Dream: About Mark Mallett's Series

By Pelianito Journal

Friends I had a powerful dream* last night about Mark Mallet’s series called “The Thin Line Between Mercy and Heresy”. I felt it was a confirmation of the importance of this series. I encourage you to read the series if you haven’t already. It is magnificent!

Part I

Part II

Part III

Here is the dream: Mark was earnestly telling me something, three “words” he had heard from the Lord louder than he had heard anything before. He told me the “words” but now I can’t remember exactly what he said. At the end of the dream, I too heard a “word” so loud it physically startled me and then I felt something brush my neck, like an angel’s wing, and not a subtle brushing…it went right across my neck to my shoulder! I woke with a start! The “word” I heard so loudly was “THE ABOVE” which could mean many things, but I feel it means as it does on a multiple choice quiz, “All of the above”, or all three of Mark’s messages together. It was a powerful, startling confirmation of this word to Mark. When I woke up I knew Mark’s final piece would be there that morning.

What a blessing this word is to us! Send it around, folks!