Message from Our Lady to Simona

By Our Lady of Zaro

March 27

I saw Jesus dressed in a white tunic, resplendent with light, barefoot; he had the marks of the passion on his hands and feet, his arms were outstretched, and from His chest two rays of light were coming out, one blue and the other red, that came over us and flooded us.

May Jesus Christ be praised.

"My dear and beloved friends, brothers, children, these signs (and saying this he showed his hands and feet with the signs of the passion), are not the signs of my defeat but of my victory, of the immense love that I feel for each one of you; I died on the cross for each one of you in order to free you from sin. I call you friends because as such I show you the path follow, I call you brothers because we have a single Father, I call you children because as such you love me and listen to me. Like a father who gives his life for his children, so I give you my life and every day I renew this sacrifice out of love, in the sacrament of the Mass.

My friends, do not depart from me. Brothers, the immense love of God the Father created you free; In fact, I do not call you servants but friends, because as such you know that I love you and I show you the road to take in order to have eternal life; a servant does not know the way of the master, but a friend allows himself to be guided with trust and love. My children, I did not come here to humiliate you or to compel you to [do] anything, but I have come in order to show you the Father's kingdom. Too many times you depart from me and betray me, but I open my arms and am ready to forgive you and to clasp you to myself.

I bless you in the name of God the Father, in the name of God the Son and in the name of God the Holy Spirit."