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The glory of the Lord is a promise you can rely on…

Mar 3, 2017

Much reparation needs to be made

Feb 20, 2017

My children no longer speak the language of their Creator

Feb 12, 2017

All that they enemy has planned will be used against him…

Feb 4, 2017

Two dreams…

Jan 21, 2017

Regarding Charlie…

Jan 23, 2017

Those who at least try to please me

Jan 7, 2017

Pray for mercy for those who will perish…

Jan 3, 2017

The battle for souls…

Dec 31, 2016

I am scourged anew by the disinterest, the half-hearted prayers of those I long for…

Dec 13, 2016

You will see even greater things than these when I come to reign in the hearts of men…

Dec 4, 2016

On every first Wednesday of the month, my Chaste Heart pours numerous graces on all who rely on my intercession…

Nov 28, 2016

I issue a decree: The temple of the human heart shall be rebuilt…

Nov 23, 2016

Those who dare to mock God…

Nov 10, 2016

Pray for one another, that you may all be strengthened in spirit

Oct 26, 2016

Be tireless workers in the sweet harvest of souls….

Oct 10, 2016

Like the woman, keep breathing, keep praying

Oct 2, 2016

I am the shield that surrounds you

Sep 21, 2016

As more souls fulfill their God-given purpose…

Sep 8, 2016

I am coming to restore the earth

Aug 23, 2016

The hour of mercy is slipping away while you daydream and slumber…

Aug 14, 2016

My child, am I so different now?

Aug 4, 2016

Defend me and I will defend you—it is that simple…

Jul 21, 2016

When I say that your reward will be great in heaven, do not imagine that I am being trite…

Jul 5, 2016

Let all those who are persecuted for my sake be fill...

Jun 23, 2016

If you do this, it will be evident to all whose child you are…

Jun 12, 2016

The pure heart is an unwavering beacon

Jun 2, 2016

Rather than excusing the sinner, the merciful one reaches out…

May 27, 2016

When the God of justice rights the scale…

May 19, 2016

To those who are meek and humble of heart…

May 4, 2016

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