I've been Censored!!!!

By The Webmaster

OMG!!!!  Facebook has now censored After the Warning!!!  




I guess I should not be surprised.  My site has been dedicated to the service of the Lord, spreading the Warnings of Heaven, and reaching the lost for so long.  It was only a matter of time before this Anti-Christ network would put a halt to this work.  That's OK though.  I take it as a badge of honor. 

If Satan leaves you alone then you are doing it wrong.  

Please keep us in your prayers because if Facebook is removing us then it's only a matter of time before Google and other Anti-Christian social networks do the same.  I'm just hoping that when the Warning finally comes people will still be able to find our site.

So let us continue together stealing souls for Christ, for these are only the warning blows before the real war begins for all of humanity!