Message of Our Lady to Simona

By Our Lady of Zaro

October 26

I saw Mother: she was all dressed in white, on her head was a long white veil going down to her bare feet placed on the world. Mother had her arms open in a sign of welcome and in her right hand was a long holy rosary as if made of light.


May Jesus Christ be praised.


"My dear children, I love you with an immense love, the Lord loves you with an unparalleled love. Children, do not be afraid.

My children, hard times await you, but do not be afraid, I am with you. There will be great signs in the sun, in the sky and on earth, and many will praise the name of my Son, but alas many will continue to blaspheme, to despise him.

My children, many pierce my heart, they crucify my Son again with their abominable sins, horrible sins, but even these sins, if confessed with true repentance, can be forgiven. My son Jesus died on the cross for your salvation, he died on the cross for those who feel that they are already saved, for those who believe they do not need the Lord because they are self-sufficient; he died for those who despise him, for those who believe themselves already lost, for those who feel unworthy, for those who love him, for those who serve him, for those who abandon him and for those who follow him to Calvary.

My children, my beloved Jesus died for each of you, without making differences of race or color, ethnicity and origin: he loves you all with immense love!

My children, do not walk away, hold the holy rosary tightly in your hands and do not fear; the Lord will give you the strength to go forward and carry on.

I love you my children, I love you.

Now I give you my holy blessing. Thank you for having hastened to me."