An update on my employment...

By The Webmaster

Hi again everyone. Thank you all for praying for us. Your prayers have helped us so very much. Today I learned that the company who interviewed me has agreed to higher me. **YEAHHH** BUT... I can't start until they have assembled the rest of their programming team. **Booooo** So for the moment I am quasi-hired... but without pay yet. It appears that it'll be a few weeks yet before we can officially start, and then I have to work 2 weeks before I get my first paycheck. So I don't know if I should be happy or sad. Our Lord is blessing us with employment, but He is also pushing us to the very brink of loosing everything before sending us the help we need. I'm very sorry for asking for help still. I am doing all I can to get everything back on track, but we keep getting told to just 'wait' a little longer.

Suffering Patiently Under the Cross

Suffering Patiently Under the Cross

We are literally down to just a few days left before we completely run out of funds. And that doesn't include the fact we are several weeks behind on our vehicle payments and struggle to decide if we should pay a bill or buy food for the day. (The Lord's blessings can't come quick enough...) For the few who have helped us, thank you soo much. You have allowed us to stay afloat through this dry spell. And again, I'm so sorry for letting you all know our struggles. I pray for the day that I will not need help anymore. But until the Lord lifts this oppression from over us, I pray that He will continue to help us through His people if possible.  Any and all help is so greatly appreciated.

Thank you all so very much and God bless. Your Brother in Christ,