Search Functionality if FINALLY FIXED!!!

By The Webmaster

Yes, after almost 2 months of wrestling with the search functionality I FINALLY figured out what was wrong... I forgot a single line of code... ONE... UNO!!! For those of you who don't know how programming works, it's like weaving a very fine tapestry with the thinnest string, but one single misplaced thread can throw off the entire design of the fabric. That's what happened here, I missed 1 single thread and the whole thing fell apart. But now, not only is it fixed, but it works even better then previously designed.

So when searching there are 3 new rules to remember.

  1. Individual words will be treated AS individual words when searched for. For example: will search for each word in the phrase "ungodly of piety" and if any of the words are in the article it'll be listed.
  2. When searching with individual words, if a word is 3 or less characters long, it'll be ignored. (For instance, the previous search url was searching for "ungodly of piety". The word "of" is ignored in the search since it is too small.)
  3. If you want to search for an entire phrase, use quotes. For example: will search the same words but this time as a phrase, returning only 1 page that contains the full text.

I also updated the Messages search so that it now sorts in order by date and shows the visionary that the message was given to. So please test it out and let me know if anything else is amiss.

God bless.