By Our Actions We'll Be Judged

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By Our Actions We'll Be Judged
Dear Readers, I know its been a while since I've written. In the month of June I was in deep prayer.  I received a few messages in June and July. 
As many of you know the State of Massachusetts has tried to pass the same abortion bill that New York City did. But this one is even worse. After the baby is born... if you don't want it the doctors can kill the child for you. 
The Lord is very upset. This offends the Lord. When I heard about this... I started to cry. I feel that this State has no respect for life anymore. We must pray that our politicians see the light and that their hearts are moved. If abortion keeps going this country won't have any peace. It doesn't matter who is in office. Abortion must stop!  
The Lord showed me in July ... I had a dream that all the crops died out and their was no fruit, no vegetables, in the super market. I also received a message... I went into ecstacy... the Eternal Father spoke and he said my child I wish for you to become part of the Pro-Life Movement.    
This is a time when Christians must speak out about abortion.  Because, the persecution of the church in America is coming. 
This is still a time of favor but I've come to tell you that it is almost over. I do not want to chastise but, because of the recent things that have been passed... my arm of justice grows heavy.  My child you must tell the faithful remnent to pray. He said the hour is growing late. 
My brothers and sisters we must take advantage of the freedom of religion while we still have it.  Because, there are many politicians in our government that wish to see the Catholic Church to collapse. 
I tell you there will come a time when the government will monitor everything that the church says. This has already started in Canada. I found out that you can't talk about homesexuality in Canada (in the church) or else you'll go to jail. Eventually that will happen here. 
We must pray for the Bishops and the Priests that they vote correctly. That they vote for the ones that support religious freedom.   
All these things will happen because of the great sin of abortion.  If you do not respect life. If you do not obey Gods laws.  Our Country will no longer be free.  Gods laws is what gives us true freedom.  
Like Israel collapsed with the Babalonians... Israel was a blessed nation but they sinned against God and they turned against his ways... they went to psychics and many other things. And, because they have forgotton God the Babalonians invaded and the country collapsed. There was starvation and eventually, I believe that will happen here. 
We have seen many of the prophecy's unfold. God doesn't want these things to unfold. But, it is by our actions 
in what we allow. By, what these politicians pass that pronounce our own judgement upon ourselves. 
We must pray that these politicians be converted. Some of them call themselves Catholics. They receive Communion on Sunday but, what they don't know... they are in grave mortal sin. And, I tell you that if you are Catholic and you support abortion and you receive the Euchririst... you too are in the state of mortal sin and you must confess it. Same goes for the Euchiristic Minister. 
In order for you to be a Euchiristic Minister you must have a respect for life and a respect for what the church teaches. If you do not... and you are a Euchiristic Minister this offends God greatly. 
Pray for your politicians. Pray that they change their mind  and lets take advantage of this freedom of religion while we still have it. Because, eventually the government will call pro-lifers... terrorists!  A disturbance of the peace. The time is coming and we must prepare ourselves to draw the strength of the Holy Spirit to say yes, and to stand up for the truth. 
As well as Prists and Bishops... pray that they have the courage to speak to these politicians with Holy boldness. 
Thank You