Seeking your prayers...

By The Webmaster

Hello dear readers,

Upon my wife's request I am asking for your prayers that we would get through this tough time we are experiencing. Although it is quite normal to have a combination of peaks and valleys through out our lives, the past few weeks have been a very taxing sequence of valleys to the point where we simply couldn't help but wonder if we are being hindered by spiritual forces.

Cross through the AshesOver the past few weeks we have come against numerous misfortunes and hindrances, one after another, ever since we decided to begin work on bringing this site to the mobile world. We had a death in the family, then everyone in my family who had gotten together for the funeral got Corona. (Thanks be to God that I was not able to attend on time and was stopped right before heading to my family and told not to come because an infected family member showed up infecting EVERYONE!) Then our son was deployed due to tensions with the so-called "Peaceful Protesters", followed by the gruesome death of a beloved pet.

*Note: Just hours after writing this, a second pet has just died.  That's 2 pets within 2 weeks.

Fortunately your prayers for us to obtain work had been answered and I am FINALLY working again. BUT... for some unknown reason my clients continue to forget to pay us for work we had done or they simply don't receive our invoices, causing a lot of hardship on us as we try to stay afloat until we receive payments for completed work. And it was my wife who noticed that the more we post to the site (or work on the new project for the site) the worse things seem to get.

So PLEASE keep us in your prayers that we will get through this difficult time and that any dark forces working against us will be overthrown and dispersed.

Thank you all so very much and God bless

Your Brother in Christ,