Message from Our Lady to Angela

By Our Lady of Zaro

July 26, 2019

This afternoon Mother appeared dressed all in white; the edges of her dress were golden, the mantle enveloping her was also white, delicate like a veil, and studded with glitter.
On her chest Mother had a heart of flesh crowned with thorns. Mother had her hands clasped in prayer and in her hands was a long Holy Rosary of light that went down almost to her feet; her feet were bare and placed on the world.


May Jesus Christ be praised


"My dear children, thank you that today you are again here in my blessed woods to welcome me and respond to my call. My dearly beloved children, today I am here again through the immense love that the Father has for each one of you; yes, children, I am here because my Son loves you, he loves you with an immeasurable love.

Little children, today I am here again to ask you for prayer, a prayer for peace in the world and in families. Children, peace is very much threatened and the enemy's greatest game is that of distancing you from God and making sure that you have no peace. Little children, when you feel alone, take refuge in prayer; prayer is a very powerful weapon against evil. I have been telling you these things for a long time but not all of you are doing them. For a long time my wish has been that in every house there would be a prayer cenacle; prayer strengthens you and makes you less fragile.

Little children, today I again call you to prayer, because hard times await you and not all of you are ready; many believe they are but as soon as a trial arrives they fall. I beseech you, children, listen to me; if I say this to you it is because I love you and want you all to be saved. My children, Jesus my Son gave his life for each one of you and you are not even capable of loving and forgiving; I ask you to love one another and pray for those who harm you."


Then Mother blessed the priests present and finally all the pilgrims. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.