Message of Our Lady of Zaro to Simona

By Our Lady of Zaro

June 26

I saw Mother, she was dressed all in white. Around her waist she had a thin golden belt, on her head the crown of a queen, her hands were joined in prayer and between them was a holy rosary made of pearls; her feet were bare and were placed on the world.


May Jesus Christ be praised


"My dear children, I love you and I thank you that you have hastened to this call of mine in my blessed woods, a place of grace.

My children, I love you and I come to ask you for prayer.
Children, when will you understand that your prayer does not help the Lord, but helps you to strengthen you, to make you firm in the faith?
My children, once again I come to you to repeat to you how great is the love of God for each one of you, how much you are worth for Him, how much each of you is precious in the eyes of God, so precious as to give you His Son, the His only-begotten.
My children, my beloved Jesus died for each of you, to give you life.
My children, all of you are unique and important to God, but no one is indispensable.
Children, open your hearts, let the Holy Spirit descend within you and take up a place in your hearts, let yourself be molded.
My children, say your "yes", say it with your heart, say it with strength and decision, do not delay: the times are short now. Decide: either you are with the Lord or you are against Him.
My children, I love you and I want to see you all saved.
My children, pray, pray for my beloved Church, pray for my beloved and favored sons who often fall, making my beloved Jesus suffer and tearing my heart. Pray to the Lord for them: that He would give them the grace and strength to get up again.
I love you, my children, I love you.
Now I give you my holy blessing.

Thank you for having hastened to me."