China Now Rules Asia. Even though the US was considered to have defeated North Korea, it was a pyrrhic victory because the US had to pull out of Asia and to cede control to China. The US military presence in Asia had to be downsized. The destruction of several US cities by North Korean nuclear strikes severely damaged the US economy. As a result, the US could no longer afford to fund the costs of a large overseas military presence in Asia.

Moreover, the Asian nations capitulated to China’s military and economic power. Asian nations turned their backs on America for two main reasons: 1) America could no longer live up to its security guarantees; 2) No nation wanted to suffer nuclear attacks. The Asian nations blamed US aggression for causing the war and the resulting destruction in South Korea and Japan. As a result, several Asian nations asked the US to leave bases in their countries. Thus, China gained control of Asia.

European Union Flag – Torn Apart at the Seams.

After the vision of the Korean conflict, I was exhausted and went to bed. While dozing off, I saw very clearly the blue European Union flag with the gold stars. The seams of the European Union flag were torn apart.

I interpreted the vision as meaning that as a result of the conflict on the Korean peninsula the European Union was ‘torn apart at the seams’. The symbolism means the individual nations of the European Union were irreconcilably divided on US presence in Europe and were deeply afraid of the US starting a war with Russia that would result in Russia nuclear attacks on targets in European nations. Thus, some European nations demanded that US forces depart from military bases in their countries. As a result, the number of US military forces in Europe declined but did not go away entirely.

Russia Invades Ukraine.

In Europe, the US military presence was shrinking but not as dramatically as in Asia. I sensed that Russia exploited the fears of the European nations by invading Ukraine and taking back control of the entire country, knowing that the US and NATO had neither the economic capacity nor the political will to defend Ukraine. As a result, Russia invaded Ukraine knowing the Russian military could easily crush the Ukrainian army and would not be opposed by NATO forces.

Jesus Sad.
May 16, 2018 Eucharistic Adoration

I am looking at the monstrance and there are two metal clips holding the Eucharist in place. I see Jesus’ face in the Eucharist and the two clips look like tears running down his cheeks. Jesus is very sad. Jesus wants to explain the cause of his sadness.

Cardinals Expel Christ from Tabernacle.

I then saw a shoe at the end of a red colored trouser leg. The foot kicked Jesus out of a tabernacle! The symbolism means that Cardinals in the Catholic Church are kicking Jesus out of the tabernacle by altering the mass so the consecration does not occur. This causes Jesus much pain and suffering.

Anti-Christ Welcomed.

Next I see that in the dark vacuum created in the wake of Jesus’ expulsion from the tabernacle, the anti-Christ rises and is welcomed. I do not see the anti-christ or know his identity.

BVM Gathers the Faithful.

Next, I see the Blessed Mother gather all of her faithful children and cover them with her protective blue mantle.

Core of Earth Destabilized.

Next, I saw the planet Earth from a distance. The Earth appeared small, like I was standing on the moon observing Earth in the distance. I see the Earth wobble a bit from internal causes because the magnetic core of the Earth is moving strangely. I do not know what causes the disturbances in the core but the core is not rotating as it should to prevent instability of the axis of rotation.

Earth Rolls Over.

Next, I see the earth roll over on its side. Much land sinks under the oceans and new land arises out of the oceans. Without words, Jesus makes me understand that the changes to the land forms are greater than the changes caused by the great flood of Noah.

For over 40 years, I have had many dreams of the sun rising and setting in a new direction. In the dreams, the sunrise and sunset had changed directions and were moving above landmarks that were previously oriented in a North to South direction. The new direction of sunrise and sunset suggested the Earth had rolled over on its side because the landmarks were now oriented in an East to West direction.

Smaller Population but United with Jesus.

Still looking on the small planet earth in the distance, I sensed the Earth’s population had been greatly diminished. But the people are faithful to God and in communication & communion with Jesus. There is peace, communities are loving, and life is happy. Jesus is very sad that he had to bring justice to the earth, but happy that peace is finally restored between humanity and God the Father.

Jesus then directed me saying, “Tell them.”