All Catholics who remain loyal to Jesus and Blessed Mother will become Saints.

By Miscellaneous Messages

November 24, 2019

Message given to Steve, A faithful Catholic in England

Jesus draws my attention to the altar and tells me to look closely at the priest. I see the altar was set up for mass. Next, I see the chalice, red missal Romano book, and the altar cards are swept off the altar from left to right. Next, I see the priest is forcibly pushed aside from standing at the altar and offering mass. The priest is gone. The golden tabernacle is also gone from the altar. Then, I see pagan things appear on the altar. I can't see them clearly but sense they are symbolic of things like statues, fruit, soil from the earth. The place where the golden tabernacle was previously located becomes a dark cave that leads souls under the altar and down to hell, which is the destination of those who worship at this altar. Finally, I see fire descending from above which burns up and destroys all the pagan things on the altar.

I, then, see that the priest who was forcibly pushed aside returns to the altar to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the mass and has put all the items back on to the altar as they should be. I see into the tabernacle and inside is a reservoir of water: symbolizing graces. Next, I see this water from the reservoir in the tabernacle enter into the priest and the water changes into roses which come out of the priest's hands and go into the people. The roses represent miracles and graces from Jesus in the mass and the Eucharist which go through the priest and into the faithful people attending mass. Next, I see roses going from the people into the tabernacle. These roses represent rosary prayers and devotion to the Blessed Mother from the people. This flow of miracles from the priest serving mass and the people praying the rosary and remaining loyal to Christ in the Eucharist and to the Blessed Mother is the cycle that will sustain people during the difficult period just ahead.

Jesus then tells me. All the people who remain loyal in the times ahead will be saints. They were chosen for this time to maintain the Catholic faith and to pass it on to their children. They will become saints because they hand on the faith during the most difficult period of human existence.

Interpretation: The vision suggests the priests and the Holy Sacrifice will be violently suppressed and replaced by paganism until fire descends from heaven during the warning and destroys idolatry. It seems the priests receive the gift of miracles during the second Pentecost, just like the apostles had the gift of miracles. The faithful people's prayers via the rosary will enable them to receive the miracles from the priests who return to offer mass after the period of paganism has ended.