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Through the gift of living in the Divine Will

Mar 15

How I long for the day when my will is exalted—and not vileness…

Mar 5

Look at me and gain strength…

Mar 4

A time for prayer…

Feb 21

I long to heal the leprosy of sin that has filled the world

Feb 14

Look to the horizon; the dawn will surely come…

Jan 28

Much reparation must be made to the much-wounded heart of the Triune God…

Jan 14

Little child that you are, you needed someone you could reach easily…

Jan 3

Do not question the Divine plan, but rejoice in it…

Dec 17

Take orders from your General, our Mother

Dec 11

Humility is the antidote to the world’s ills…

Dec 8

What are you doing to grant increase to the heavenly treasure?

Nov 22

Let your generosity of spirit lead others to praise the God from whom all blessings flow...

Nov 10

Now is the time for the utmost vigilance…

Oct 16

Do not let your lack of attention...

Sep 26

A Dream

Sep 20

In preparation for the 100th anniversary of Fatima

Sep 4

Those who close their hearts to my law...

Aug 24

Are you afraid? It is because you are looking away from me…

Aug 12

All these tethers are impeding my work…

Jul 29

If I showed you what the world would look like without your prayers

Jul 16

Give me your pennies and I will open the storehouse of heavenly goods!

Jul 10

Those who have spurned and rejected me

Jun 25

The duration and intensity may yet be lessened...

Jun 12

My arms are full of treasures that no one wants…

May 20

Imitate the first disciples and pray for boldness…

Apr 23

Remember in a special way my priest-sons

Apr 15

Often it is drudgery that wins great graces for the world…

Apr 9

A Dream

Mar 31

When you pray in the Divine Will

Mar 15

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