Recent Messages

By Valentina Papagna

August 19 and August 20, 2017

19 August 2017

From time to time Our Lord likes to have a little joke with me. He knows that I go through a lot of suffering for the Holy Souls and then He likes to cheer me up.

Today my room was packed with souls, more than usual. I asked our Lord, “Are these the same souls that were in my room yesterday?”

He said, “No, they are different ones.”

I said to Him, “But so many, my Lord!”

He said, “Valentina, many people are dying. They would all like to go Heaven quickly, so they come to you, to help them.”

Our Lord was very joyful and smiling when He said, “I tell you, this is a never ending story.” We were both smiling.

Our Lord said, ” Valentina! We work with the same mission, which is to save souls. It is all about saving a soul. It means a lot to Me when we converse with each other as we are doing now, because you console Me and I give you strength to carry on.”




Sunday 20 August 2017
St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta

During Holy Mass our Lord appeared to me and said, “Offer all that happened in Barcelona, Spain. Offer Me all those killed and those wounded by the terrorists, so that I can be merciful to them.”

“Pray for them. My children, how many times I warned you to be aware of what is happening in the world, how you live in the worst of times. You never know when the moment will come, when there will be horrific attacks and disasters in the world. Terrorists are planning to kill as many as they can and they are in every country of the world.”

“It saddens My Heart very much. I warn you My children, you have to change your lives. Be vigilant and pray and change your way of life. Seek My refuge and ask Me to protect you, to come close to Me.”

“Ask Me to cover you with My Precious Blood, because even if you die you will be protected and safe, and you will come to My Refuge.”

Our Lord said, “Do not travel blindly just because you like to have a good time and to explore different places in the world. Ask Me to be with you and to protect you, on all your journeys and travels.”

He said, “Now the terrorists are very active, they are spread all over the world. This is a wakeup call My children. You are blind if you do not see what is going on around you. You have to face reality and pray.”

Jesus is really concerned for us, but humanity is blind. When people die suddenly without repentance, the demons are waiting to grab their souls. If the person is not prepared and reconciled with our Lord, the demons can easily grab them.

Lord Jesus, have mercy on us and on the whole world and protect us.