Message from Jesus to Christina Gallagher

By Miscellaneous Messages

October 1 thru December 4

October 1, 2019

Jesus said, "I want to relate to My people of New York that they have no idea of the dense darkness of sin that surrounds them and through it the danger that will fall on the island of New York.

I desire to protect you but you fail to hear My words.

There are hearts that are open to put in place the request for a House of Prayer of Reparation. The meaning of the House of Prayer of Reparation is for you to make atonement to My Father through Me.

My people, why are you always finding fault with the little ones I choose in the Little Way guided in My Sacred Heart?

I will not call you forth to fulfill this request again but if you fail be prepared for the wrath of My Hand to crush the most revolting depths of the workings of satan in your island.

You have only yourselves to blame.

Listen to My little one and My dear brother Gerard who has observed My little one throughout all those years in both her endurance and in his own. They are faithful to the mission to help you but rather than their finding ears and hearts open to listen, they hear criticism.

Woe to you who live in the seduction of sin for New York is like the pit of hell served and serviced by its people to do the will of Satan. Woe to you who are so foolish. Repent now while you have time.

Fulfill My call.

Pray for President Trump for his service to Me for his people is good but the man of perdition wants to portray him as a man of stupidity and darkness. I tell you, read the signs of your times. He upholds openly My commandments at a time when My Church is plundered.

I bless you, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

My little one, in your island of Ireland how they test My Hand. They are so full of greed and completely blind to the Word of God. I call them but My words fall on desolate soil. They are asleep.

My poor little one, how hard you both have tried to awaken them with the truth of what I have revealed to you. My people, why do you still seek what is not fruitful and test the little ones of Truth that have been upheld by the miraculous events that can only come from My Sacred Heart?

How foolish you people of the island of Ireland have become! You want witness for everything from those who do not serve Me... your heart is more with them than with Me and with Truth.

Your island will be stripped, drawing it back to the desolation it endured at the time of Knock with cries of hunger-pangs that will draw it back to Me.

Why, O why, you faithless people, have you drawn this upon yourselves?

You have become godless and shameless before Me.

Reparation must be, for Me to offer to My Father by the woundedness that comes through in the union of My Mystical Body. O you priests that unite in My Priesthood, turn away from darkness! Be ashamed of its fumes and unite with Me who is Truth and Life, otherwise you will be caught in the snarling call of the Antichrist. I desire My Life to live in all souls and My redemptive love to be life for all. Do not reject Me - unite in Life and Light and be witnesses to the Truth. I bless you, Father, Son and Holy Spirit."

October 4, 2019

At the end of Holy Mass, Jesus appeared and spoke to Christina;

"...There is so much destruction to befall the world and the man of evil will multiply to devour the man of righteousness. Priests, how you shame Me and how fast you run to embrace all that is not of Me!

You permit all to be plundered.

You have no courage and no conviction because you did not believe in Truth and now you have no courage to live Truth in My Priesthood.

I will say to them 'How you failed to feed My lambs and called them to wander into the darkness to be devoured'.

The antiChrist is very active fumigating the earth, driving it into darkness, into the seduction of Satan.

The blood of martyrs is liquefying as they look on and see that the world has turned light into darkness but I am, and will be Light forever."

(As Jeus spoke these words, Christina was shown a redness of color become clear, liquid,, fresh blood.)

"The great loss will be souls and that grieves My Heart.

A great multitude of souls will be lost for they do not know Truth.

The martyrs cry out to Me to bring forth the day of purification.

The time of My coming will find but few with Life of Me in them. How the clouds will become darkened for the eyes of humanity to see but it will be too late for many. Woe to those who have allowed the density of darkness to reach heaven.

I bless you..."