Message from Our Lady to Simona

By Our Lady of Zaro

April 08

I saw Mother: she was all dressed in white; on her head was a delicate white veil studded with golden dots and the crown of twelve stars, on her shoulders was a long, very light blue mantle that went down to her feet and enveloped her. Her arms were open in a sign of welcome.

Mother was sad and her eyes were full of tears, but she had a sweet loving smile.

May Jesus Christ be praised

"My dear children, I love you and I thank you that you have hastened to this call of mine.

Children, my heart is torn by all that is happening in the world; my children, be ready to help, to reach out your hand to your brother who is in need.

My children, it has been a long time now that I have been coming among you, but alas you are few who really listen and live my messages.

If I come to you it is through the immense love of God the Father; He has a plan of love for each one of you - let Him enter into you and dwell in your heart.

My children, no one can separate you from the love of Christ in God the Father, it is just that you often decide to turn away, but the Lord God in his immense love awaits you, ready to embrace you and clasp you to Himself: you just have to want it, my children.

Beloved children, I am sorry and saddened at the fate of this world.

My children, pray, pray, pray, never tire of holding the Holy Rosary in your hands, never tire of remaining kneeling before the Blessed Sacrament. My Son is there, alive and true, and He awaits you; do not leave Him alone, do not abandon Him - He loves you, loves you to the point of having given his life for each one of you.

My children, pray! I love you, children, I love you.

Now I give you my holy blessing.

Thank you for having hastened to me."