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Without your charitable donations it would be hard to continue spread Heaven's warnings. Please consider helping to keep the site going strong. Thank you and may God Bless you all.

Without your charitable donations it would be hard to continue spread Heaven's warnings. Please consider helping to keep the site going strong. Thank you and may God Bless you all.

Without your charitable donations it would be hard to continue spread Heaven's warnings. Please consider helping to keep the site going strong. Thank you and may God Bless you all.

Without your charitable donations it would be hard to continue spread Heaven's warnings. Please consider helping to keep the site going strong. Thank you and may God Bless you all.

Recent Messages to Children of the Renewal Messages- September 16th & 23rd

September 23, 2018  Adoration Chapel

Hello, Lord ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  I love You, believe, hope and adore You, my Lord and my King.  Jesus, thank You for all You do for me.  Thank You for Holy Mass this morning and for Holy Communion.  Thank You for my family, for my health and all blessings that come from You, Lord.  Jesus, please forgive me of my sins.  Help me, Jesus to love You more and more each day.  Thank You for allowing me to meet the person and hear about (name withheld) for whom we have been praying for. (prayed for) Please resolve their situation, Lord in the way You Will for the best outcome for all of the souls involved.  Praise You for healing (name withheld) and for the recovery of (name withheld).  Jesus, You know all things.  You know all who are physically, emotionally and spiritually ill.  Please heal them all, Lord.  Help our Church, Your Church in this summer of suffering.  Purge our sinfulness, our pride, our haughtiness, our materialism and purify Your Church.  Lord, I believe You that the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church, but there sure is a horrible battle raging.  You, Lord will be victorious, but please spare those who have been wounded the most, the victims and the lives of their families.  Heal them oh great Physician, my beautiful Jesus.  Heal them and make them whole.  Lord, bring all evil to light and purify us.  Lord, a wound that is festering and full of infection must be lanced and drained.  That is what I think You are doing with Your Church.  You are splitting open the infected wound and draining the pus.  Cleanse us, Jesus.  Heal us, God our Savior, so that we can bring Your light to others, free of all infection.  Jesus, there are places where gangrene has set in.  In that case, physicians usually must amputate to save the limb.  Lord, You are the only One who can heal something so severe.  Please heal the limbs with gangrene, Jesus so they do not have to be cut off or separated forever.  Save souls, Lord Jesus.  Give miraculous graces for conversion, for repentance and for penance and sorrow in the hearts of those who have propagated these crimes and those who have hidden them so they could grow like cancer.  Oh, Jesus You are the only One who can resolve this deep, dark, evil present in the Church and in the world.  Come, Lord Jesus.  Save us, Lord. 


Jesus, there are some who want to become priests, who feel called to discern a priestly vocation but who are fearful of being entrusted to strangers.  They should be safe in the arms of Mother Church but because of betrayal do not know where to go or who can be trusted.  Lord, give them courage and strength.  Show them what they must do and where it is safe for them to go to answer Your call, Your invitation.  Blessed Mother, Queen and Mother of the Church, help Your children and Your holy priest sons and those called by God to the priesthood.  Now, more than ever, we need holy priests and religious.  We need more vocations to the priesthood.  Help us to be prepared for what is to come.  Guide us and show us the way.  Protect our sons, our grandsons Blessed Mother so they may be formed into the image of Your Priest Son, the High Priest, Your Jesus.  Blessed Mother, gather us within Your holy mantle and protect us from evil.  Help us to grow in holiness so that we, Your littlest children can stand with You and Jesus against evil.  May our lives be pure and holy, Mother so that we will be also a sign of contradiction to the world.  We, Blessed Mother, want to love as You love Jesus; we want to love as St. Joseph loves Jesus; we want to love as Jesus taught us to love, but we have so far to go on the road to love.  I have far to go on this road, Blessed Mother.  Take my hand and guide me.  Take me in the footsteps of Jesus, so that with Your guidance, I will learn to walk the way of the cross, which is the way of love.


“My child, My child, My child, it is true what you say abut My Church.  It has been true for some time.  The wound has been festering until it can no longer remain hidden.  Many lives have been shattered by this evil, but I can repair torn and shattered lives.  Believe it, My little lamb for it is true.”


Yes, Lord.  I believe.  I believe in You. 


“My daughter, you are also correct in thinking the worst is not over.  Do not focus on this, though for it is My job to clean house.  Just as I threw the money changers out of the synagogue so will I purge this evil from My Church.  They have profaned the House of the Lord, My Church.  They have desecrated My holy ones who are tabernacles of My Holy Spirit.  They must repent.  They must put on the sackcloth and ashes of repentance or truly I say to them, it would be better for them had they never been born.  They have harmed My little ones, some were like My little St. John who loved Me in purity and truth.  They have betrayed Me, these evil men who pose as My priest sons, like the Apostle Judas.  They must repent of their evil ways, approach Me with contrition and beg for healing.  I am all merciful and I will forgive even the worst sins, but I know all hearts.  They must open their hearts to Me so that I can apply the fire of My love like a cauterizing iron.  My child, My little one, do not cry.  Your heart is crying out to Me.  Do not fear.  You have seldom felt My anguish and My wrath, little one.  I know it seems fierce to you, My lamb.  I am gentle now.  Be at peace.”


Jesus, You have every right to be our fierce Lion of Judah, for You are all holy and we are putrid sinners rotting from our spoiled hearts.  Please save us, Jesus.  Heal the wounds of all who have been victims and who have been robbed of their innocence and possibly from their love for You and Your Church.  Oh, Jesus You are the One with righteous anger for You are God!


“Yes, My child.  You know Me as your gentle, adorable Jesus, and your understanding comforts and consoles Me.  All who are sacrificing, doing penance and beseeching Heaven, I tell you; your prayers are not falling on deaf ears, for God hears all, sees all, knows all.  Your prayers, your sacrifices have helped bring the putrid stench out of the dark and into the light.  It has to be so, My faithful, little ones.  Trust in your Jesus to do the purging and the purifying.  I am also counting on you to do your part.  Love one another.  Pray and fast.  Especially, pray the Holy Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet given to you for just these times.  Cleanse yourselves in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  Gather your families and pray together the prayer of the rosary and offer it for the healing of My little innocent ones and for My Church.  Do not be afraid to speak out for the protection of the most vulnerable.  This is the day for separating the goats from the lambs.  Speak out in truth and also in great love.  Be My witnesses.  Bring mercy to those who are in need of mercy.  Bring peace, the peace of Christ, your Jesus, to those who are in the world and do not know peace.  Be love, be joy, My children.  ‘How can we be joy now, Jesus with all that has been revealed?’ you may ask.  You, My Children of Light know Me.  You possess the Holy Spirit who dwells in the hearts of God’s children.  You know and have learned the truths of the faith and of eternal life.  Your inheritance awaits you, and so you can be joy.  You must be joy.  You must also have the peace that I give to you, especially now, My children.  Especially now, for you are My disciples.  You must continue to share My Gospel.  The Church will survive, My little ones, for I have said so and I Will it.  It has been planned before creation.  The Father’s plan will come to fruition and you are living in these evil days because your lives are needed now, in this very time in history.  Your lives, your souls, your love has been placed here at this time, to spread My love and to give My mercy in this time of great darkness.  This is when the Children of Light will shine brighter than before because of the darkness in the hearts of mankind.  You, Children of Light are the Church.  Bring the downtrodden, the victimized, the lowly, the poor, the oppressed, the poor in spirit, into My Church.  Welcome them.  Teach them.  Love them.  It was no different in My days on earth.  Those who accepted Me were the ones in need of a doctor and the ones who were looked down upon by society as well as the little children and those with pure hearts.  They still exist today, My children and they are in need of their Savior.  Go to them.  Love them.  Show them the way.  Be love and mercy, peace and joy.  I will give you every grace needed in these days.  My Mother and Her little army, you, My children, will defeat satan with your love, your holiness, humility and purity.  You must answer evil with holiness and humility.  Look at My Mother and be humble, kind and meek as She was and is.  She is the Holy Mother of the living God and She has nothing to do with evil.  It has never touched Her.  Be like Her, My children.  Pray for this great grace, to become holy as My Mother is holy.  She will guide you and teach you.  She is the Mother of Grace.  Do not be afraid.  All of Heaven will assist you.  I love you.  Live holy lives and be pleasing to God the Eternal Father.  All will be well.  Trust in Me.”


“My child, you may go now.  Thank you for honoring My passion and My blood today, My child.*  You consoled My wounded heart.”


I wish I could stay with You longer, my sweet Jesus.


“Yes, I know My daughter, but you are off on an act of mercy and you must go now.  I go with you and I will be with you all week.  Go in My peace.  I bless you in My name, in My Father’s name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.”


Thank You, my Jesus.  I love You.


“And I love you.  Pray, My dearest little one.  Pray.  Be at peace and be love.”


Amen, Jesus.  I will do what I can with Your grace, Lord.  Thank You, Jesus. 


*Note: This is a reference to having prayed the precious blood prayers during Adoration that Jesus gave to Barnabus Nowye.

September 16, 2018  Adoration Chapel

Oh Lord Jesus Christ thank You for allowing us to visit You today in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  I adore You and praise You, my God and my King!  I love You, my Jesus!  Thank You for Holy Mass this morning.  Thank You for Holy Communion.  Lord, praise You for many answered prayers, especially for (name withheld) healing.  Please be close in a special way to all who are ill.  I pray for healing for (names withheld) and all who are on the church prayer list.  I pray also for my friend (name withheld).  Heal him, Lord Jesus.  Jesus, please grant all that is needed for (name withheld).  She is struggling, Lord.  Be close to her and allow her to feel Your presence and a special closeness with Our Lady, Your Most Holy Mother Mary.  Lord, I lay every burden and concern at the foot of Your most holy cross.  Take each one and deal with them in the way only You can, My sweet Jesus.  Lord Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You, Jesus, I trust in You. 


“My child, My child, your heart is heavy with concern for your child.  She is My child, too little lamb.”


Yes, Jesus.  She was Yours first!


“This is true little one and so I tell you I have a plan for My little, gentle one.  She suffers so and I am aware of each suffering.  She bears many crosses and I press each one to My suffering heart and lovingly hand each one to her.  She bears them patiently, even the painful ones.  We bear them together.  She is not alone.  Many souls from their triumphant place in Heaven intercede for her.  They pray for her strength and fortitude to persevere in the trials.  Her fidelity to the cross provides graces for many lost souls, even the soul of her friends in Purgatory who await their final purification.  Your mother and grandmothers pray particularly hard for her.  She is cherished by many in Heaven.  She is cherished by the Holy Family.  She is cherished by God the Father and God the Holy Spirit.  All will be well.  I have great plans for her, My little lamb.  Tell her so.  Encourage her.  She is being guarded by My Saint Joan of Arc, her patron.  My littlest one, think about your patron and all she accomplished on earth for Heaven.  She was one small soul, but with My grace and through My Most Holy Mother, she went into battle, literally for France and for My Church.  She was just a child really and yet it is the small ones God uses in a mighty way.  You did not choose your patron St. Joan by chance.  It was a mutual choosing, littlest one.  She chose you, also.  This should tell you something.  Reflect on this.  Pray to Me and I will give you insight.  Ask for your patron saint’s intercession in the battles you face, My beloved child.  You face these spiritual battles that are every bit as difficult as the physical battles.  When you suffer, you are very, very close to My suffering, Sacred Heart.  This is where you belong, My child, close to My heart.  You have nothing to fear.  You are where you belong and I will protect and care for you.  Bring each care and each concern to Me, your Jesus.  In this way, you must also release these burdens to Me.  I am your friend and the only one who can solve each problem, therefore do not hold tight to that which you bring Me.  You would not bring a gift to someone then hold tight to it while extending it to them.  Would you, My little flower?  Of course you wouldn’t.  That would be ridiculous, would it not?  My child, My generous one, when you bring someone a gift from your heart, you freely give it to them.  There is joy in the giving.  You must do this, also when you bring your concerns to Me.  Release them to Me.  Then do not worry.  It is alright to think, ‘I wonder how Jesus is going to solve this problem.  I wonder what beautiful result will follow.’  You may think about this, My child and be open to how I may surprise you.  When you give Me a problem, but continue to worry, fret and be sad, you are in essence saying, ‘I gave this to Jesus, but I don’t trust Him with my gift therefore I will hold on to it!’  You see, My child, that is not really giving it to Me.  That is not a way to trust your Jesus with that which you hold dear to you.  My little one, I do not say this to scold you, only to teach you.  I cannot do much with something which I have not been given.  I need to have it completely and with trust.  Then, I am at liberty to do My Will.  Otherwise, out of respect for your will, I just continue to wait until you are ready to fully trust Me.  The longer it takes, the more sad and troubled My little one becomes.  This makes Me sad, also.  What am I to do!  I stand close by, listening, and loving you, but I am afraid I am not as much help as I could be.  Give to Me completely, all that troubles you and then be joyful and await My work in each situation.  You will see how quickly your Jesus can work when I am allowed to do so and trusted with the results.  I can be trusted, I assure you for I have all the answers in the universe because—I am the answer. (smiling) Now, I want you to reflect on all I have told you and decide how we shall continue together in this great plan I have for your beautiful life.  I love you.  Let us begin.”


Thank You, Jesus for Your deep love, Your tender affection, Lord and Your gentility.  I love You, Lord.  May everyone on earth realize how beautiful, how magnificent You are.  Praise You, Jesus!


“My child, My child, it is time for My children to realize how close the Time of Great Trials is and the chastisements that will be the climax of all chastisements thus far in history.  Mankind must prepare.  Go to the Sacrament of Reconciliation and be reconciled to God, His Church and to all of Heaven.  Be close to Me in the Eucharist.  Love one another and live the Gospel.  Forgive those who persecute you and who turn against you.  Forgive, forgive, forgive.  Be concerned only for souls.  Time is short now.  Some will lose their lives.  Pray that their souls will be ready for Heaven.  Pray hard for those who do evil, and for those who do not know the love of God.  In these days, conversion is more difficult for evil abounds and souls are easily tempted.  In this day, more holy souls, prayer warriors are needed, but instead I have fewer souls praying.  This means, those of you who are close to Me and who pray must pray more.  It will be possible if you ask Me to show you how to pray more.  Pray from the heart, My children.  Be aware of My presence when you pray.  My Mother is also present with you as are the angels and saints.  Call on them often.  They will assist you in your prayers.  I need you, My children to send forth prayers to storm Heaven.  The earth is very dark, indeed and your prayers are like rays of light in the darkness.  They shine like spotlights and the rays reach Heaven.  It is comforting to Me when you pray.  My suffering heart was comforted on the cross because I saw you praying, though in the future.  To Me all time is one and therefore the prayers you pray now, brought Me comfort then.  I know this is difficult for you to understand, My Children of Light, but it is true.  I saw you, I knew you before you were born and I knew all the holy acts of love you would do for love of your Jesus.  Yes, I knew each sin, also and this is why I willingly died, so that you would be with Me one day in Heaven.  I loved you this much, My children, to die for your sins, before you were even born, before you ever committed the first sin.  See how deeply I love you?  I do not hold your sins against you, My children as the evil one would have you think.  If I did, would it not mean that My death was in vain?  Do you see how false this notion is, My little children?  I died for your sins to redeem you from them and therefore from death.  Why would I hold your sins against you?  Did I not say from the cross, to My Father in Heaven, ‘Father, forgive them for they know not what they do?’  Yes, I prayed this prayer; not only for those who crucified Me and who wanted My crucifixion, but also for you.  I understand weakness, My children.  I understand temptation, even though I did not fall to temptation.  Repent and return to Me, My little children of God.  I am waiting with open arms for you.  I am like the father of the prodigal son.  I await you with open arms and I am ready for you to reconcile with Me.  Go to Confession, My children to be cleansed of your sins and then come to the banquet I have prepared just for you.  Partake of My body, blood, soul and divinity in Holy Communion with your Lord Jesus.  This is the banquet I long for you to attend.  Do not remain on the fringes as one who peers through the window watching the wedding party.  Cleanse yourself in Confession and come to the banquet My children.  I want you here with Me.  I want to be one with you.  I love you.  Be at peace.  Do as I ask, My children for I want what is best for you.  I am what is best for you and I await you.  The time is short.  Do not procrastinate in receiving the God who loves you.” 


Thank You for Your love and mercy, Jesus.  Forgive me of my sins, Lord.  Help me to grow closer to You, My Jesus.


“My little lamb, offer your suffering, your work, your studies to Me.  This is also a form of prayer.  I know you long for more time to pray.  I will help you.  For now, each hour can be offered as a sacrifice for souls who do not desire prayer, who do not want to be close to Me.  You are human and can only do as much as your body allows you, for you need to sleep, My child.  I am giving you and My son (name withheld) many graces in this time of sacrifice.  Use this time for Me, by offering this, too as a cross.  I will use whatever you give to Me.  Please try to be more joyful, for truly what you are doing is also a form of prayer and I can use it for the good of souls.  I love you.  You are Mine and I am yours.  We are close friends, are we not?  We are, My child, and close friends understand one another.  There now, so you understand what I am saying and the meaning, My child.  We are friends.  We love one another regardless what life brings and we walk together.  I am always with you.  I will answer your payer about being more aware of My presence each day.  This is a holy request, My child.  It is good that you want to be with Me more and I want this also.  Be of good cheer.  This will soon be behind you and you will see that I gave you all that was needed, both of you, to get through this difficult time.  Draw closer to one another.  Pray together as I have asked.  It is a time of unity with one another and with Me.  Draw close to your family, also.  Even if you are not physically together, be united as a family in prayer.  Your family is much more important than you know.  You will be very grateful to Me one day when you understand just how important each one is for souls and for Heaven.  Believe this My children.  (Name withheld), My son, treasure the lives of your children, your wife, for I brought you together for an important reason.  Many reasons, really but you will understand one day just how precious each one is.  You must see this now as the spiritual leader that you are for them.  This is your domestic church and you are like a priest for your family.  Love them.  Protect them.  Father them, My son.  St. Joseph is assisting you and he will assist you even more when you ask him to do so.  I bless you all now, in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in My peace.  Be joy to one another.  Have light hearts so that My light will illuminate the darkness of the world as you go about your duties.  I love you.  I am with you.  All will be well.”


Amen, Jesus!  Alleluia.  Praise to the Holy Trinity!


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