Trusting God with Our Needs

By The Webmaster

Hi again everyone,

First, I want to thank you all for your many prayers. At last we have had some work come in, and it feels good to be earning a living again. I am so very grateful for all our prayers to help us.

Now, to the bad news. Unfortunately it isn't much. A lot of requests for work, but no start dates for most. And the ones that I am working on isn't enough to pay the bills. Lately things got so tight that we had to let our vehicle get reposessed... eek... And we've been stretching everything to the point were we are only able to pay the minimum to keep the lights on and internet running. But those backed up bills are growing to the point that we aren't able to maintain them anymore. So please... keep us in your prayers that the doors of God's blessings that are closed to us may be opened. And any help that the Lord may send us via our readers would be so greatly appreciated.

Jesus Crucified for My Sins

Thank you all so very much, and may the Blessed Mother bless and protect you all.

God bless. Your Brother in Christ,