It's almost that time of year again...

By The Webmaster

The Christmas Season is Almost Here...

Hi everyone,

First, I want to say "Thank You" to everyone who have helped us over the past few months. Because of you all we were able to keep the lights on and feed our family when funds had all but vanished. Thank you so very much!!


As you all know the Christmas season is almost upon us, and as joyous as it can be, it is also a very depressing time for my wife since her family wants nothing to do with her. And for the past few years many of you have helped lift my wife's spirit up by sending us Christmas cards. [THANK YOU!!!] This year she wants to give cards to those who send her a card, so if anyone wishes to include us in their Christmas cards again this year then please make sure your address is on the envelope so we can send one back as well. (Many send us cards without an address.)

Thank You God

Thank you my Lord...

Again, thank you all so very much. And your prayers for us have been answers, I finally got some contracts which will start soon and HOPEFULLY help us with catching up with our many bills. I don't think I would had gotten this job if it wasn't for the many prayers from our readers. Thank you SO SO SO very much.

God bless. Your Brother in Christ,