Message from Our Lady to Simona

By Our Lady of Zaro

August 8

This evening I saw Mother: she had a delicate white veil on her head, studded with golden dots; on her shoulders was a long blue-green cloak that went down to her bare feet resting on a rock, under which a stream was flowing. Mother's dress was very pale pink, her arms were open in a sign of welcome, in her right hand she had a long Holy Rosary made as if out of drops of ice. On her chest Mamma had a heart of throbbing flesh, crowned with a crown of roses.

May Jesus Christ be praised


"Dear my children, I come to you to bring you a request for love, peace and prayer.

My beloved children, pray, pray for this increasingly ruined world, increasingly martyred, ever closer to the endless abyss. Pray my children, may every one of you be a torch of love that burns for the Lord.

My children, the Lord God does not need your prayer, prayer is for you, it serves to strengthen you, to fortify you, to make you firm and strong, it helps you to be ready in the moment of trial and battle, so that your foot might not falter. My children, be flames of love for the Lord, bring prayer into your families. My children, true prayer made with the heart, made with true love, can move mountains, it can change the fate of this now corrupt world, enveloped in evil. My children, love the Lord, open your hearts, the Lord does not expect from you a heroic love, an extraordinary love, He wants your love pure and simple. Love the Lord, open your heart to him, love him in every moment of your life, love him in simplicity, love him in your daily life, love him in your work, love him in your rest, love him in your life. My children, I love you, the Lord loves you with an immense love, he expects from you a simple little gesture of love in order to be able to be part of your lives.

My children, with the sacraments, the Holy Mass, with prayer, you say your "yes" to the Lord and invite him to be part of your lives. I love you my children, I love you. Now I give you my holy blessing. Thank you for having hastened to me."