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By The Webmaster

New Features to the Prayer Corner

Hello Everyone,

For those using the Prayer Corner, we have added a new set of features for you:

Answered Prayers

When updating your prayer you now have the option to set your pray as an "Answered Prayer".  

Removing Prayer

If ever you feel that a prayer is no longer relevant and you want to remove it from the public view, simply update the prayer and set your prayer to no longer be public.

*Don't forget to save your changes.

New Prayer Features

As for us, things are improving, but very slowly. We now have several projects lined up, but unfortunately getting a start date seems to be a more difficult task. *sigh...*  Please keep us in your prayers that these jobs will begin soon so that I can take care of my family's needs.  Also, please pray for us that our son does not get deployed over-seas as he had just gotten word that he may be called up. 


God bless. Your Brother in Christ,